Dyson Dc34 Handheld Vacuum Review

Last Updated on April 23, 2018

Dyson Dc34 Handheld Vacuum


Cleaning duties needs to be performed regularly since hygiene matters. A primary vacuum cleaner (canister vacuum cleaner or upright vacuum cleaners) can do most of the job easily. Still, having a secondary vacuum cleaner to perform the smaller cleanings like occasional dusting, pet hair removals or cleaning inside cars is also necessary.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect for these kinds of activities. They are compact, lightweight and versatile. This gives the user, the intended stress free cleanliness. The below mentioned dyson dc34 handheld review is an in-depth explanation of dc34’s abilities.


Ergonomic design

The handheld DC34 is designed with ease of operation in mind. Since most people use handheld vacuum for small cleaning activities, it is necessary to control suction operation. This is the most attractive part of the trigger design.

One can use the amount of suction needed. The trigger squeeze turns on suction and when released, it cuts off. This gives the user the required flexibility and hence saving power and stress while cleaning.

Also, the handle is designed in a manner to let the weight of motor get distributed on one’s palm which further enhances ease of use.

Powerful Suction

The suction of the dyson dc34 is more compared to other handheld vacuum cleaners in this price range. The system uses “no loss of suction technology” which helps in obtaining constant suction. With the application, the user gets a even suction power instead of continuous fade away in power.

The powerful suction is obtained by the powerful digital motor by dyson which is claimed to be about thrice more powerful than conventional vacuum motors.

Battery and Recharging

The power is supplied by lithium ion battery pack. The advantage of li-ion batteries over other types is the fact that li-ion batteries supply constant power to the device. This makes sure that the suction remains fade proof.

Also these batteries have less fail rate than other types of rechargeable batteries. Recharging time of the dyson dc34 is claimed to be faster than most vacuum cleaners by about 3 times. There is an indicator present which lets the user know about the battery status of the device when needed.

Cyclonic technology means more suction, less filter clogging

In standard vacuum cleaners, the air sucked in directly passes through the air bags and the filter pad eventually clogging them fast. DC 34 uses cyclonic technology to enhance its power. Cyclonic technology moves the air inside the vacuum at high speed which separates dirt and debris before the air gets filtered by the filter pads inside.

What happens is, the larger dust particles settle directly in the bin, while the smaller particles if remains, gets filtered by the filter pads. This helps the filter pads to stay clean and unclogged for a long time ensuring the suction power to remain constant.

Accessorized easily

This device comes with crevice tool, a wide nozzle tool / combination brush. These can take perfect care of any small cleaning duties. Still, if someone is looking to accessorize their handheld cleaner, more attachments can be found in the market.

The dyson dc34 is also compatible with a wide variety of attachments for other dyson models. But, it is always better to make sure if any attachment will fit the DC34 perfectly or not before buying. Buying the right attachment for a task enhances the capabilities of the device.


  • Lightweight at 2.9 pounds only and ergonomically designed.
  • Applies lithium ion battery for fade free power supply.
  • Fast recharging capabilities.
  • Powerful suction via digital motor.
  • Cyclonic technology for advanced filtration and constant suction power.
  • Easily accessorized.
  • Easily accessible and serviceable bag less dust chamber.


  • Battery life is contradictory from various sources; some users say it lasts for 6 minutes only, while others say it’s more than 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this come with HEPA filtration?

A: No, the product doesn’t come with HEPA filtration.

Q: Is this a bag less unit?

A: Yes this is a completely bag less unit and easily serviceable.

Q: Can this device act as a blower?

A: No, this cannot act as a blower. This is strictly for vacuuming purposes.

Final Words

The DC34 is the perfect product is someone is thinking of cleaning after pets or conducting small cleaning duties. It is very inconvenient to take out a canister vacuum every time to clean even the slightest of spills or pet hairs and definitely not inside cars.

This can perform without making the user uncomfortable at all. Moreover, the compactness, power and abilities offered by the dyson DC 34 at this price range, is almost unbeatable by its competitors.

The dyson dc34 handheld review above shows the pros and cons and by most users’ opinions from various sources, it is one of the effective ones available in the market at this moment.


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