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How to Safe the Rings of Your Fishing Rod From Saltpeter

The continued use of fishing equipment in the marine environment entails the necessary realization of a series of tasks that must be aimed at keeping them in good condition since the floating saltpeter in the environment is capable of sticking to each element that we carry with

Maintenance of the Fishing Reel

Perhaps the element of the fishing equipment in which it insides plus a correct maintenance is the reel. Nowadays, thanks to the evolution of manufacturing materials we find sealed models in which maintenance is minimal. However, it will not hurt for us to be clear about the

Types of Fishing Lures and Their Uses – Tackle Guide 2018

There are very many varieties of fishing lures available on the market. They have grown in popularity primarily because they can be reused, as a result of being artificial. This makes them cheaper to use in the long run as compared to live baits, which are usually

What Should You Know Before Buying a Fish Finder?

As usual, the time has come for us to teach you what are the factors that you should consider before purchasing a fish finder. Surely you were already aware of some of you had deducted them from the previous reading. In the same way, here we have

What Is a Fish Finder?

Fishfinders or trackers are something that anyone who needs to go fishing, or any other container for that matter, should have as a first secondary tool. They are very useful, and you will find that they help a lot in predicting the movement of the fish. But

8 DIY Tips to Set Up Your Fishing Kayak

Kayak fishing is a great pastime but only if you are well prepared and well organized. Poor planning will make the expedition frustrating and uncomfortable. The more preparation you put in, the more time you can spend fishing and enjoying yourself. You will have more fun this

Which Bass Spinning Reel Should You Buy?

Bass fishing requires finesse tools such as light lines, light baits and spinning reels. Spinning reels in particular, have several advantages that make them ideal for bass fishing. For instance, they can easily handle light lines to cast light lures due to their fixed, open spools. With

Who Else Wants to Know How to Tie a Chatterbait?

A lure correctly tied to the fishing line is your first step towards a great catch. The alignment of the sinker and the skirt to the fishing line is critical. Otherwise, the lure might snap after the fish has swallowed the bait. Or, in a worst-case scenario,

Simple and Easy ways on How to Put a Line on a Spinning Reel

For an angler, it is imperative that you load a new line from time to time. While at it, the correct loading is of supreme importance if you want to avoid a line twisting nightmare when fishing. Naturally, the line should hang limp and should be free

Types of Fishing Rods

Landing some fish starts with having a great fishing rod. There is a huge variety of fishing rods in the market and each has its own strengths and recommended usage area. Basically, a fishing rod has 3 main parts. These are the handle, reel seat and rod