Last Updated on September 21, 2020

Hiking in Guatemala: At first, we are clearing that if you are so potential, durable, brave, and obviously physically and mentally strong to go for the highly risky and adventurous hikes, then this for you. The beginners who are just attempting to go for their very first hike should avoid such a spot (recommending only pro-hikers).

Hiking in Guatemala

From the title, you must get the idea of the subject matter. So the hike at the Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala is not a spot of easy access. It has its dangerous beauty to attract all hikers. In this article, we will try to give a very basic idea of hiking the Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala.

Near to the city of Antigua, this Volcano in Guatemala contains a unique natural beauty. Once you start your hike up the Acatenango then only after 10 minutes, you can understand that this will be one of the most horrible hikes of your life. And at the end of your whole hike, you can understand how worthy it was.

Our Experience

We made a team of 5 members for the hike. We have both some good and bad experiences of this hike. Here we will disclose both parts. At first, we will say about its harshness and rough natural significances.

This Acatenango is tougher than hiking in the Grand Canyon, rough than hiking in Colorado. For experience, I can say that everything, including heights, stones, dirt, all make the way more critical. One wrong step may harshly injure you. We had gone through a lot of physical and mental challenges. That was why we got back by leaving about 150 meters of the last steps to the point.

Now you may think that whether there is anything good, then its beauty, which will spontaneously encourage you to move. The amazing views will get you forgetting all its harshness. This hike leads our team up the volcano Acatanango in search of both close views of active Volcano Fuego and views of the surrounding. The views of sunrise and sunset were also incredible to us.


We faced a lot of inconvenience in the whole hiking. We were not informed properly about the place so that we could carry all the essentials, besides lackings precaution was also a matter of unpredictable hamper. All the inconveniences caused your hike to be affected.

It may happen because you lacked information or training. Even for a badly reputed tour company who did not provide all the types of equipment as they promise before booking, your hike will be highly affected. So try to carry all the essentials of your own. And talk to the experienced hikers who made it before. Take proper training.

Gears to Pack

The list of most important gears which are mandatory to complete and enjoy the hike fully in Volcano Acatanango, is given below.

Camping Gears

Although it is the tour company who may provide such gears for camping; like- sleeping bag, tent, pad, and some other accessories, but hence we recommend you to carry all these of your own because the gears which tour companies will provide may be weightless.


For the night movement, it is one of the mandatory gears that you need to carry. If you want to see the beauty of the sunrise, then at night, you have to move to find a place where you will get the view of sunrise. If you don’t have a flashlight or headlamp, you can’t even think of moving around in such a risky area.

Warm Clothes

Many hikers are affected or even die as well of hypothermia. Always carry enough warm clothes and wear them in several layers of 4-5 cloths.

Hiking Boots

yes, you must take a pair of hiking boots, but remember this, Volcano Acatenango is one of the toughest hiking spots. So try to carry the most durable one. You may carry an extra pair of boots.

First aid Kits

Always carry a first aid kit with you. Keep it always with you.

Enough Food and Water

If you are going simply with a very common and local tour company, then you may not be provided with proper food and water. So carry enough food and water to hike comfortably.


Here, you will have the best landscape and views that you must want to capture them. So carry either a professional camera or your smartphone with the tripod and proper lenses.


At last, we will say to you,” Safety is the main priority.” With proper gear and planning, you can make the hike more comfortable. So without wasting any time, go and talk to your friends. Get a team and start the hike. Wish you all the best.


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