Coleman Oversized Quad Chair Review

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

Relaxation is a part and parcel of camping. When it comes to seating for relaxation on camping, we usually look for a comfortable as well as a portable chair. On camping, a camping chair is more than an ordinary chair, which facilitates you of having some cold drink or to read the book for relaxing.

A camping chair is not only suitable for camping but also for seating on sidelines or at lakeside as well as for fishing. A quality camping chair is portable, lightweight and easy to store.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is a foldable camping chair with less storage area. This chair designed with attractive features. For this reason, Coleman quad chair becomes a choice for the campers and travelers. This chair also easily adjust within the camping bags.

Coleman oversized quad chair is an excellent choice for the user at a reasonable price. By using it, you can enjoy your chillax time and have some beverages whenever you want. This Coleman quad chair is where ‘comfort camping’ take place.

Weight Capacity

Similarities in look does not mean all chairs are the same in weight capacity. Every chair has a different weight capacity regarding its materials and flexibility. It also differs by the user like children and adult. The weight capacity of Coleman folding quad chair is about 350lbs.

Size and Weight

A camping chair is usually relatively light. As you need to carry these chairs during camping, so the size and weight of this chair matter to a great extent. A light chair is always preferable for camping. Coleman quad chair weight less than 10lbs. You can easily carry this chair to various places.


Capacity and weight of a chair are entirely dependent on the contents of the chair. Coleman quad chair is made of durable steel materials and has corrosion resistance technology. High-quality nylon fabric within the base and the steel bottom with black coating ensures the durability of this chair.


Coleman quad chair is easily portable. As it weighs under 10lbs, you can carry it without any problem. This chair can fold up to 3ft high and it comes with a bag, so the packing process of this chair is not a big deal.


This chair is strong enough to last long. Besides, unaware use can cause mesh of side pouch after several use. Before it seam starts falling apart, it is very comfortable. Metal components attach to the feet with cheap rivets can be broken down after some use. In short, it is a long-lasting camping chair indeed.

Ease of Set up

Use of any age is preferable for Coleman quad chair. You have to pull apart the chair at two opposing X-style foot and set itself up from there. The arm holder is adjustable based on user needs. The height of the chair can also quickly adjust as a user wants.


Attachment means extra facilities included with the product. Coleman quad chair has various types of accessories. This chair brings with a cup holder, a side pocket or pouch and mini soft sided cold drink holder. These meshed pouches and drink holder also design with nylon mesh, so the durability of these attachments is high.


  • Adjustable arm heights
  • The cooling pouch is suitable for beach, campaign, sporting events.
  • Storage pocket to keep magazines and accessories.
  • Polyester and black coated steels
  • Includes carrying bag.


  • The size is too big.
  • Some have difficulty with repacking.

Final Words

The Coleman quad chair has the proper combination of being comfortable, affordable and durable. This chair has enough room to get extra space. The cooler built into the arm can hold up to 4 can and keeps them cold. The sides pocket can nicely hold your books or magazines.

Coleman oversized quad chair has designed in such an innovative way that ensures those factors that are being considered when you are looking for a camping chair.

This chair is best for campers because of its durability and maximum comfort. Here we bring everything that you need to know about the Coleman quad chair. In short, this is a versatile camping chair indeed.



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