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Top Tips for Hiring a Campervan in New Zealand

I get messaged with a lot of questions about my experiences traveling around New Zealand, and a lot of them are from people looking for help or advice with hiring a campervan in New Zealand for the first time. I’ll admit I was equally overwhelmed when I

12 Best Products to Make Camping More Comfortable

Camping is an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors in a tent, letting you travel to spectacular places and not have to pay the earth to see them. To enjoy a getaway with Mother Nature, modern outdoor equipment makes outdoor life so much more pleasurable and simple.

Tips for Sleeping in a Tent

If you have already experienced sleeping in a secure tent, you have already gone through difficult times when it comes to falling asleep. While there are people who sleep in any environment unrelated to their surroundings, in contrast, there are people who suffer from insomnia or other

13 Tips to Avoid Cold and Sleep Well in a Tent

Sleeping outdoors is certainly a different experience, but that does not mean it is always pleasant. If it is sometimes difficult to sleep in the comfort of our bed, imagine being out in the open. The ideal is to go prepared so as not to deprive ourselves

How to Stay in a Tent

Tourists, naturalists, fishermen, and hunters know which team to choose to spend the night in the middle of nature. If you have just shopped and hiked, you need to know how to stay, go to sleep. You Will Need: Tent Heat the water in plastic bottles Sleeping

Camping Meals Ideas

We are very fond of camping, taking the tent, putting it in the trunk of the car and sleeping in our tent. Many times we have commented, “uh that sleeping on the floor does not go with me” and others, “I could not live to sandwiches so

3 Keys That You Have to Keep in Mind to Choose a Sleeping Bag

Here we summarize the main standards and recommendations for choosing an ideal sleeping bag for those trips to the mountain, considering the different factors that you must take into account, as well as include some tips that can make things easier for you. The Best Sleeping Bag

7 Different Ways to Make Coffee in a Camping

I admit that camping is not for everyone. There are times when I would not even like to camp. After all, what good are campsites since we invented houses? But there are moments that we may be interested in being in direct contact with nature and there

Glowski – The Nighttime Light Up Disc Game

Glowski games started out as 1 on 1 bottle throwing games in which the bottles were empty beer bottles on old ski poles. The games gained popularity and the founders, college roommates Carson and Grant, saw an opportunity to develop them further and make them more mainstream.