Camping Meals Ideas

Last Updated on July 12, 2020

Camping Meals Ideas: We are very fond of camping, taking the tent, putting it in the trunk of the car, and sleeping in our tent. Many times we have commented, “uh that sleeping on the floor does not go with me” and others, “I could not live to sandwiches so long!” These are the most common or usual comments that we make when we say that we are going 15 or 20 days with a tent.

In this article, I share some of the dishes that you can prepare when you go camping. You can eat varied, healthy, and fresh very easily!

Camping Meals Ideas

First, what do you need to cook at a campsite?

Here you need some basic things, which do not take up too much space.

  • A portable cooler to keep things fresh and those that need cold. There are a variety of portable refrigerators, sizes, brands; some can be plugged into the electric current, others to the cigarette lighter of the car, and those of a lifetime, those that go with ice. The latter is what we have, sometimes it is a pain in the ice, but they are the ones that better cool, and if you do not go to sleep at a campsite they are a good option.
  • A gas stove or more known in these parts as a “camping”. We have a stove that connects directly to the gas cylinder, and the adapter that is valid for several brands. For us, it is very comfortable because it is the one that occupies less space. In this, there are also many models and prices.
  • A portable charcoal grill or mini camping barbecue. There are a lot of models, sizes, and prices.
  • Pots, plates, cutlery, napkins, charcoal, etc.
  • Coffee table with chairs.

What to eat when you go camping?

When you go camping, you can not live on sandwiches, although if you have a good budget, you can eat in bars and restaurants. But if it is not the case, here are some examples of food that can be prepared easily, yes, you will have to go to the supermarket.

For Lunch or Dinner?

Salads: you can prepare a variety of salads with everything you like. In addition to lettuce and tomato, you can prepare pasta salad.

Barbecue: This can be meat or vegetables. Easy to do. The trick is to control the fire, which does not reach the meat!

Ribs: Lamb or pork, very rich on the grill!

Choripan: This is super easy, you make the chorizo on the grill, and you eat it with bread as if it were a sandwich. It’s great!

Burgers: You make the burgers on the grill and accompany what you want!

Pasta: I think the easiest thing to prepare. You just need to boil the water with the pasta that you like the most. The hardest thing to prepare maybe the sauce. Although the easiest is to heat the tomato fried in a pot with minced meat and spices.

Rice and paella: Rice, like pasta, is the easiest to prepare. And if you’re good at preparing paella, it’s a good option. I have seen it at a campsite in Portugal, but I have never prepared it.

Grilled fish: If we go to a place of the sea, it never hurts some grilled sardines, Fer loves them. Well prepared with their lemon and salt while they are being made, important, not when they are already done. You can also choose a rich sea bream or a sea bass; grilled can make it “half Navarrese” with one or two slices of Serrano ham inside. Very delicious

For Dessert or at Breakfast!

Fruit salads: Do not forget to eat fruit and fiber when you go camping!

As you can see, you can eat everything when you are camping, and it is not necessary to carry many “pots” to cook.

Where to Make the Purchase?

We usually go to local supermarkets; we search the Internet which ones are closest and where we are going. It depends on the area where we are also going to the big chains. It is usually cheaper, but we always try to go to the local markets to help the economy of the area.

And the fruit we try to buy in market stalls because they are much richer than in the super! The thing is to make the purchase every day or a day, yes, and one not with the freshness that you will need in the day since you do not have much capacity to store fresh things.


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