Hiking the Cape Brett Track in New Zealand

Last Updated on September 8, 2020

New Zealand is a sovereign island country, and it is situated in the southwestern of the Pacific Ocean. The country has beautiful lakes and islands that can provide thrill and joy to the adventurer. New Zealand allows travelers and hikers to view spectacular scenarios, especially when they hike in the Cape Brett Track.

Form the Bushclad ridges; it lets them see excellent vistas right across the bay of islands. And when they walk near the cape alongside the dramatic cliff face, they can view abundant fish and birds. For that, people from all over the world come to New Zealand and start hiking in the Cape Brett Track.

Hiking the Cape Brett Track in New Zealand

Although it gets challenging from Deepwater Cove, it provides outstanding views and makes your time worthy. So, if you are a hiker, it becomes essential for you to hike in the Cape Brett Track. Besides seeing landscapes, you can learn about New Zealand’s cultures and people. Here we have described everything about the track and how you can hike there. Let’s begin

Getting There

You need to start walking the Cape Brett Track from a small town of Rawhiti which is a 35 min drive from the historic Bay of Islands town, Russell. Except that, there are several options for walking the Cape Brett track that you will need to consider.

And these options depend on your schedule like you may go for the day hike with your vehicle or you can spend one or two nights there and walk back. Here we have highlighted the significant options that you need to consider after pondering on your schedule, level of fitness, and overall interest.

If you want to do a one day hike, first, you need to drive to the start point of the track at Oke Bay and then walk to the Cape Brett lighthouse, and then you need to turn around and walk back to Deepwater Cove where you will find water taxi for returning to Russell or Paihia.

Also, you can follow the reverse-process of your hiking. That means you can catch a water taxi from Russell or Paihia to Deepwater cove, and walk to the Cape Brett lighthouse, and then you can return to Deep Water Cove for a water taxi home. We have described these options in details below:

Two day overnight option

If you want to complete hiking in two days, you will find this less complicated and most inexpensive option. To start the hike you need to drive to Rawhiti, and then you have to begin your walk from Oke to the Cape Brett lighthouse.

There you can stay the night. After getting up early in the morning, you can walk back to deep water Cove for a water taxi and drop off back at your car. In this way, you will cover a distance of 20.8 km.

1-day options

For one day hike, you will need to drive to Oke bay and commence walking to the lighthouse and then return to Deepwater Cove. Also, you may follow the one day shorter option; most hikers prefer this option while doing a single day hike. For that, you need to take a water taxi from Oke Bay or Russell/Paihia out to Deep Water Cove.

Then, you should begin walking to the lighthouse, have lunch, and then return to Deep Water Cove. The shorter-day hike option is considered as the best hiking method as it doesn’t require a long time and challenging walk.

However, no matter which hiking-option you choose to complete your hike, you will always need to get through a water taxi. So either you can commence from Oke Bay or Russell/Paihia. It entirely depends on your accommodation plans.

Final Words

Although the Cape Brett Track is a bit challenging trail, it draws the attention of hikers all over the world. It is a suitable track for making a short trip like one or two-day hike. If you are visiting New Zealand and don’t go hiking to the Cape Brett Track, then you are going to miss the breathtaking views of New Zealand.

The area offers you to see excellent views of the ocean and islands as well. So, nobody, especially hikers, wants to deprive themselves of experiencing such scenarios.


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