Eberlestock Team Elk Pack Review

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

When you are on hunting, you need lots of weapons and gears to enjoy your trip. Along with those, you need a good hunting backpack so that you can carry your stuff carefully and efficiently from one place to another.

There is no point in buying a pack that is unable to give you comfort and provides you service for a long time. That is why now, we are going to talk about Eberlestock Team Elk Pack.

You will definitely find this product a unique one after using this for the very first time. With a quality structure that allows this product to perform for several years, this backpack is at the top of the hunter’s choice list. So, without any delay, let’s take a closer look at this product.

Features of Eberlestock Team Elk Pack


The product today we are showing is one of the lightweight products you will find in the market. Weight matters a lot when you intend to get a hunting pack.

When you are on hunting, you have to carry lots of stuff and gears to enjoy your trip. Most of the hunting gears are heavy. And if the backpack you are carrying is also a heavy one, then you will feel the pain to carry your backpack.

You will not be capable to continue your journey for a long time. The product   Eberlestock Team Elk Pack is very much light weighted. The shipping weight of this product is only 3.4 pounds.

You will feel comfortable carrying this product in the journey. One thing you must know is the quality of the materials. You might think that the product is not made of cheap materials to make it light. Though it is light, you can expect this product to provide you service for a long time.


The structure of this product is unique. The main intention of the manufacturer was to make a unique product with lots of features. The bottom shelf design of the product is excellent.

The Intex frame of the product ensures you feel comfortable carrying the bag. The tough frame lets you use the backpack for several years. You can be sure that this backpack will be as good as new for a long time.

The product has two optimal access-points which not much common. You can reach your gears inside this product very easily. With both front-loading and top-loading access, you can feel comfortable to load or to unload this backpack.

You will find hydration pockets on both sides of the backpack. So, you will not suffer from dehydration issue when this backpack is with you.


Your gears and weapons should be quiet enough to let you have a good hunting trip. Most of the backpacks are not quiet enough. They make sounds and distract you. But this product we are showing is very much quiet. Fabric and other materials are quality maintained.

They don’t make such noises to distract you or alert your target. So, even with lots of stuff loaded, this product barely makes any noise. They stay stable on your back. So, you can comfortably travel from one place to another without making any noise.

Weapon Carrying System

It doesn’t matter which weapon you are carrying. This backpack is capable of carrying your weapons safely without any damage. Nowadays, most of the products don’t have the bow carrying facility.

You have to attach an external carrier for this. But the product we are showing today has built-in bow carrier that can help you carrying bow even after carrying a rifle.

Rifle scabbard is integrated so that you can carry your gun with the backpack. By carrying this backpack, your hands will be free to carry many other gears.


  • Has the volume of 50 liters.
  • Intex frame is durable and user-friendly.
  • You can stay hidden from your target as the product is quiet enough.
  • Has enough straps to maintain your comfort.


  • Chest strap of the product has a weak configuration. It fails to work after a few months of consistent using.

Final Words

A hunting backpack always plays a major role in hunting trips. You have to choose the backpack very carefully. Because a good hunting backpack makes sure your gears are kept safe and you are moving from one place to another comfortably.

Today, we showed Eberlestock’s hunting backpack. This backpack can be used for many purposes. Because of this, you can carry this any place, anywhere.

The manufacturer has made sure that you find yourself comfortable using this product for a long time. So, it is sure that you will not be disappointed in buying this product.


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