Excalibur Diablo Carbon Arrows Review

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

Excalibur Diablo Carbon Arrows

Nowadays, recurve crossbows have become much famous amongst a large number of hunters. Not all type of arrows can make a good combination with this type of crossbows. You need to have advanced and well-decorated arrows to use with recurve crossbows.

Today, we will show you a set of arrows made of carbon which can perform its best with not only recurve bows but also with most other bows in the market. “Diablo Carbon arrows” is the name of the set of arrows we are going to show.

Our today’s arrows are made by a renowned manufacturer named Excalibur. Excalibur has shaken hands with Easton to make these awesome Diablo arrows. The construction of these arrows can attract you easily.

If you compare this set of carbon arrows with other familiar arrow sets then you can easily see the difference. You won’t be able to feel disappointed after buying and using this set of carbon arrows. This set of Diablo arrows will always be able to give you a better result when you shoot them on your target.

The manufacturer also took the matter, accuracy seriously and given these arrows such structure that it can beat any other arrows when this accuracy matter comes. So, without any further delay, let’s take a close look at this set of carbon arrows.

Features of The Excalibur Diablo Carbon Arrows


Structure of an arrow decides whether it will perform well or not. Today, we will talk about Diablo Carbon arrows. The manufacturer of this arrow set did not compromise a bit while making the arrows.

The manufacturer has put a lot of effort to give this set of arrows a different structure than other sets of arrows. The length of each arrow of this set is 18 inches.

This much length is user-friendly as you can use such arrows with any crossbow you are carrying on hunting. You can have the best of these arrows if you have a recurve crossbow.

Any broadheads can be used with this set of arrows. Both fixed and mechanical broadheads fit with these arrows. Each of these arrows has two-inch vanes.

Contact of the Arrows With the String

the performance of the arrows depends on how well they contact with your bow’s string. Every arrow of the  Diablo arrow set features a flatback insert.

This is why there will be no need for nocks. And this is the reason for this set of arrows to make a reliable contract with bow’s string.


there is no doubt that you will find these arrows to hit the target accurately. We told you earlier that these arrows can defeat any opponent if the competition is about accuracy.

The main reason for such accuracy is the construction of these arrows. The heavy front insert construction increases the front-of-center weight of the arrows. This is why you will get unrivaled accuracy from these arrows.


  • Both fixed and mechanical broadheads will fit nicely with Diablo arrows.
  • Each arrow of the set has 2-inch vanes.
  • Flatback insert feature integrated.
  • These arrows don’t require any nocks.
  • The arrows make perfect contact with the string of your bow.


  • The arrows are not fletched well.

Final Words

With a very unique design and construction, this set of arrows can give you every feature you wish from a set of carbon arrows. They can play a vital role in your hunting trip.

You can rely on this set of arrows for several years as they have a nice and solid structure. This kind of structure always ensures durability. Every single part of this set of arrows maintains quality and has the ability to satisfy you. so, never hesitate to buy Diablo Carbon Arrows.


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