Carbon Express PileDriver Arrows Review

Last Updated on August 27, 2018

Today, we are going to have some discussion on an arrow set. It is actually a hunting arrow set. The manufacturer has made it for mainly hunting purpose. But it is eligible for target practicing too.

The name of this arrow set is Carbon Express  PileDriver arrow set. You can increase your expectations to a high level if you want to buy this set. It has many awesome features. It can fully satisfy you.

This arrow set is well known for excellent penetration. Very few arrows can produce perfect penetration. But this set has left other arrow sets behind in this matter. With an incredible construction, you can enjoy shooting these arrows.

The manufacturer, Carbon Express has put a lot of effort to give this set a good structure. These arrows are durable enough. They can produce you accuracy and perfection in the shooting.

With material having better quality, this set of arrows has become one of the finest arrow sets in the hunting sector.  With a great knockdown power, these arrows surely can kill a game.

We did research on this set of arrows. Then we were sure about the features of this set. So, here is the detailed list of features of this product.

Features of The Carbon Express PileDriver Arrows


The excellent penetration feature of this set is really satisfying. These arrows penetrate really deep into the target. Such deep penetration can also cause death to an animal.

It is proven that this product penetrates really deep even if you shoot it from a long distance. Because of their correct length and diameter, they are capable of striking the target very badly and give you success.

An experiment of shooting has given a result that even if you are not in a handshaking distance, you will be able to kill small targets like birds while they are flying with the help of these arrows.


Nocks are constructed very well. The pre-installed nocks are moon nocks. Nowadays, installing moon nocks has become a trend. But the manufacturer is also providing flat nocks too.

So, you can choose your own and feel comfortable. You don’t have to worry about precise nock alignment with the fletching at all.

Knockdown Power

This arrow set has great knockdown power. You can kill your target in just one shot. The much these arrows can produce power, is quite impossible for other arrows to produce.

It puts a great impact on your prey. Big games deer or elk can also be killed using this arrow set. You can expect these arrows to perform even from more than 70 yards.


High-quality carbon is used to make this arrow set. This is the heaviest carbon crossbolt arrow set. Because of this. You can use these arrows for several hunting seasons.

These arrows won’t get damaged so easily. Even after producing so much kinetic energy and striking the animal, it won’t get a single scratch. It will be as well as new.


  • Capable of producing ultimate penetration in every shot.
  • The construction of the arrows ensures spine consistency. It brings accuracy too.
  • The set is the heaviest carbon arrow set in the market.
  • Moon nocks are preinstalled. The manufacturer also gives flat nocks too.
  • Arrows are very durable. You can use them rapidly without any hesitation.


  • The labels on the arrows will fade away after a few uses.

Final Words

This set of arrows from Carbon express is truly worth buying. With its promising performances, it will surely bring a good result when you carry it on your hunting trip. As we told you earlier, the arrows are made of quality carbon.

So, you can expect them to help you hunting down animals for a long time. As it is durable enough along with no major side, you can surely buy these arrows.


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