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Yosemite Backpacking

Backpacking is an independent and low budget traveling. It is generally a trip which lasts longer than typical vacations. The backpackers explores a place using cheap public transports and staying at cheap lodges. Sometimes they explore a dense forest and stay in tents. Sometimes backpacking goes international

Sequoia National Park Backpacking

Sequoia National Park, established at the end of the 19th century, is a treasure chest for backpackers all over the world. It is in California and is one of the most visited national parks in the southern Sierra Nevada. This American national park was established to protect

Backcountry Navigation

Knowing your destination is very important to ensure a safe journey while traveling. Where in the case of regular traveling, we know the details about the place we are visiting, but things get a little complicated for adventure lovers. Adventure enthusiasts are used to visiting on those

The Complete Car Camping Checklist

Car camping is one of the most fun activities. It refers to driving to a location for camping instead of walking there. It has always been the best choice for a family tour or enjoying a vacation with friends. You need to plan properly before heading for

How To Set Up A Campsite – Perfect Ideas for Family

How To Set Up A Campsite: Camping is an outdoor activity, stepping outside the house and staying outside under the open sky in an open field or trail inside a tent or sleeping bags for a few days with family and friends or solo. It sounds fun

Uses of Solar Power For Camping, Boating, and RVs

Camping, boating, and road tripping in an RV were once considered “roughing it” activities, meaning you had to trade your electronics – and sometimes comfort – to enjoy Mother Nature. That’s no longer the case thanks to modern technology and solar power. Power sources can give you

Kids Travel Pillow Buying Guide: For Comfort and Safety

Resting and proper relaxation for kids is a crucial part of a long journey. A long journey by plane, train or bus involves hours of sitting. So, it becomes essential for your child to have a comfortable and well-rested journey indeed. Again, when you travel with your

7 Winter Camping Essential Gear Checklist

Camping in the snow can be very challenging. However, the challenges that make it difficult to camp lead to the main benefits of camping during winter. You see, many people do not like staying out in the cold and thus, you will get prime campsites with fewer

How to Pack a Small Backpack for Camping

Do you believe in the latest backpacking philosophy that less is more?  Earlier than the 1990s, backpackers believed that carrying up to 70lbs is what could guarantee a safe and comfortable camping trip. Today, a new mindset and modern materials provide newer ways of ensuring all the

5 Fun Activities to Do When Camping

Getting away from your daily duties and camping outdoors can be refreshing to your mind and body. No matter what you are looking for, relaxation or to test your survival skills, camping has so much to offer for everyone. You can try various new activities during your