Tips in Choosing the Best American Made Pocket Knives in the Market

Last Updated on August 17, 2020

Out of the different kinds of knives available, pocket knives remain on top and are the go-to, everyday-carry knives to bring around with you. Pocket knives are very convenient to use and easy to carry.

The very nature of pocket knives is their portability and ability to perform a variety of tasks. Choosing the right or best kind of pocket knife can sometimes be very overwhelming.

Choosing the Best American Made Pocket Knives

Here are some tips in choosing the best American-made pocket knives.

1. Evaluate the Material Used on Your Pocket Knife

It’s best to find out what material your knife is made of. This will guide you on how the knife should be used and which kind of knives to use for different circumstances.

For example, edge retention, rust resistance and ease of re-sharpening are dependent on the blade steel. On the other hand, materials used on your handle dictates fit, grip, and durability.

Blade Steel

  • 420HC stainless steel offers excellent rust resistance, ease of re-sharpening, and medium edge retention.
  • 154CM custom steel contains higher carbon content enabling higher hardness ratings and higher edge retention.
  • S30V high vanadium stainless steel provides higher than 154CM edge retention.

Handle Materials

  • For superior grip in wet conditions, micarta, rubber, and textured handles are your choices.
  • Wood and metal handles are very durable and sturdy to perform tasks that require more strength.
  • Composite handles offer grip, fit, and durability.

2. Decide on the Number of Blades

Single-Blade Pocket Knives

The best qualities of these knives are their size and simplicity having one larger blade. Single-blade is also ideal for more demanding work as they’re stronger and sturdier. In simple words, the single-blade pocket knife is an all-purpose knife.

Multi-Blade Pocket Knives

This kind of pocket knife allows you to carry one knife that can do two to three jobs because it contains two to three different blades. These are usually a spey, pen, sheepsfoot, or drop point knife.

Choosing the Best American Made Pocket Knives

3. Choose Between the Kinds of Knife Edges

Recently, serrated edges started growing popular. To understand the differences between a plain and serrated one, we have to see which type of cuts these knives can make. Here are the pros and cons of each kind of edge.

Plain Edge

Many people agree that having a pocket knife with a plain edge is preferable for performing push cuts. In addition to that, plain edged knives allow you to have greater control, accuracy, and cleaner cuts. These knives are also more convenient to sharpen as you no longer need to send it back to its factory for it to be sharpened.

Its disadvantage is the inability to saw and perform pull cuts. With a plain edged knife, you can’t slice things that need sawing motions. This kind of knife excels in skinning and shaving but doesn’t do well on rope or wood.

Fully Serrated Edge

On the other hand, fully serrated edged knives are better at cutting more robust materials. Cuts also tend to be thinner. Although this can cut through harder materials, fully serrated edged knives usually result in jagged cuts. It’s also more challenging to sharpen since you have to send it back to the factory for sharpening.

Partially Serrated Edge

This type of edge is a mixture of both plain and serrated. This hybrid is more popular since it allows you to do both push and pull cuts. A disadvantage of this type is its sharpening difficulties. This is highly recommended since it mixes the best of both worlds in one knife.

4. Know the Blade Type and Functions

All blades are created for a particular function or purpose. You need to know which type of blade does what kind of trick. For Example, a Clip Point, one of the most popular blades is used for everyday needs or hunting.

On the other hand, a Drop Point is an all-purpose blade used for skinning and piercing, while, a Straight-Back blade is ideal for chopping and slicing.

Bottom line, the best way to choose the best American-made pocket knife depends on how you want to use the knife and the purpose your knife will fulfill. The best kind of American-made knife depends on the function you want it to have.

This list of American made options will surely leave you with a plethora of choices to indulge in. Hope this guide was able to give you a clearer view of how to make the right choices to get the best American-made pocket knife in the market.


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