Garmin Tactix GPS Watch Review

Last Updated on September 24, 2020

If you are trying to find a wristwatch that combines the simplicity of accurate time keeping with the complexity of military style GPS navigation, then the Garmin Tactix GPS Watch is meant for you.

While there are several wristwatches out there that also offer GPS capabilities, there is just something special about this one, and you may spot that difference by the time this Garmin Tactix GPS Watch Review is done.

Garmin Tactix GPS Watch Review

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Features of Garmin Tactix GPS Watch

You Call It A Wristwatch, We Call It A Life Saver

The Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator Watch is an ABC wristwatch that means designed for professionals and ordinary people who love outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing, and hunting.

It is a tough, rugged, scratch-proof watch that will withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. It’s a chargeable lithium-ion battery, by using a lifespan of up to 5 weeks when in watch mode and up to 50 hours on GPS mode, it also has a very strong polyurethane wristband.

With the GPS receiver, the Garmin Tactix will automatically calibrate its ABC sensors; it will also adjust the time regardless of your present location.

Your every activity is monitored by this watch, and it gives on-the-spot performance information, like your current walking pace, distance covered, calories burnt and cadence.

Altimeter, Barometer And 3-Axis Compass

The watch comes with an altimeter and barometer to keep you in tune with the changes in atmospheric pressure and altitude.

It is actually also equipped using a 3-axis compass with 1,000 waypoints and 10,000 track points, the TracBack properties of this watch will ensure that you never get lost when wandering deep in a forest or high in a mountain.


If you have to swim for safety or you are caught up in a torrential rainfall, you don’t have to worry because the Garmin Tactix GPS Watch is completely waterproof and is usually submerged in water for up to 50 meters, this is a great watch for scuba divers.

Matte Black And Non-Reflective

The military style green LED backlight will not obstruct night vision, and the watch comes in a curved lens-non-reflective, matte black color, that will not attract attention to you.

Hunters will particularly love this feature, as their position is secure, while they hunt for game, unlike when using other wrist watches that give out a reflection.

Wireless Compatibility

You can share your outdoor tracks, routes and waypoints via its wirelessly Bluetooth® or ANT+™ facilities to the smartphones of family and friends.

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  • It’s hard and rugged with water, scratch, and wear resistant. Making it useful for scuba divers and mountain climbers.
  • It also has resistance to impact and chemical loads to a certain extent.
  • It has all the features of a regular wristwatch, like alarms, stopwatch, a vibration alert, tones and even a world clock.
  • Garmin tactix GPS watch can control VIRB™ and VIRB Elite™ action cameras.
  • It gives a precise time regardless of your location, with auto-updates.
  • It helps you to predict the weather, with its inbuilt altimeter and barometer.
  • You will never get lost, with its 3-axis compass and TracBack properties.
  • Skydivers can enjoy its Jumpmaster software
  • It’s non-reflective matte black color is ideal for hunters.
  • It’s green LED will not flare out night vision.
  • It’s compatible with wireless data sharing options like Bluetooth.
  • It has rechargeable batteries.
  • You can monitor your performance with this watch, by keeping tabs on your pace, distance, calories and so on.


  • Quality doesn’t come cheap; you may have to spend top-dollar to get this watch.
  • It only comes in matte black, so if you are picky with color, you will be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator have the 24 time zones?

A: Absolutely, the watch comes with every available time zone. The UTC, Eastern and Central time zones are mostly used, from my personal experience.

Q: Is it possible to insert grid coordinates, similar to the GPS used in vehicles for navigation on land?

A: Yes, it is possible for you to input grid coordinates on the Garmin Tactix GPS Watch.

Q: Can the watch show maps?

A: Absolutely, you can choose your preferred route and also save up to 1,000 waypoints. This is like leaving a trail from your starting position to your present location. With these track logs, you can never get lost.

Final Word

This Garmin Tactix GPS Watch Review highlights a watch that can be the one thing that can save you in life and death situation in the wild.

So if you are a professional looking for a durable watch with GPS capabilities or you are just an outdoor enthusiast, then this watch is ideal for you.

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