Casio Mens PRG 270 Pro Trek Watch Review

Last Updated on March 30, 2017

Casio Men's PRG-270 Pro trek Watch Review

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For years, many companies have reiterated on the increasingly popular tactical sports watch. These watches are a must have for any enthusiast. Whether you are looking for style matched with function or watches that can help guide you on your next adventure, a best tactical watch should always be in your arsenal.

Due to a high price point when these fantastic watches first hit the market many still believe these to be a high dollar luxury item. While luxury still holds true, you may be surprised to see just how affordable these crafty tools have become!

When looking for the best in affordable tactical watches without having to sacrifice features or style, look no further than Casio Pro Trek series, and the following Casio Mens PRG 270 Pro Trek Watch Review explains why.

The Casio PRG 270 Pro Trek is one of the more popular entry-level watches in this class. With functionality built right into strong black stainless steel casing, you can’t go wrong starting here.

Features of the Casio Mens PRG 270 Pro Trek


The stainless steel casing on the casio mens prg 270 pro trek is built with durability in mind. With a wide diameter of 5.2 centimeters and a humble 14-millimeter thickness this shell is guaranteed to keep investment safe.

You never need to worry again whether you are hiking a mountain or taking a swim, the PRG 270 is water resistant as well as resistant to low temperatures. The resin coating evens protects the timepiece in moist climates.


The PRG 270 comes with a black band that matches the bezel for a perfectly stylish design. With a standard length and 21-millimeter width, this band is sure to fit comfortably at all times.

The resin material not only helps it blend together and match the beautiful bezel but also keep it protected from moist wetness as well as resist shock damage. Never worry for your watch to slip on your wrist again with this fantastic black resin band.


The dial face comes crafted out of mineral. The mineral facing is scratch resistant as to keep away those scratches that make the watch so hard to read over time.

The fully backlit display keeps the watch at full functionality and easy use no matter what time it is. The small notches all around the bezel help to keep track of the many functions without detracting from the overall look.


The battery on this Casio Watch is solar powered. The solar powered battery means that you will never have to worry about replacing the battery when you need it the most. At all times you can access the battery indicator to know just how much battery life you currently have.

Never have a watch die in the middle of a hiking trip again. Keeping that digital display powered forever is easily possible for a lifetime of use.


The ABC’s in Casio Watches stands for altimeter, barometer, and compass. No matter what type of adventure you take this watch on you are set with these life-saving features.

With a simple sensor on the left side and a button press on the right, you are able to switch between the three features. Keep track of where you’re going, as well as how far you have come with the Casio Mens PRG 270 Pro Trek.

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  • Perfect for hiking trips in the wilderness
  • Resistant to shock, water and scratch damage
  • Lifetime of battery with solar charger
  • Strong steel and resin materials will hold up
  • Simple understated design adds a touch of class
  • Great features, low price


  • Lack of GPS to improve other features
  • Quiet alarm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does the watch show direction?

A: When in Compass mode the Minute hand turns towards the north.

Q: Is the temperature reading accurate?

A: Yes it is accurate. You may want to remove the watch for best results.

Q: Is the band on this watch replaceable?

A: Yes it is. The Casio store sells replacements.

Final Word

The Casio PRG-270 Pro Trek is an extremely durable and reliable wristwatch. The solar charged battery alone adds a lifetime of value to this piece. According to the Casio Mens PRG-270 Pro trek Review, we see that the low entry price makes it an easy sell for the new comer looking to grab their first tactical watch.

The ABC functions make this a perfect companion for any day that lies ahead. Treks through the woods will be made much simpler with this watch. The lack of a GPS on an ABC watch is a bit disappointing. Overall I would highly suggest this watch to anyone with a desire to jump into their first tactical watch with a tight budget or not.

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