Last Updated on May 26, 2020

As a hiker, if you are a nature lover and have a high interest in spotting wildlife, Belize is one of the best places to hike. But to hike around here, you have to consider very high expenses. However, here in the all-natural reserve, you cannot hike. So as per good reviews, we recommend you to hiking the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize.

Hiking The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize


The Cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary is also known as the Jaguar Reserve. Here, if you are lucky enough, then you will have a chance to spot the Jaguar. However, you will easily spot the footprints of the big cats.

Except for the Jaguar, there is a vast diversity in wildlife. You can spot wild cats, deer, tapir, and different species of birds when you explore the jungle. The green natural beauty must steal your heart. Remember to carry a bear canister to save you and also nature.

Not only the wildlife, but you also can enjoy a lot of hiking trails around here. The mountain views, diversity of wildlife, birds, waterfalls, everything will amuse one. From the mountain, you will get the best landscapes. From there you can enjoy both the sunset and also the sunrise with the green foundation.

The waterfalls are hidden, so when you find it, you must be surprised and relaxed. On the riverside, you can enjoy fishing, and also you can enjoy boating with your team.


The duration of the trip depends on the trails. The average time is between 2-3 hours except for the Victoria Peak trail, which takes at least 3-4 days.


There are so many advantages of hiking here. Firstly, there are so many trails to hike. Where you can directly spot the wildlife, especially you will get the chance to spot the Jaguar. Then the green wilderness will make you feel on an adventure. The mountain views, river views, waterfalls all these will give you a complete package of hiking. And lastly, very few hikers go there for hiking. So you can stay in a remote zone from the noisy area.


There are some disadvantages which may bore you and feel not interesting. Firstly. The price. Yes, you have to consider a lot of expenses to hike over there. There the cost of camping is almost the same as a room. Even for food, you have to survive. The chance of spotting Jaguar is not so high. One may hardly spot the wildlife.


Our first recommendation is, start your hiking very early in the morning if you want to spot wildlife. Then stay there at least for 1-2 nights. Try to go there in a dry season. Any time between December to May, you will enjoy the hiking perfectly. Hire a guide to make the hike comfortable. And carry all the essentials you need.


The essentials are very common as you carry in other hiking. But there are some other gears that you must need to carry.

1. Bear Canister: It is one of the mandatory essentials to hike any wild zone when you are staying so close to wildlife.

2. Enough money: The costs are almost uncertain and very high. So carry extra cash.

3. Insect repellent: In the jungle, if any poisonous insect bites you, your life may fall in danger. So, carry such an insect repellent cream or spray.

4. First aid kit: It is an emergency essential for any hike.

5. Binocular: To see the objects of long distances, you may carry it.

6. Enough clothes: Carry the cloths as per the weather.

7. Cooking essentials: Carry the cooking essentials like a mini stove, dishes, fuel, and others.

8. Lighter: To fire up for camping and to cook, you should carry a lighter or matches.

9. Enough foods and water: Carry enough drinking water to survive here in the jungle and also carry food. You also may carry some candies and chocolates.

10. Mini water purifier: if your water bottle becomes empty, you have to depend on natural water sources. Then to purify the water, you better carry a mini water purifier.

11. Camera: to capture the memories, you need a camera. You may either carry your smartphone or a professional camera.

12. GPS or any locator device: In the jungle, it is common you may be lost your way. So carry a GPS device.

13. Maps: You must need to know about the area where you are hiking. In this matter, a map of the spot will help you.


Unlike other reserves, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is the best hiking area to explore in Belize for the calm nature. So if you are planning to hike, then we will say you have decided the right place to hike.


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