Casio G Shock Mudman G9300-1 Review

Last Updated on October 25, 2020

Casio G-Shock Mudman G9300-1 Review

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Many people around the world are amused with the products created by G Shock tactical watches. Looking at its name, it is very clear that these wristwatches were designed to endure in all conditions.

Out there, many people are in search of tactical watches that deliver durability, high endurance, strength as well as style and comfort, and unquestionably, offered at an affordable price.

With G-Shock series of durable and attractive watches, Casio has attracted many enthusiasts and is drawing the attention of new members every day.

If you are one of the enthusiasts of this model and you’re looking to purchase one, casio g shock mudman G9300-1, a Shock Resistant, and Multi-Function Sports Watch is a G-Shock model that we will review in this article.


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Features of Casio G Shock Mudman G9300-1 Watch


The casio g shock mudman is a solar powered tactical watch, making it mostly a free maintenance watch. The inbuilt solar battery confiscates the troubles of replacing the battery each and every time.

This sunlight powered watch, will make you stay without worries of battery drain issues. I was contented by this watch as I have never at all had its battery replaced.

Once it’s completely charged, you can use this handset for over six months without the exposing it to direct sunlight for power.

Shock and Mud Resistance

When it comes to resistance, casio g shock mudman G9300-1 is not only resistant to shock, but also to mud and any fluid making it a beautiful watch for military people as well as industrial workers because it can resist any sapphire crystal or mineral, which would ultimately damage when subjected to scratch and big shocks.

That is why the tough plastic edges on G9300-1 G Shock Series were designed, because each time you hit it or drop it, the shocks will be absorbed by the edges.


The G9300-1’s negative display boasts of an elegant contrast between the black background and the digits along with an auto LED illumination which reduces or increases the light intensity automatically when you are in a dark place.

Unfortunately, LED lights only light up the analog hands but not the displays. This may result in a small problem when reading information from digital screens at some point in night hours.

Though it is fabricated to be tough and durable, it has attractive displays, mainly with its color.

Water Resistance

Depth is one of the features a diver must consider in a tactical sports watch before buying one. At first, this watch’s 200-meter resistance feature may perhaps look like other models’ water resistance feature, but it’s definitely not.

The casio g shock mudman is a certified G-Shocks model, which is capable of moving to a depth of 200-meter underwater.

Tactical watches lacking this feature may go off before getting closer to that point. Thus they are really meant for both shallow diving deep swimming.


Casio g shock mudman g9300-1 comes with Sensors which consists of a Compass as well as a Thermometer.

The barometer will help you look for a calm place to stay when a storm occurs all of a sudden, the thermometer will show you the temperature of your location, whereas the altimeter is used to read the altitude of the place you are situated.

You will be required to set the altitude location but as soon as it sets, it will read accurately. This is a very fantastic feature from a small device like a watch.

What are the Features of G9300-1 G-Shock Tactical Watch?

  1. Strong and Durable Coating made from carbon fiber.
  2. A solar powered tactical watch with a long battery life.
  3. It comes with a Non-Reflective LCD as well as shock resistant features.

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  • Tough and Durable
  • Solar Powered
  • Nice Overall Look
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to control settings


  • The temperature sensor may be inaccurate while on your wrist
  • It’s quite expensive

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Q: Whom is this product designed for?

A: This product is meant for security personnel, amateur outdoorsmen, survivalists, sportsmen, and anybody who spends most of his time in adventurous places.

Q: Why Buy G9300-1 Tactical Watch?

A: G9300-1 Watch is an important constituent of all military man’s wear as they offer an individual with various means and features that are essential for survival.

Final Word

Casio G Shock Mudman G9300-1 is one of the best military watches available today and is suitable all military professionals including the air force and navy as well as the part-time outdoors men.

Nevertheless, if this watch does not please you then there are lots of G-Shock models to choose from out there when looking for the best military watch.

Also note that there are lots of cheap tactical watches marketed which aren’t suitable for professional use, since they may lack some features which are very important for survival.

As you keep on hunting for the appropriate watch, we hope that this presentation and review will help you decide if this tactical watch is appropriate for your personal circumstance basing on its design model and features.

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