Colombia Cycling Photo Essay

Last Updated on October 6, 2020

The Republic of Colombia is one of the Sovereign State of South America. Its border is surrounded by Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Peru, and Ecuador. It is rich and diverse due to cultural heritage, ethnicity, and linguistic.

The biodiversity here is highly dense, and the country encompasses coastlines, deserts, islands, Amazon rainforest, and greeneries.

The biodiversity is so high that is has made its place among the megadiverse countries, which include giant nations like China, India, the United States, and Australia.

Colombia Cycling Photo Essay1

So, we were prepared to get awestruck by the immense beauty during our one- month cycling trip.

However, what we viewed was still able to catch us by surprise and impress us to the extent that we were almost thinking of extending our trip to Columbia.

There was so much left to see, but our travel story is still worth sharing. We are going to do just that with a lot of precious photos as well.

James Rodrigeuz

Cycling helps you to experience some of the minuscule details of a place that you might not have known while traveling via buses, trains, or other transport systems.

It helps you to stop anywhere in the middle and interact with people on the street, or you can stop cycling just on the edge of the road to see what is down the roadside.

However, the most important benefit we got by cycling on Columbian roads is knowing how great James Rodrigeuz for Columbian citizens.

They love, adore, and wholeheartedly stan the talented footballer and his jersey is the most popular here. People wear his jersey proudly and consider it as a prized possession.

Second-Largest Canyon in the World

Our next stoppage was the Chicamocha Canyon. We stopped cycling and decided to stay there for a while. All this while, we only heard about the beauty and the massiveness of this canyon.

The magnificent view of the canyon was just seen in pictures and through others’ eyes and experiences. However, here we were, at present, standing in front of the second-largest canyon in the world, and we fell short of words.

Reaching the canyon was not easy. It was hours of cranking the pedals to climb up the difficult curves of the roads. The temperature was just too high and increased our struggle.

We were tired beyond tolerance, but we did not comprehend nor expect that the massive canyon will successfully wipe-out all the fatigue. All we would feel was immense joy and fulfillment.

Colombia Cycling Photo Essay

Greeneries and Wildlife

As we were already gushing over the dense biodiverse nature of Colombia, we saw it with our own eyes.

The stunning view of greeneries- trees, grasslands, mountains, and wildlife all around is what you experience while cycling.

We haven’t seen Crane birds ever in our life, but Columbia visit has fulfilled that minor lacking as well.  It was a stunning view of a crane sitting on the branch of a tree from the road. It was beautiful.

Not only that, but we also crossed a banana plantation and observed a banana tram as well upon cycling.

People of Colombia

The people here are very kind, and their hospitality service is worth praising. Whomever, we met on the road while cycling was happily interacting with us.

Again, some were kind enough to shower us with traditional gifts which we kept with us as a souvenir and pleasant memory.

They were offering us cold water and ice bags as we were struggling with the hot temperature. The temperature was unbearable, but the gesture was enough to soothe us.

We have seen police officers standing with a template FelizViaze written on it. Upon asking, one of them answered, have a nice trip.

Picturesque Mountains

Colombia shares a border with the south, so quite naturally it will be a mountainous country and land of Andes Mountain Range.

We climbed up the steep hills and had to descend from some others as well. The ride was tough, yet the experience was full of fun and excitement. The greenery all around was a great view and picturesque.

When we were crossing the roads beside the mountains, we noticed the roadside waterfalls pouring down from the hills. There were roads to view them up-close, and we visited one of the waterfalls.

Final Words

Our journey ended, and it was time to return. We rode our bikes on the bicycle lanes which were not in excellent condition.

We tried and followed the rules, and the places where the paths were too risky, we skipped then and rode on the roads. We rode our bikes on the flat streets of the wildest Andes as well.

The pictures were all we had with us to cherish the trip for the rest of our lives. We lived our lives to the fullest in that one month. Such rendezvous are rare and the experience rarest.


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