Choose a Bicycle Light: Things You Should Consider

Last Updated on July 5, 2020

Choose a Bicycle Light

Before buying any light, you should consider the following:

What Are You Going to Use Light for?

It depends a lot on which environment you drive, are you a lot of walking around the city, of traveling through the mountains or dark roads back home? Those are the questions you should ask yourself when choosing.

For illuminated roads, small security lights are ideal for this type of city routine, as they provide enough light to illuminate you and in turn, do not bother traffic coming in the opposite direction.

You are one of those who takes dark roads and uses mountain bikes, you can use MTB LED lights with quick release support so that when you walk on these roads, you can improve your lighting. There are also lights that have adaptable functions so that you can choose any function depending on the lighting needed for the road.

How Often Will You Use the Light, and for How Long During the Day?

It is very important to take this point into account because the lights must cover the time you will need it. You must verify duration, power, and how long it can last to charge your battery so that you can walk calmly and without any possible problem that may arise when driving at night. Adjustable lights are ideal because it allows you to modify the intensity of light needed for a specific time, and thus consume less battery.

Under What Conditions Will You Use the Light?

If you drive all the time, with the bad or good weather, it is necessary that the quality of the light brand you buy is resistant to any environmental condition, so that you do not have problems during your use. Spend everything you can afford; quality lights are often expensive but effective.

Other Aspects to Consider

Always check your power, the more lumens you have, the better power you will have. The focus is equally important, allowing to illuminate a specific point or have wider lighting for curved ways. Also, consider the strength that light may have so that it remains firm on the handlebar when taking irregular routes.

What Should You Look for in Bicycle Lights?

Choose quality lights for your bike will be easy, especially if you take into account some features necessary in any of these teams and that will give you the best results when maintaining an illuminated path is, among these are:


The brightness of the light can be determined through its amount of lumens, which, although it will not give you a specific answer, is a great way to have a reference point on how much it will be able to illuminate a focus for bikes.

And if you plan to buy high lights with enough intensity, it is advisable to direct them to the floor, in this way you can avoid inconveniences with cars, pedestrians or other cyclists on the road who may end up blinded by the brightness.


The assembly will depend entirely on the type of light you choose for your bike since there are models that can be installed in the handlebar, others in the back, and others in the body or frame of it.

And how much to install, will also depend on the model of light, since there are options that are secured with Velcro, screws, and even with adjustable rubber straps or straps.

Type of Headlight

You will also be prepared to determine between different types of headlights or bulbs, among which the LED technology and halogen competition, the two with advantages and disadvantages that you will know later, but both are able to offer a good level of light for your path.


The cost should always be a factor to consider, although not necessarily the decisive one, since you can find affordable quality lights or make the investment in higher priced ones that are not so good, so it is ideal to look at other important features.

In an approximate price range, you will be able to find lights for bicycles ranging from 55 euros to models of well-known brands and fine finishes that can cost up to more than 250 euros.

Choose a Bicycle Light

Rechargeable with USB

A great way to save pasta is choosing lights whose batteries are rechargeable, this way you will not have to invest in new ones every time you finish your charge, but, connecting them through a USB will be ready to be used again.


Good lights, in addition, must be resistant to water, since when riding a bicycle you will be exposed to unforeseen rains that could end up damaging them.

Batteries: What are the Options?

When it comes to batteries for these light equipment, you have a whole world to choose from and among the available options will be models with disposable batteries, which you can use while they have charge, but, once it is finished, you will have to discard it.

You can also choose lights with rechargeable batteries, being the best-known lithium and are much more powerful than alkaline disposable. Many of these models are recharged through a USB, while others have their own charger that just by connecting it you can return the load to your lights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Lights

Doubts about bicycle lights can arise from the moment you start your search and you find a lot of different models, with unique features and features that make you ask what is the best option, in addition to other frequently asked questions that every cyclist can get to have.

It is very important that you simplify all your doubts before making a decision and, for this, we have answered common questions that you may have in relation to the lights of a bike, among these are the following:

Should I Use My Lights in Flash or Flicker Mode?

This is a very fairly popular question and the answer is that not all the time is convenient to use the lights in flash mode, this will depend on different factors.

The blinking lights mode is perfect to make you more visible with respect to other cars or pedestrians, but, can give a margin of error because it is much more difficult to calculate the distance and speed of an object with this type of light. The lights that go on the back of the bike tend to have less intensity, so it is a good idea to use them in flash mode.

How Should I Position My Lights?

You should always position the lights with some distance between them since in this way it is much easier for others to see your bike on the road and also give you a better view. It is important that the bike not only has lights on its front, since in the back not only is recommended but necessary to locate some light that makes you notice while pedaling in the dark.

What About the Dynamo Lights?

A dynamo is characterized by having a generator on one of the wheels of the bicycle, which, when rolling, will give you a constant light, without the need for batteries, to be recharged and that is perfect for race or ride bikes.

Halogen Lights Vs. Led Lights: Advantages and Disadvantages

As you know, you can choose between two good options of lights: halogen or LED, both have a number of advantages and disadvantages that you must take into account before buying a model that works with any of the two, as it will help you to do a better investment.

Choose a Bicycle Light

Advantages of Halogen Lights

This type of light is able to provide an efficient level of light and its quality is related to its affordable price since they are less expensive than LED lights. On the other hand, they can be installed and uninstalled easily, besides they are very easy to use.

Disadvantages of Halogen Lights

The yellow lights of this type of bulbs can be uncomfortable for cyclists and other people on the road, in addition to their batteries are spent quite fast, so you will have to charge them frequently or replace them if they are disposable. In these lights its intensity can be attenuated, but, it does not show an efficient change in battery consumption.

Advantages of LED Lights

These lights are known to offer an intense brightness, so you will have better visibility of the track and use less energy than a halogen bulb. They can be obtained at affordable prices and when your battery begins to wear out, they do not go off immediately, but gradually reduce their intensity.

Disadvantages of LED Lights

LED lights are a great option to add light to your bike, but not everything is perfect since being exposed to high temperatures can end up damaged, likewise when they are overused.


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