Last Updated on May 31, 2020

An ideal hiking spot always required to have some criteria so close to nature. Such criteria might be having green wilderness, lake or riverside, hilly areas, and so on. Today, this article will inform you about such a hiking spot that will purify your body and soul both. You will gather a new adventurous experience of hiking the George Sound Track of Fiordland National Park on the South Island of New Zealand.

Hiking The George Sound Track

You may start your journey to the George Sound either by kayaking or by a floatplane over the lake from the northern end of Hankinson Lake. So in starting, it is not so easy to access. That’s why we recommend you keep enough time (at least one week) in hand to complete the hike.

Journey Interval

After a long tiring a day, you must need some rest. Here in the whole journey, you can take rest by staying in the hut. Here you will get 3- huts on your route. But we recommend you to carry a tent, sleeping bag, and all sleeping accessories along with your other gears because the huts are not so close to each other. There are long-distance among 1st, 2nd and 3rd huts.


Always stay with your pals. Don’t move alone. In the wild zone, it is very tough to move on the right track. And the whistle is an essential element for jungle exploration to give the signal. And also to be connected with your pals. Your cell phone or a satellite phone is also may be important.

Hiking Time

On your 1st day, hiking your journey will be much more introductory. About 2-4 hours, you need to get to the Thompson Hut. You may enjoy the surroundings by exploring the jungle. On that day, you will plan for the upcoming days. The next day, you have to make about 12 hours of journey to reach the George sound. You may set up a camp over the top of Henry Pass.

After -crossing the dense rain forest, climbing of Mountain pass, going through the waist-deep muddy pools, crossing 3-wire bridges, and the lakes, you will reach the George Sound Track. After 2- days of the adventurous journey, when you arrive at the George sound, you need a plan for all that you want to do.

As you can see, you have to make a tough, tiring, and also incredible journey to reach the George sound, so now you need at least 1-2 days of relaxation. Here you may explore the jungle and also can enjoy fishing. So you may keep the fishing accessories along with you.

Near the hut, you may also like the weather condition at the pure wilderness where you may get the chance to see the Kiwi bird. In the total hiking into the rainforest and also the mountain crossing, you will get a combined package of hiking, which will amuse you entirely.

Foods and water

you better carry enough food and drinking water along with you. Dry foods and snacks may be a good choice, as well. A mini water purifier is also an important accessory.

Avoid so much risk

It is a hiking zone of dangerous beauty. So always give your attention to the safety measure. In the wilderness, you may lose your track, so keep the map of the area. Don’t take so much risk in the hike. Always try to access it as easily as possible.


Don’t miss to take the pictures in the jungle. From the mountain, you may get some best landscape photos. In George Sound, you can make the most beautiful memories of all time. So don’t miss it.

Final Words

From the start, you must need to be caring about your plan, timing, and also the safety issues. Don’t do anything in a hurry. Always discuss with your pals. Everything should be planned. Here we are providing you a very brief idea about the hiking on the George Soundtrack. We hope it will at least help you to make your plan.

If you have decided to start the hike for George Sound, we must say it will be the most exciting and enjoyable hiking experience of your life.


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