7 Different Ways to Make Coffee in a Camping

Last Updated on July 12, 2020

Different Ways to Make Coffee in a Camping: I admit that camping is not for everyone. There are times when I would not even like to camp. After all, what good are campsites since we invented houses? But there are moments that we may be interested in being in direct contact with nature and there camping has many advantages.

There is nothing more pleasant than sitting around the campfire and watching the sunrise. The serenity and peace that we will find will be difficult to match anywhere else.

Different Ways to Make Coffee in a Camping

Of course, is there something that still makes it even better? The possibility of having a good cup of coffee or two shared with the person we love. If I think about it, one of my favorite vacations today is heading towards the middle of nowhere, setting up my tent, and being able to be inside nature.

All this while still savoring my favorite freshly brewed coffee. But how do you make good coffee when we are far from the wonders of a modern kitchen? Actually, there are many different ways to prepare and enjoy a coffee sitting in front of the tent and looking at the campfire. Let’s take a look at 7 different methods to make coffee while camping and enjoy peace and tranquility away from noisy cities.

1. The Cowboy’s Path

Why not prepare the coffee the way the Cowboys did when they rested under the stars. The method is quite simple. All you need is a simple pot. Fill the pot with water, deposit enough coffee inside, and put it on the fire.

Once it is hot remove it from the heat and let it cool. Without you doing it manually, the grains or remaining coffee powder settle to the bottom, and you can serve an incredible cup of coffee.

2. Pre Colander

Honestly, there are not many differences between this method and the classic cowboy we saw before. The main difference is actually a strainer where you put the coffee. This makes it much easier to clean afterward and reduces the possibility of burning coffee.

When the water starts to boil, a small tube will rise inside. You have to press the button of the pre-strainer on top, which will drain the water resulting in a decent cup of coffee.

3. Coleman Camping Coffeemaker

This small drip coffee maker is really amazing, although it probably is not your best option if you plan to take walks on your affordable outdoor vacations.

This coffee machine can be placed in a Coleman stove for heat, and basically, it will work like a normal drip coffee machine. It is better if it is used in a fixed area of camping since the stove and the coffee machine will add a little weight to your backpack.

4. French Press

Many coffee aficionados will tell you that the best way to make a good cup of coffee is by using a French press. That’s something we also agree on, also for us; it’s an amazing way to make coffee while we’re camping.

The French press is small and light, or easy to pack. All you have to remember is to bring your coffee. You should only heat the water, pour in the French press, and add your coffee. Let it be made in the intensity that you like to drink it.

Different Ways to Make Coffee in a Camping

5. A Cup Filter

If you need a really light option for your camping gear, the one cup filter is your answer. This simple design filter is often made of plastic and some type of mesh, so it is very small and lightweight, something perfect for your backpack. All you have to do is attach it to the top of the cup, put the coffee, and slowly pour boiling water over it allowing it to drain into your cup.

6. Only One Filter

This one may sound very similar to the previous method, and it really is. The difference is that this device will not only adhere to the top but will end up submerged in the water when everything is done. Designed to make a great cup of coffee or tea, this small filter is light and perfect for all your coffee making needs outside the home.

7. Aeropress Coffeemaker

If, on the other hand, you want to drink espresso, you can do so even at the campsite. Enjoy all that nature has to offer. The Aeropress works like a French press; the only difference is that instead of pushing the resulting coffee to the bottom, the air pushes it out of the Aeropress and into its cup.

These devices are usually quite light and ideal for transporting outdoors. Honestly, we avoided the pleasure of talking about instant coffee, something that today does not have a good name and fame. But if you do not have another option, well also to work.

To use it, all you have to do is heat the water, add your coffee, and mix it. You will lose the joy of preparing a cup of coffee at your campfire, but when there is no other possibility available it is still a way to get your cup of coffee.

Final Words

When you begin to walk the paths towards your vacation, remember that there are real possibilities to transport without much effort the necessary elements to drink the best coffee in your free time.

Together with your partner, your family, or your traveling companions you will enjoy taking and inviting with the best coffee in front of the fire and in a natural environment that will carry your batteries for the return.


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