Cycling the Puuc Route in Mexico

Last Updated on November 26, 2019

Cycling the Puuc Route in Mexico

Puuc Route locates in the Yucatan state of Mexico. It is also known as Ruta Puuc. It is nothing but a collection of  Mayan sites extending between Campeche and Merida cities in the Yucatan Peninsula. There is a total of five groups of ruins and only one cave system to visit the way with pleasant cycling.

These Mayan ruins are not so popular as Yucatan’s famous sites such as Chichen Itza. So you will notice fewer visitors and tourists out there. But the crowd-free and quite route makes this place perfect for a bicycle trip.

The feeling of cycling in such a beautiful way is marvelous. If you ever come to visit Mexico, don’t miss this best cycling route in the Yucatan peninsula.

Required time to complete the cycling tour

You can cover all areas overnight. But we prefer taking two to three days to complete this journey at a relaxed pace. If you stay there for more than one day, you can also visit other non-ruin creations such as the Choco-Story Museum and Loltun Caves. There are many lodging services near the Puuc route.

Costs: Usually, the cycling trip requires less money than traveling in the same place. As you will be riding on your favorite two-wheeler, you don’t need to spend money on transportation. You need to pay cash the entry fee to visit the ruins and caves.

The entry fees to the caves and ruins are between fifteen and two USD each. As this place doesn’t have any tour guide, it will also decrease your overall expenses. If you want to visit all Ruta Puuc sites, the total fees add up to 475 pesos.

Starting point

You can begin paddling from the Labna, the east portion of the route. Otherwise, you can start from Uxmal, the west portion. We recommend starting from Labna as there are shorter turns. Besides, Uxmal is the most beautiful one of all complexes, so save the best for the last.

Places to visit


The Labna ruin complex was created between 750-1000 AD, where 2500 used to live. Here you can envision how the ancient Mayan life was. You will find a huge palace called El Palacio after traveling through a tree-canopy. This site also has El Arco beckons to visit. It requires 55 pesos to enter there


The Xlapak ruins have the smallest structures along the Ruta Puuc. It is the only site which is free to visit. This site has three incredible palace ruins, created between 800-1000 AD.


Sayil is quite popular because of the three-tiered palace. It was built between 850-900 AD and had almost 10000 inhabitants. You can enjoy the impressive sights spending only 55 pesos. Remember, you do not have permission to walk through the staircase.


After reaching Kabah, you will see much bigger ruins. These complexes were built around 700-1000 AD and had almost 10000 inhabitants living there. Like other sites, it doesn’t have any forest canopy. As soon as you enter there, you will see the structures of two large palaces, Codz Pop, and the Palace of Masks. Many buildings of this site are not permitted to see.


Uxmal is the most enchanting and significant Maya construction in the Puuc area. This large site is more than 1000 years old, where 25000 Mayans used to live. It has numerous political and religious structures, housing structures, ball courts, and a 100-foot tall pyramid.

Our experience

We made a cycling journey in the Puuc route a few months ago. The number of traffics was less than in other places in Mexico. Though Yucatan is mostly a flat state, there are a few hills in this area. This hilly area has temples, housing, and other structures which were constructed over more than a thousand year ago.

Most of these constructions along the route were created between 600-1150 AD. The ruin complexes are with each other connected by a Mayan pathway, which further connects these other sites in the hills. It is known as Puuc Route, with 30 kilometers stretches of the roadway.

We visited many Mayan towns along the way and learned many things about the lifestyle of real Maya people. Besides, Loltun Caves is one of our most favorite places on the route. It is 6 km in length and nicely lit. Overall, it was one of the most amazing road trips we have ever made.

Some tips

  • Start riding early in the morning to get yourself plenty of time to visit different sights and take rest along the way.
  • While day-time cycling, you have to endure the intense heat, so bring caps, sunscreen, sunblock, etc. But many places offer a lot of shade, especially when someone is paddling through forests.
  • The rentals shops provide vehicle renting offers so that you can take any vehicle you like with cash.
  • The main road leading Merida to Puuc route is well sign-posted and in excellent condition. Still, you should bring any navigation tools like a map, GPS to keep track.
  • Carry dry-wicking clothes and swimsuits with you.


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