Eight Tips for Camping with Children

Last Updated on September 26, 2020

The days are already fresher, now we can go thinking about launching ourselves to the adventure and camping with the children, there are many beautiful places and if you are new to this, you can try even in your own patio, they will leave the routine and you will see that it will be Fun to spend this family experience.

Eight Tips for Camping with Children

1. You can start camping in your backyard. If you do not like battling, or it’s your first time, camp in the backyard of your house, try to do all the normal activities of a camp, so that your children live a fun and different adventure. Create a tent, Fire a bonfire, chocolates, Tell some stories to your children or show them a game of those you played when you were little.

2. Find a National Park where to camp. This option is for parents who enjoy adventure and outdoor activities. Autumn is a very good time, because the nights are already cool and also the landscapes with the trees and changing leaves are beautiful, check the services they offer, you can camp in a cabin with all the comforts, but be sure If you camp in a tent, outdoors, it is much more fun and exciting for children.

3. Take food easy to eat and prepare, think about what children like, carry fruit, drinking water, juices, milk, yogurt, some snacks. Do not forget the marshmallows or chocolates, they are classics and the children love them. Moisturize your children well during the day, do not forget some kitchen utensils, such as fixed blade knives, plates, glasses, spoons.

4. The basics, with children it is better to prevent and although we should not exaggerate if you have to try to take everything you need to spend a few pleasant days. Do not forget: Wet Wipes and Toilet Paper; Antibacterial liquid; tactical flashlight or lamp, First Aid Kit (cotton, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Lassar paste, medical tape); Insect Repellent, Sunblock, polarized sunglasses.

Eight Tips for Camping with Children

5. To camp, it is best to bring your tent, sleeping bags, marine cooler. You can also bring some objects to do some activities with your children, for example, sacks, to do a race, ball, domino, Chinese checkers, some book or some stories in mind to tell them in front of the fire, although you can always improvise.

6. Please, do not let your children bring video games, maybe just to use them on the road, while they arrive at their destination, but it is best to let them enjoy nature; Ah! And you too, give an example and forget about updating your Facebook for a while eh?

7. You will have a lot of opportunity to take pictures, do not forget your camera; the landscapes as I say in this time are very beautiful, the faces of children to see wild animals, improvised situations, which never fail and moments that you will spend with your family or friends.

8. Children like to help and experiment, let them help you light the fire, practice with the fishing rod and even cook, everything can be done with due care. Relax and let your children enjoy and experience the adventure, they will surely have fun playing with water, dirt and mud; explain the precautions that should be taken when they see an unknown insect or animal, also when approaching the water, if they are near a lake or river and do not leave the family.

Finally remember to put out the fire and collect the garbage, if the children help you and see you doing it, you will be teaching them to take care of the environment.


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