Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves Reviews

Last Updated on February 26, 2019

Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves

Fishing works as a refreshment in our busy lives. Going fishing at the weekend works as a reinforcement to go back to the busy working schedule again. Fishing needs a lot of accessories and gloves are one of them.

Gloves increase comfort during long hours of holding a fishing rod. Fishing requires pulling and stretching of the rod that too in wet conditions which can cause injuries if done with bare hands.

A pair of high-quality gloves are required to ensure safety. One such glove is the Fishing Tree fingerless fishing gloves for men and women.

These can be used for other activities also; thus, a single pair of gloves is enough to complete multi-tasks. The price is reasonable, and it has some unique features. We are now going to discuss the features in details.

Features of the Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves

Lightweight and Comfortable

These gloves are made of stretchy light thin material. The lightweight, thin fabric ensures protection and comfort. The gloves might feel a little tight at first, but the material relaxes after a few uses.

It is flexible and fits perfectly. The velcro straps at the wrist keep the gloves in place. It allows adjustment according to the desired tightness.

The palm has two layers – faux leather and PVC palm pad, ensure maximum protection without making the gloves bulky. There are two little black loops on the middle and ring fingers for easy removal. These cut off gloves are perfect for gym sessions as well.

Unisex  Fingerless Gloves

It is engineered and constructed by gloves experts. Its unisex sizing ensures a perfect fit for both men and women. These are also fingerless gloves which half-finger design enables it for multi-purpose use.

It keeps the maneuverability and dexterity intact. Selecting the right size is very easy as different sizes are available. These are ideal for fishing. They are also useable in activities like watersports and outdoor sports. These cut off gloves are perfect for gym sessions as well.

Breathable and Stretchable

Spandex homogenous to DuPont’s brand of elastane Lycra makes these gloves breathable. It absorbs the moist and quickly dries within 30 minutes. The soft and comfortable Amara faux leather provides a stable and secure grip.

It also makes the gloves stretchable and weatherproof. The palms of the gloves also have non-slip patches for added toughness. It helps to prevent calluses and eliminates the chances of developing blisters. It provides full protection during the participation in watersports and other outdoor activities.

UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection

The full form of UPF is Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and UPF 50+ is the highest possible numerical rating given to a product to highlight how well it obstructs harmful UV rays.

SGS group the globally recognized scientific testing company has tested, verified and rated these gloves as UPF and SPF 50+ ultraviolet skin sunscreen. It effectively blocks the sunburn damage.

The blockage of harmful UV rays protects the hands from sunspots, age spots,  and skin toughening. It also minimizes the chances of precancerous melanomas and skin lesions.

Machine washable

These are washable after getting dirty due to strenuous activities. It can be washed by hands and in washing machines as well without caring about the wearing off of the UV protection.

The soaps or detergents don’t have any effect on it. Artificial spray-on chemicals are not sprayed on the gloves to add ultraviolet protection.

It is weaved into the fabric in such a way that it doesn’t wash off even after a hard and harsh washing. The UV protection factor doesn’t wear off when the gloves are wet. It doesn’t shrink or get stretched after the wash.


  • Lightweight, comfortable, breathable and dries quickly
  • Half finger design makes it maneuverable and enables dexterity
  • Unisex design
  • UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection
  • Tested and verified by SGS


  • Doesn’t sustain a harsh and vigor use for a long time

Final Words

This pair of gloves offers a lot at a very reasonable price. Starting from the design and using high-quality material to provide the highest possible comfort, these gloves deserve appreciation. It is unisex and available in two colors.

It has sizes available from extra small to extra large. It dries fast and provides the highest protection from UV rays. Apart from fishing, it is also used for other activities. So, if you are planning to buy gloves for fishing, then go for this one.


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