Eureka AirExcel Compact 990A Review

Last Updated on April 23, 2018

Canister vacuum cleaners are the appliance of choice for most home owners. The canister types are more “handy” to some people and most feel that using them are easier.

It isn’t easy to find one suited for oneself without knowing what types and features the products are offering and which features are the most important. AirExcel Compact from Eureka really excels in the “features” department with its long list of important features built in to a compact body.

The excellence of this device is proved by the long list of Eureka AirExcel Compact vacuum 990a reviews from its loyal and satisfied customers.

Easy to use and lightweight

This easy to use canister vacuum cleaner weighs at an astonishing 8 pounds only, which is definitely considered to be very low across different categories of vacuum cleaners, even the canister vacuums. Due to this, it is easier to drag across the floor without any extra effort.

The long hose provided proves to be one of the best companions in cleaning areas that generally stays out of reach. Moreover, It can be extended as needed. There are a lot of accessories that fit this dynamic hose and thus can be used for various types of cleaning purposes.

High Suction Power

The high suction power this canister vacuum has; helps to remove even the deep embedded dirt particles from surface apart from regular sucking in of loose dirt.

The “no loss of suction” technology implied makes sure that cleaning for a long interval does not affect the performance of the vacuum cleaner and it operates with the same suction power all throughout the cleaning process. The multi cyclonic adaptation in the filter helps to keep the filters clean for longer intervals of time.

HEPA Filtration

For people with dust allergy, this canister vacuum can be of special importance. Regular vacuum cleaners throw micro allergens around the air while trapping the bigger dust and dirt particles. With HEPA filtration system, the expelled air through the air vents is free of allergens.

Hence it can be considered safe and breathable by people suffering from dust allergy. Most vacuum cleaners lack this important feature and hence not suitable in this case.

People suffering from health conditions due to dirt must look out for this specification while opting for any vacuum cleaners for that matter.

Multiple cleaning options

The Eureka Air Excel is perfect for multiple usage, be it carpets, rugs, floors, curtains etc. The hose can be attached with varied attachments that can perform the intended cleaning much effortlessly. The carpet and bare floor brush allows one to clean both the surfaces easily and even deep cleaning of carpet can be achieved.

The 11 inch cleaning head is neither too big, nor too small for any cleaning purpose and fits exactly like it should around the furniture and in crevices for easy and effortless cleaning.

Multi-cyclonic filtration and easy to empty canister

This canister vacuum system uses multi cyclonic filtration system whereby air is passed at high speeds around the filter to let the dust and dirt settle. This helps in accumulation of dirt in the dirt canister rather than filtering the dirt directly through the filter.

No only it helps in keeping the filter clear for long cleaning activities but also makes sure that the suction power is not affected. Also, the dirt bin attached, holds a good amount of dirt and also can be easily removed and emptied without much hassle.


  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable at only 8 pounds.
  • No loss of suction technology supplies constant suction power.
  • Comes with HEPA filtration and thus perfect for use by people having dust allergy problem.
  • Cleaning various types of surfaces is easy.
  • The hose is dynamic and accepts various attachments perfectly.


  • The connector between hose and canister can become blocked if not properly maintained.
  • The parts are a little bit fragile.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can it clean pet hairs effectively?

A: It has enough suction power to clean and remove pet hairs even from cracks and crevices.

Q: Is it bag less?

A: Yes this has a dirt canister instead of bag. Thus it requires less investment.

Q: Does it have a beater brush?

A: No, this does not have a beater brush attachment.


Having a low weight canister vacuum like Eureka AirExcel makes cleaning an easy task. It has retractable cord which can be called back with just a button push. Overall, from the point of view of usage, this is as easy as using a budget canister vacuum can get.

On the feature’s front, it does contain the essential features one might need including a high suction power. Overall Eureka AirExcel Compact vacuum 990a reviews have been encouraging from its users which gives an impression that this device is worth a look at.


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