Glowski – The Nighttime Light Up Disc Game

Last Updated on September 1, 2018

Glowski The Nighttime Light Up Disc Game

Glowski games started out as 1 on 1 bottle throwing games in which the bottles were empty beer bottles on old ski poles. The games gained popularity and the founders, college roommates Carson and Grant, saw an opportunity to develop them further and make them more mainstream.

The challenge was to make the game safe and with the best design possible while still maintaining the game’s fun and excitement when hanging out outdoors. With this goal in mind, Glowski games have seen major transitions up to their current state. They have the following:

1. Glowing Discs

During summer, the two founders would take the game to the beach but as night fell, low visibility would affect the game.

Players now play using normal disks during the day, then light up a small LED light component attached on the disc’s underside. This makes it to glow in different colors, ensuring it is highly visible and easy to spot in the dark.

2. Glowing Bottles

Bottles are also a major part of the game. With a glowing disc, glowing bottles were necessary so as to make everything visible on both the attack and receiving end.

The bottles, however, come without an LED light attached and must be attached manually at night time, then lit up so as to make the bottles glow in the dark.

3. H shaped Stands

These stands are modified to hold the bottles more stable as compared to the old ski poles used in the earlier versions of the game. Each of the two competing sides use 1 stand to place their bottle on and thus, the Glowski set comes with two stands.


Glowski games should be played by teams with an even number of players for instance 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 4 on 4 etc. The stands should be played 30 feet apart with the bottles placed on them.

30 feet is approximately 10 steps so this should guide you when placing them. Teammates should stand behind their respective poles during the game.

To determine which team kicks off the game, the heads or tails method is used using the disc. Teams pick either heads or tails and toss the disc into the air.

The head side contains Glowski’s logo while the tail is the open side without a logo and whichever lands facing upwards wins.

As a common tradition, players play using one hand, with the other holding a drink or beverage of their choice. This makes the game more interesting because it is much harder to play using a single hand.


The goal is to reach 21 points, beating your opponents by at least a minimum of 2 points. A disc hitting the ground is 1 point, a bottle, 2 points and both falling award 3 points to the throwing team. If both the disc and bottle are caught, the throwing team is not awarded.

The throwing team, however, will not be awarded if the disc is thrown too far off, too high, too low or more than a step away from the catching team.

If the catching team catches the disc before it hits the bottle or pole, the throwing team is awarded 3 points.

Lastly, a team with 20 points cannot be awarded the final point from a fallen disc alone. They must hit the pole or bottle in order to win.

Final Words

With such an interesting gameplay and set of rules, Glowski has managed to become a go-to friendly competition between friends and family. It can be played almost anywhere, providing the perfect bonding opportunity while also passing time during day or night time.


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