Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A Canister Vacuum Review

Last Updated on September 27, 2020

Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A Canister Vacuum

Doing small cleaning jobs is harder than one expects it to be if the tools used are not up to the mark. Vacuum cleaners have always been the best way to easily complete cleaning tasks with minimum effort.

In a normal household, it is important that a multiple surface vacuum cleaner is used since changing to different equipment while performing different cleaning tasks can be very frustrating. Canister vacuums are one of the easiest to use vacuum cleaning system which one can just drag across the floor.

Electrolux Ultrasilencer is one of the canister vacuum cleaning systems that can offer a great deal of satisfaction. This Electrolux UltraSilencer canister vacuum EL6986A review will portray the capabilities of the device with the objective of helping one decide if this is the right vacuum for them.

Easily Maneuverable

Canister vacuums are known for their ease of handling. This lightweight vacuum cleaner is no different in this respect. This powerful device is fitted with a extension wand which can perform cleaning tasks with ease and can reach to most areas of a room without any hassle.

It is provided with an automatic rewind capable cord to make sure it can be easily packed up after cleaning duties. It is compact so storing it away is not a problem.

Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Most vacuum cleaners within this range have multiple cleaning abilities but the most important thing to notice is the perfection while on job. The Electrolux UltraSilencer is capable of all basic cleaning needs that may arise. Cleaning low pile carpet and area rugs are perfect with this device.

Also, hardwood floors and other types of hard floors like ceramic, tiles, marble etc can also be cleaned easily. Due to the powerful suction power it not only cleans loose dirt but also removes debris, wet dirt and pet hairs effectively.

Controllable Speed

Having a powerful canister vacuum can both be required and unrequited advantage in certain situation. While cleaning carpets a higher suction power is expected, cleaning of electrical devices such as keyboards, etc. do not need the extra power and sometimes cause harm than good.

The Electrolux UltraSilencer comes with variable speed control which can be very effective in handling these types of situations and more. With controllable speed one can easily manage the amount of suction he / she wants to perform a certain cleaning task.

Silent Operation

Most canister vacuums, or in fact, most vacuum cleaners in general has high noise output. This is because high powered motors make more noise. Though the motor of the UltraSilence is powered adequately, the sounds of the machine, while operation is way lower than standard vacuum cleaners.

A lot of people are put off by high sounds their vacuums make while cleaning and this can be a certain frustrating factor for some. With UltraSilencer, the 54dBA noise level is perfect for a lot of people.

Accessories for Multipurpose Cleaning

Though the suction of a vacuum cleaner is the most important feature to look for, still, it does matter what accessories are provided with it to perform various cleaning duties.

This canister vacuum cleaner comes with attachments that turn this into a device, fully capable of cleaning multiple types of surfaces and more.

The package contains the telescopic want that can be fitted with a floor and wall brush, a furniture nozzle, a main brush and a crevice tool to make sure day to day cleaning activities are fun and perfect.


  • Very low noise operation at 65dBA.
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable for various types of cleaning activities.
  • Controllable speed options for optimizing cleaning activities.
  • Suitable for various surface such as low pile carpets, rugs, hard floors and hardwood floors.
  • Powerful suction and multipurpose cleaning is easily achieved.


  • The accessories are clipped on the underside of the cleaner and may fall off easily.
  • Some users report that aesthetically, it feels cheap.

Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A Canister Vacuum FAQs

Does It Remove Pet Hair Effectively?

Yes, it can remove pet hair efficiently, thanks to the powerful suction.

Does It Come With HEPA filtration?

Yes, it comes with HEPA filtration.

Does It Have Furniture Guard and Are the Wheels Smooth?

Yes it has furniture guard and the wheels are smooth due to their rubber sheath covering.

Final Words

Being a powerful vacuum cleaner capable of performing most cleaning activities and being silent are sometimes contradictory. But with Electrolux UltraSilencer, this is achieved with ease.

The Electrolux UltraSilencer canister vacuum EL6986A review above highlights some of the most important features this device have when it comes to vacuum cleaning solutions.

Users of this vacuum has experience a lot of positive side of this device. Though it falls in the budget range of canister vacuums, this vacuum cleaner has exceeded a lot of expectations and received huge amount of praise for the same.

If someone is looking for compact, powerful and easy to use multipurpose canister vacuum cleaning system, this accessory can surely be a worthy investment.


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