Different Parts of Kayak

Last Updated on August 20, 2020

If you are thinking to take a break from your boring life and want to enjoy the time with the thrilling waves of water in the sea or river, then kayaking is the best choice for you to make a fantastic adventure. Unlike other traditional boats, the kayak is one type of tiny boat that offers some features to make it different from other watercraft. But as we all know, riding a kayak is not as simple as another boat.

Different Parts of Kayak

You need to know about all the parts of the kayak so that you can easily control your kayak.  Again, you must need some minimum training and knowledge about kayaking. Now, if you are a regular kayaker and most of the time you need to repair or replace the damaged part of your kayak, then you just need to have enough knowledge on all the parts of the kayak.

Different parts of Kayak

As there are different types of kayak, so it is common that there must be a variation in their body parts and other accessories. But some parts are very common to all types of kayak. These parts are:

Deck: Upper side of the kayak, which includes the cockpit, handles, hatches – all the accessories which are set at the topside.

Hull: Hull is the bottom part of the kayak. Basically, this part is drowned under the water.

Bow: It is the Front of the kayak. This is the ending of the front side.

Stern: It is the Back of the kayak. This is the ending of the backside.

Starboard & Port: When a paddler takes the seat, then paddler’s right side is called starboard, and the left side is called Port.

Cockpit: Cockpit is basically that space where a paddler sits. The size of the cockpit varies from type to type. This part is included with the Deck, which is a hole and generally placed in the middle, where the seat is placed, and the paddler sits on the seat and paddles the kayak to move.

In a cockpit, it includes 2 seats, one for the paddler and another for the partner. But in some traditional kayaks, you may find that there is only a single seat. In this indication, the Cockpit is the total hole in the middle of kayak including the seat.

Coaming: Coaming is the rim of the Cockpit. This part is for the satisfaction of paddlers to take their seats in the cockpit; it determines the shape of the cockpit. The seat will be adjustable according to the coaming.  This rim is made of waterproof materials.

Spray Skirt: It is basically a waterproof cover of the cockpit. It prevents water from making flood in the cockpit. So it helps the paddler to keep the cockpit dry.

Rudder: Rudder is the most common & essential feature for all the watercraft. A general perception is, In the kayak rudder system is used only to control the steer, but it has another essential use to keep moving on the track, it resists the water force from the opposite direction.

The rudder is placed in the back part of the kayak; this part is included with the Hull. The paddler’s foot paddle controls the rudder. In the case of British style kayak, there is a Skeg, which is placed in Hull, at the bottom.

Rudder Cord: From the very word of rudder cord, that indicates something like a cable which is connected with the rudder. Through this cable, a paddler can easily control the rudder from the seat by hand, no need of the feet paddle.

Basically in a typical kayak rudder system is arranged by this cable that spans from the rudder to the cockpit within hands reach. On the cable/cord, there will be a knot or something to indicate where to grab and pull it.

Foot Brake: There is a foot brake system in the cockpit of the kayak to control the rudder. In the case of Skeg, there is a foot peddle system to control the steer.

Grab Handles: The grab handles are used to move the kayak from one place to another. You can lug your kayak by the handles. Generally, in a kayak, there is placed only one grab handles, either at the front side or backside.

But now in the modern types of the kayak, you may find that there are 2 grab handles at both front and back so that you and your partner can move it.

Deck Hatch: In a kayak, you will find that there is a compartment/Hatch either behind the cockpit or before the cockpit on the Deck area, at the top.

This compartment is basically to store all accessories which are needed in the time of kayaking, that’s why Deck Hatch is called Gear Storage. Now, this storage is covered with watertight materials.

We hope this writing will help you to know about all the basic parts of Kayak that you can easily identify any parts of your kayak. This knowledge not only makes you capable of repairing but also helps you to control your kayak easily while riding. So If you are planning to go out for kayaking, we wish you to have a very great kayaking experience indeed.


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