Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair Review

Last Updated on September 1, 2018

Human is fond of comfort and we always want to enjoy everything comfortably, whether it is just relaxation or to enjoy a sport. There are different types of the chair for all sort of events.

But, if you want the most comfortable chair for your lounge, patio or porch, then a zero gravity chair provides you heaven like comfort to enjoy your leisure. These chairs are perfect for the backyard, sporting events or the beach.

The name “Zero gravity” comes from the way that the chair reclines similar as astronauts experience in space. A zero gravity chair pulls up your body at a position to make you feel weightless. These chairs are also known as stress relief chairs.

Most of the physical pains and diseases derive from stresses. This free gravity chair makes you feel stress-free and improves your back pain and blood circulation. This chair is also a recommendation for those people who are suffering from physical pain.

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity is one of the affordable zero gravity chairs. This chair elevates the legs and reduces pressure on the area of the back.  The design with ingenious bungee suspension system to make you feel like floating on a cloud.

This lounge chair has made for luxurious outdoor relaxation with comfortable armrests and adjustable pillow. You can kick back into a reclining position and lock the spot with a locking system to let the weight float away.

Features of the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Reduce Pressure

A zero gravity chair is designed in a way to reduce your weight on the back. Its locking system allows an infinite number of recline positions and the adjustable headrest provide additional comfort.

If you need to have a sit to relax or to enjoy a long game, it can be painful for you to sit for hours. So, Caravan sports infinity chair helps you to enjoy the event without having any back or leg pain.


Caravan chair helps to feel as if you are holstering in a gravity-free environment. On this chair, you may experience being in space. This zero gravity chair elevates your feet at the same level as your heart which minimizes the toll that gravity takes on your body.

Gravity free chair positions your body to make you feel weightless and energized. And so it helps to offset gravity effects and feels like to be stress-free.

Size and Capacity

Caravan sports infinity zero gravity chair is a portable chair with two first legs and one recliner leg. Its folded dimensions is 38.6” length x 26.4 width x 6.3” high and open dimensions is 25.5″ length x 45″ width x 64.5″ high.

It supports up to 300lbs. You can lift it up on your rear and push down on the armrest. Its new and improved dual fingertip locking system allows you to lean back your position and lock the chair in any positions.

Durable Outdoor Fabric

Durable woven outdoor grade fabric suspends by double bungee system on the high strength and durable powder coated steel frame. It is easy to clean and resists fading in the sunlight.

Caravan zero gravity chair is perfect for backyard, beach, sporting events or even an extra chair at home you have limited space.


  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Durable outdoor grade fabric
  • Dual fingertip locking system
  • Highly strength steel frame
  • Bungee suspension system adds big comfort.
  • Perfect for the backyard, beach or camping.


  • Not suitable for weights over 300 lbs.
  • Can be narrow for some people.

Final Words

Caravan zero gravity chair has other features to keep you comfortable for hours. An adjustable headrest provides for lumbar support which can adjust as to find the best position for you. It does not lay flat and can fold down to  5–1/2- inch thick.

Its smooth recline function can lock in any position through dual fingertip locking system. Therefore, If you are looking for the best zero gravity chair and want to get a premium quality seat, you can try Caravan sports infinity zero gravity chair that can add a great leisure experience to you.



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