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Who Else Wants to Know How to Tie a Chatterbait?

A lure correctly tied to the fishing line is your first step towards a great catch. The alignment of the sinker and the skirt to the fishing line is critical. Otherwise, the lure might snap after the fish has swallowed the bait. Or, in a worst-case scenario,

Simple and Easy ways on How to Put a Line on a Spinning Reel

For an angler, it is imperative that you load a new line from time to time. While at it, the correct loading is of supreme importance if you want to avoid a line twisting nightmare when fishing. Naturally, the line should hang limp and should be free

Types of Fishing Rods

Landing some fish starts with having a great fishing rod. There is a huge variety of fishing rods in the market and each has its own strengths and recommended usage area. Basically, a fishing rod has 3 main parts. These are the handle, reel seat and rod

All You Need to Know about Fishing Lines

To improve your fishing performance, you need a good fishing line. A wide variety of fishing lines exist but there is no definite best among them because their different types are designed to be used in different occasions. Therefore, it is important to choose the best fluorocarbon

Top 6 Essential Fishing Gear That A beginner cannot Do Without

Whether you are a beginner fisherman or you are struggling to get started, fishing can be one of the most enjoyable engagements. However, there are some essential things that you must have to get started. If your friends have invited you out or you are just curious