Central America Cycling Photo Essay

Last Updated on September 21, 2020

Central America is an area extending from Mexico in the north to Colombia in the south. It is bounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean in the east and the west respectively. This region covers seven countries in total, including Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama.

It covers an area of 521,876 km2, with approximately 182 million inhabitants(2019 estimate). Due to its geographical location, it has to endure seismic such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. But despite all of them, this place is well-known for its enchanting beauty and many natural wonders.

Central America Cycling Photo Essay

There are many cycling routes covered with beautiful forests, mountains, waterfalls, and eye-catching natural views. Anyone can hardly resist taking pictures of these sights while making a bicycle trip in Central America.

If you ever go there for a cycling tour, take your camera to capture the immense beauty of nature. A waterproof night-vision camera can be the right choice for this trip.

Starting the tour

You can start cycling from north to south or south to north. You can start from Panama and continue visiting Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize. Such cycle touring requires a few months to complete. Many tourists spend a year completing the overall journey.

Our experience

we made a cycling journey to Central America a few weeks ago. We spend ten months experiencing the culture, natural places, and capturing memories in these mind-blowing places. We started our journey from Belize. Here is a short description of our riding and photography experience we gained there:


Hummingbird highway of Belize was one of the most favorite routes to paddle. This highway was quiet and crowd-free, which made our riding easy and comfortable. It has green roadside forests with impressive views.

We took some photos there. We visited the Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve for the overnight side trip. We stayed the night woke up in the morning to click the photo of birds and jaguars. Then we traveled to other places. Overall, we enjoyed every second in Belize.


Guatemala is a small town having big wonders. The Lake Atitlan, the ruins at Tikal, are two highlights of going there. After cycling around Lake Atitlan, you will see the jaw-dropping views of volcanoes.

Besides, the routes to paddle, local markets, and local cafes will give you a vibe of dreaming in wonderland. But be careful riding there as many roads fall off the cliff.

El Salvador

After ascending Guatemala’s hills, we finally reached El Salvador. We noticed longer steep paths before hitting the coast. It is, overall, very mountainous. But we loved traveling downhill as it was fast and enjoyable.

The roads and highways of El Salvador are mostly paved, so best for relaxed riding. The hotels and lodging services in Salvador are available is a reasonable price. There are many beautiful gest-houses with all the facilities and lovely views. But don’t think of camping at night as it is not safe there.


Honduras was full of surprises for us. Compared to other cities, we were able to visit Honduras more easily.  Most of the roads were excellent for cycling. We saw several trees and wildlife and mind-blowing archeological sites.

There are also many stunning beaches and coral reefs. We clicked many pictures of them as well as lush landscapes, and other breathtaking spots, including Utila, Pico Bonito National Park, Roatán, etc.


The next mission of our bicycle touring was in Nicaragua. The colonial cities were worth visiting. The streets of Leon and Granada gave us a taste of European constructions and their culture. We spent three weeks in Granada, as we fell in love with it.

The people were so friendly. We cycled through many plazas and bustling markets. We want an island called Ometepe, which consists of two volcanoes. There are many opportunities to arrange some side trips.

Costa Rica

We went to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and started camping to stay the night near the beach. The feeling of singing sitting near the ocean can not be described in words.

It is also very popular for delicious tropical fruits. We loved cycling through the tropics and eat lots of these exotic fruits. There were numerous roadside waterfalls that made our mouth open.


Finally, we arrived in Panama as the last place of our cycling journey. It has gorgeous natural views along the road covered with jungles. The Coastal Beltway was a fantastic path for paddling the cycles.

Another surprising fact was, the main street named Balboa Avenue was permitted for bicycle ride only in every Sunday. You will enjoy taking pictures and sight-seeing there. We continued paddling along the rocky Amador Causeway and enjoyed an unforgettable day watching this rare and genius construction.

Final Words

We returned home after such a long journey. We were happy that we were finally going to meet with our near and dear ones as well as sad because we had to leave such an incredible place.

Luckily, we had some pictures as a memory of one of the greatest experiences of our life. Whenever we show anyone the pictures, everyone gets stunned by the natural charm of the place. And whenever we see them, we feel like we are living the moments again.


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