Last Updated on September 26, 2020

Fishing in summer: Today we are talking about fishing in the summer, and now that the heat begins to tighten when we strip off layers and layers of clothing, fishing begins to take on a great role on beaches, rocks, and shores throughout Spain, when they begin to see each other along our coasts and rivers, small and large boats equipped with all the fishing equipment, it is time to know which are the most suitable species to capture in these summer months.

Fishing in Summer

Fishing in Summer

If you are going to enjoy your well-deserved vacation soon or take advantage of the good weather to go out on weekends equipped with your best rod, reel and lure with the hope of having a good time fishing, we will tell you which would be the most captured species of fish in these hot summer months, so Let’s go there!

Anjova Fishing in the Summer

It is one of the most ambitious predators on our coasts for fishing in the summer and is in full swing during the hot months. This species can be caught using spinning fishing techniques, surfcasting. Some of the best lures for this species are poppers and minnows, very effective in these hot months.

Fishing for the White Pomfret

In summer, the white pigeon is one of the species that struggles the most in relation to its size. The white pigeon usually goes in banks and reaches our coasts in April, depending on the temperature of the waters, and they normally leave in November. Fishing to surfcasting and spinning are the most profitable to catch this species. The best lures will be the small walkers and the mountings with buldo, not to mention the effective casting jigs.

White Pomfret

His wonderful colors, his voracity, and his fight make him more than a worthy adversary. We can enjoy the chard for fishing in many high mountain lakes and streams. It is not a very demanding salmon due to its gluttony, although it is not an easy fish either. This fish will go well with a fly, spoon, or artificial fish. The summer months are the best for your fishing.


The blacksmiths are very grateful fish that liven up the high temperatures, ideal for surfcasting fishing in the summer months. The blacksmiths move in banks so that we can get abundant catches. Worms are the best baits, and we can use slide mounts or hooks above the lead for your summer fishing.


It is one of the most unknown species for fishermen. In Catalonia and Aragon, they have an important presence. The catfish is tremendously voracious, and its fishing is usually with flies or with small minnows and teaspoons. In addition, it is a very active species in summer, and out of the water, it is a beautiful fish, with silver and greenish colors, in a stylized way.

Do you have any other favorite species to enjoy fishing in the summer?


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