What Is the Difference Between Survival and Paintball Guns?

Last Updated on July 16, 2020

We hope you have already heard about the Paintball game. If you not then it will be great to know what is paintball games. The two team members, which are shooting the opponent’s team members, with different color paintballs which are very funny and easy to break.

Actually, it is a competitive shooting sport. Anybody can play this game. By participating you can also win this game. Before starting the paintball games you have to buy the paintball gun along with other necessary equipment from here: https://tenbesttipz.com/best-paintball-guns/

Difference Between Survival and Paintball Guns

And another thing is that you have to learn the paintball tactics and strategies if you’re going to play in the combat paintball games.

However, if you’re already passionate about paintball, you will find very interesting information about this shooting sports and guns. The airsoft gun and Paintball guns are the same types of guns. But the most important thing is that what is the difference between survival guns and paintball guns? Let’s see!

Paintball Guns

Paintball guns and survival guns have differences and similarities. There is more kind of paintball guns, but the paintball guns are the next ones: Pump Paintball gun, which is very simple, a reliable gun.

Semi-automatic gun, which requires the trigger to be pulled just one time for shooting once. 3-shot burst it’s also known as 3-round burst, and actually, it’s a firing mode: if you pull off the trigger once, you will get three shots out.

Another Firing mode it’s Ramping which requires to be pulled the trigger consistently and it will gradually increase the rate of shots. Another kind of paintball guns its Fully-automatic which require pulling the trigger one time and as long as you keep your finger depressed on the trigger( the gun will continue to shot).

There are many other types and various paintball guns, which are not used in competitive games, but the ones we have mention are the most famous.

Survival Guns

Survival guns require a lot of time to check all of them. Even so, we will show you the most common survival type weapon by far.

Bolt action rifles: these guns are accurat1 but pretty slow to fire, because of their manual nature. They act if you manually pushing forward a bolt, pull the trigger, and pull back the bolt to release the empty cartridge.

The lever-action rifles guns: the position of the lever it makes faster to shot than a bolt action rifle. Another kind of popular weapon it’s semi-automatic rifles: every pull of the trigger releases one bullet, and load a new route automatically.

They have external magazines which hold five to thirty rounds. Revolvers are often seen in old movies. They have a cylinder which is storing up seven bullets.

The last but not the least in our list is the shotguns: large-barrel long guns that shot a large amount of small steel or lead.

Final Words

The differences between survival guns and paintball guns can be seen first of all at the purpose: paintball guns are for a competitive shooting sport while survival guns are for self-defense.

Both of them have different charge: the first has small balls full with colorful paint and the second one – bullets. Also, we can find differences in reliability, maintenance, durability, and manufacturer. It’s all about the purpose we need. So be careful and don’t forget: these guns are not toys.


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