Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Review

Last Updated on April 23, 2018

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum

When it comes to handheld cordless vacuum cleaner most people panic over the fact that these are low powered devices which are not capable of cleaning duties that a conventional cleaner can offer. Though this is a correct assumption, but, also a very vague comparison.

There are different vacuum cleaner categories because each of these serves different purpose and thus comparing between them is not the right thing to do. But, in terms of power and ability in handheld vacuum cleaner category the V6 trigger surpasses most.

The below mentioned dyson v6 trigger review will reveal the power and abilities that this compact handheld appliance hide.

Ergonomic and lightweight

A first look at this device reveals its design factor which is quite different from conventional vacuum cleaners. This device is fully compatible to be used as a full length vacuum cleaner with the proper attachment.

The ergonomic build features a gun-grip body with its center of gravity towards the hand. This makes the “less than 3 pound” device feel weightless and thus very easy to use. Not only the gripping but also the location of motor being very close to the hose and handle reduces the dimensions and makes it more compact.

Powerful and capable suction

The V6 is powered by digital motor by dyson, which according to the company delivers up to 3 times more power than conventional vacuum motors giving it a huge 110,000 RPM. The motor being higher powered at 350W, delivers power and hence capable of producing a high suction.

There are two modes in which the motor works. One is the regular mode which lasts about 20 minutes and a high power mode which lasts about 6 minutes on a single full charge.

2 tier cyclonic filtration

The 2 tier radial cyclonic filtration helps in separating dust, debris and even minute dust particles completely from the sucked in air, achieving a higher and refined cleaning ability. The re-engineered 15 parallel cyclones distributed over 2 tiers actually increases the airflow multiple times.

Thus, a centrifugal reaction takes place helping even the minute dust particles to settle down in the dirt bin. This not only is helpful in better removal of dust but also aids in reducing the noise.

Can be used for multiple cleaning activities

This compact device features a combined tool which can act two ways. It can transform into a brush for performing dusting activities and can also transform into a crevice attachment for cleaning hard to reach areas. The activity is not limited till here.

One can add an array of accessories with the nozzle that are available in the market at a very low additional costing. A motorized brush tool attachment can deliver a superb cleaning of pet hairs when needed.

Powerful re-engineered battery

The V6 handheld cordless vacuum runs with a re-engineered Ni Mn Co battery which can transmit about one and a half times more power than other battery types.

This battery has been custom designed to provide constant power to the motor which results in stable suction which does not decrease due time.

This battery helps the device deliver a total cleaning time of 20 minutes on a single charge in “standard mode” and 6 minutes of high powered suction in “boost” mode.


  • 15 stage 2 parallel tier cyclonic air filtration system captures even fine dust particles from the sucked in air.
  • East ergonomic gripping ability to reduce stress.
  • Dyson v6 motor is claimed to be 3 times more efficient than other motors hence offering powerful suction.
  • Supplied accessory includes a crevice tool and straight nozzle.
  • Dual power modes ensure that one can switch from regular mode to power mode (powerful but battery consuming) with a button push.


  • Some users reported that they are not getting enough cleaning time on a single charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long does last on a single charge and how long does it take to recharge?

A: It takes about an hour to recharge and since everyone has different usage pattern, the average usage time is about 17 minutes.

Q: Is it compatible with other attachments?

A: If one is using attachments from another Dyson or other vacuum cleaners, it may or may not fit. This device is very flexible with attachments. Attachments specifically for this device can be found in the market.

Q: Can it work with motorized head for pet hair removal purpose?

A: Yes, they work excellently with this devices and enables greater performance with pet hairs.

Final Word

This “dyson v6 trigger review” clearly shows how powerful and capable this device is at handling more than day to day small cleaning tasks.

Though handheld cordless vacuums are meant to be as a backup for demanding situation, V6 trigger puts this entire notion at risk by being capable of becoming even a primary cleaning device.

Dyson have always been on the “top-list” when it comes to home maintenance appliances like vacuum cleaners and have their devices distributed among every category from upright vacuums to canisters.

With this super performance handheld vacuum, it can easily make its mark on the “cordless handheld” category also.


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