Gun Cleaner Solvent User Guide

Last Updated on February 13, 2020

Gun Cleaner Solvent User Guide

Whenever a shot is fired from your gun, traces of powder and from the bullets are deposited within the barrel. Eventually, as the residue builds up and accumulates over time, the accuracy of your gun gets affected, and so the need to clean it arises.

Moreover, during firing, traces of carbon are also blown back into the barrel. This entire residue combined with lubricants on the parts form a sludge that can seriously hamper the function of your gun.

Apart from that, it is also a good idea to clean your gun after it has been in storage for some time in order to ensure that it is in top performance once again the next time you fire it.

The three most important attributes of the best gun cleaning solvents

Almost all the best gun cleaning solvents will have the three qualities to them. This sets them apart from their lesser competitors and helps you make a smarter decision. They are:

1. Fouling Removal: The primary reason that you will need a gun cleaning solvent is the removal of the foul. Therefore, the best gun cleaner solvent should have the capability to remove any fouling away. In addition to this, it should be able to remove other residues such as copper, plastics, and lead.

2. Protective Layer: The best gun cleaning solvent should also add a layer of protection to the gun once it does its job of cleaning and removing the residue. This super-thin coating left by the solvent will make future cleaning jobs much easier. Additionally, the layer acts as protection from corrosion, dirt and other pollutants that might be affecting your gun.

3. Non-corrosive: Some of these solvents might clean your gun effectively, but might also be harmful to it. Therefore, a good gun cleaning solvent should not be on the edge between cleaning your gun and damaging your gun. Therefore, the best gun cleaning solvent should be safe to be used on your gun while cleaning it effectively.

How to choose a solvent

To clean your gun effectively and properly, you will need a good solvent along with the bore snake to get the job done thoroughly. Picking the right solvent, however, depends on a couple of things:

  • The type of gun you are using
  • The ammunition of the gun

Using that information, you should be able to make an educated decision on what type of solvent you need. However, here are some additional guidelines that should help your decision-making process a little easier:

1. Familiarizing yourself with the composition of the solvent: Check the ingredients of the solvent. This is to ensure that the solvent itself is not harmful to you, your pets, or your family.

While looking for a solvent that is biodegradable, non-flammable and non-toxic might be asking for a little too much, some of the best solvents available these days are non-flammable and will get the job done without being a massive safety hazard.

2. Assessment: You should do some research about the solvent you decide to buy as well. This is done so that you do not get lured in by false advertising and you get your money’s worth in the product. There are numerous customer reviews available, and oftentimes, the best gun cleaning solvent will have the most positive reviews backing it up.

However, these days, Amazon is also filled with fake reviews. That’s why I would suggest to check out the list of best gun cleaner solvent from our site. We reviewed them after using them first hand. So you can be assured about the pros and cons that we point out.

3. Multipurpose: While there are gun cleaning solvents that are used for very particular cases, most are universal and will work on different guns and different metals. Therefore, when choosing the best gun cleaner solvent, you should opt for one that works on a plethora of metals.

So, in the case that you own a multitude of guns of different metals, the same solvent can be used to do a perfect cleaning job on most of them.

4. Budget: The higher the price of a solvent the better it is for cleaning your gun. However, setting a maximum cap for your budget is a good idea, factoring in your use cases of course.

More often than not, you will find that the mid-range solvents will serve you right. Therefore, budget accordingly. If you don’t have any problem spending few bucks extra, go for the best one.

Gun Cleaner Solvent User Guide

Cleaning black powder

If you are using a black powder or muzzle-loaded firearm, your gun will need to be cleaned much more often. This is because the black powder is very corrosive. Therefore, cleaning the gun after a shooting session is highly recommended.

So you, for black powder firearms, you should use solvents specifically formulated for the purpose of cleaning black powder firearms. Some solvents will take three or four days for it to take effect, however, the best gun cleaner solvent will get the job done overnight and you will be in shooting condition the next morning.

How to remove copper fouling

In the case of copper-jacketed bullets, as more shots are fired, over time the bullets leave traces of copper which gets embedded into the groves of the bore.

This best gun cleaner for this job is a copper cleaner in addition to a nylon bore brush. The best gun cleaner solvent will dissolve the copper in only one squirt.

Final Words

There are various types of solvents out there each with their pros and cons. Some are tailored to tackle specific guns and metals while others are more universal and can help you clean several guns using the same solvent.

The best gun cleaner solvent should meet all your gun cleaning needs while not being a major safety hazard to you or those around you. So, choose accordingly and keep your gun in top condition by cleaning it with the correct solvents to ensure excellent performance throughout the lifetime of the weapon.



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