Don’t Make These Deer Hunting Mistakes

Last Updated on August 18, 2020

Sometimes, deer hunting seems to be a simple thing. But most of the time, our best judgment reminds us that nothing is straightforward. Because whitetails are the complex creature that takes decades to understand.

Again researchers have dispelled many myths about them, and we have just begun to break through the scientific knowledge of the species. That’s why even the most experienced hunters make mistakes. Also, they don’t understand the behavior of some deer as well.

Don't Make These Deer Hunting Mistakes

As deer hunting is a never-ending journey, so you should not stop learning the process of hunting deer. If you continue the learning process, your success-rate of hunting deer will gradually increase.

Although we can boost our knowledge of all things about deer hunting by watching and reading educational materials, we will never know it all.

So, it is essential to keep you up to date with new skills as well as tactics of hunting deer. And in that way, you can avoid making major deer hunting mistakes. Let’s check out some of the main deer hunting mistakes that you are not allowed to do.

Losing Focus

Sometimes often hunters take rest in the middle hour of deer-hunting. Deer hunting is a time of relaxation for most hunters. Because there is peace in the deer woods that can easily distract the hunter’s mind to lose focus.

And hunters who experience it at the wrong time miss their shot. So, you should be careful about not losing focus while hunting deer, and in that way you can experience a successful deer hunting.

Following Old Habits

Often some avid hunters fall into old habits. They couldn’t accept new things such as modern hunting gears, new techniques, and lots more. They find things that work for some of the deer and expect them to work for the other deer too.

Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t. As a result, they continue being failed at deer hunting. So, you should also try to avoid falling into old habits and consider it as a significant mistake for deer hunting.

Equipment Failure

Equipment failure is another mistake of deer hunting. Although this is out of the hunter’s control, they are responsible. Because they do not check their gears properly and let that happen. As we know, routine maintenance can prevent equipment failure. So, try to ignore the mistake to become successful at hunting.

Using Too Much Odor Control

Too much odor control can have the opposite effect of what it supposed to do. With a few drops of unpleasant smell during the rut, you may be able to attract the target and get it close enough to shoot.

On the contrary, with too much, you will probably send red flags to the deer. In almost all scenarios, the rule for perfumes is “use sparingly,” and this also applies to the hunting. So, it is also considered as a mistake.

Lack of Patience

An inexperienced hunter may not be more than being impatient. If you decide that it is time to get up and move to your home after waiting for an hour without seeing a deer, you will only hurt your chances of hunting.

If you walk in the forest, spread your scent everywhere, or making a sound while climbing a tree, will cause the same result of driving the deer out. So, you need to wait for the right time to hunt the deer.

Ignore The Gear Checking

Whether it’s your rifle, your tree-stand, or the pockets of your hunting camo, the equipment can get deteriorated over time. Guns may remain stuck or fail due to dirt accumulation, and the tree-stand can get rusted or broken; again clothes can get frayed if you do not check your equipment.

It can range from a rifle that does not shoot at the request, to a bag containing enough to lose it because of a hole, to tree support that collapses. So, you need to check the equipment before going hunting. Otherwise, you may face up with difficulties in the terrain.

Rattling or Calling Too Much

As with odor control, rattling and calling can lure your target. But you need to know when to call and when to stop. For example, at different times of the season (before the season or the end of the season, etc.), the various calls give better results.

If you do not know what calls to use at which time, then first you need to learn about it. And in that way, you can accomplish your goal.

Not Practicing

Shooting a gun or archery is not an easy task unless you are an expert shooter. If you spend a long time without firing, your shooting skills will be rusty, and you will be unable to shoot your target. So, you need to go to the shooting site before the start of the hunting season and take the time to acquaint you with your skill of shooting.

Avoid To Learn From The Expert

If you are so stubborn and your paths dictate that you can’t learn from your experience, then you have committed the biggest hunting mistake of all.

Even the best hunters in the world say they learn something new every season (and probably every time they hunt). In this sense, you should take the time to evaluate your performance and improve yourself.

Being Too Passive

Expert hunters believe that it is best to hunt smart, not hard. So they try to complete one hunting season in two or three days. Although some deer-hunters take ten to twelve days to finish one season, it varies from the place you have chosen to go hunting.

And experienced suggest that you should try to complete your one deer hunting season in two or three high odds days. So, being aggressive is not an issue. And being too passive can be risky for hunting; you will experience unsuccessful deer hunting.

Final Words

There are some other mistakes that we often do besides the listed ten errors. Sometimes we get lucky after making these mistakes. But we get the luck when our preparation meets opportunity.

If we don’t have the required training, we will be making these mistakes again and again. So, we should learn and train us properly before going for deer hunting.

For that, we need to follow the expert’s guideline to get over making a mistake. However, we recommend you not to make these deer hunting mistakes if you want to enjoy a better day of deer hunting.


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