Brightex FL11 Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight Review

Last Updated on September 24, 2020

BRIGHTEX FL11 Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight Review

Do most flashlights leave you in the dark? Are they very heavy to hold onto? It is just so big and bulky. Maybe the batteries don’t last as long. You can’t see very far up ahead of you.

Your flashlight stops working if you get it wet. I know this can be pretty frustrating for you. You don’t have time for all of these problems. I know how you feel. I too have been there.

Then I discovered this new flashlight made by Brightex. It is the Brightex FL11 600 Lumens Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight.

Features of Brightex FL11 Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight

Lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body

It is so tiny and compact that it fits in the palm of your hand. You can hold it with only one hand and still use the other for something else, like walking the dog or hunting with a gun.

Which then you’re able to mount it on the gun. It is ergonomically designed and weighs only 4.1 oz. at 4.5 inches long. No other flashlight that is this powerful is that small.

WaterproofBRIGHTEX FL11 Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight Review

Brightex FL11 600 Lumens Super Bright Flashlight can be used in
any weather and at any time of the year. If the flashlight gets wet, it will still work.

The flashlight has two O-rings to protect it. One protects the LED, and the other protects the battery compartment.

If you drop it in a mud puddle, it will still work. Drop it in a snow bank and yes, it still works too. Now that’s waterproof.

Five Lighting Modes

With 600 lumens it is more powerful than most flashlights with a higher lumens rating. Lumens are what give it the super bright light.

This light has five different settings of light. You have your high and mid and low settings. Then you also have a strobe setting and an SOS setting.

These settings are what control the brightness level at the slightest touch of the button.

Incredible ZoomBRIGHTEX FL11 Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight Review

The light can zoom in up close or out far away. It will light objects up
to 600 feet away. It makes signs visible from a faraway distance.

What about that very energetic dog that loves to run pretty far ahead of you?

Well with this light you can zoom out far enough that you can still see him. The zoom magnification is a powerful x2000.

Bonus 4 AAA Batteries, Holster Belt Clip Included

Not only do you get this flashlight at the advertised price but you also get 4 AAA batteries to use your flashlight right away.

But that’s not all you will also receive a holster belt clip to clip it to your belt for easy access. Now that’s a deal.

Most of the times when you buy a flashlight you have to buy the batteries separately. But not in this case, you get the first set of batteries with it.


  • This flashlight has the capability of using three different types of batteries.
  • The AAA alkaline batteries
  • 18650 lithium rechargeable
  • The Super high Capacity 26650 lithium rechargeable battery
  • Brighter than most 1000 lumens flashlights
  • Up to 15 hours of operating time
  • Ecofriendly, It has a premium quality multi-use paper gift box for storage and because it uses rechargeable batteries which will use less batteries in the long run


  • One customer noticed that if left on high for 2-3 minutes, the light will flicker. But the company offered to fix the issue with a new one for him
  • The light gets dimmer as the battery wares out

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will a lithium battery make the light brighter than the AAA alkaline battery?

A: The batteries are a power source only. The lumens are what makes the light brighter or dimmer.

Five brightness setting are on the flashlight which contributes to the brightness level. The batteries will not have an effect on the brightness.

Q: What is the run time at the different lumens?

A: High has a run time of 2.5 hours, mid has a run time of 5 hours, low has a run time of 15 hours, Strobe and SOS both have a run time of 5 hours.

Q: What are the lumen settings?

A: High has a lumen of 654, mid has a lumen setting of 357, and low has a lumen stetting of 102.

Final Word

As you can see from this article the Brightex FL11 600 Lumens Super Bright Small Tactical Flashlight is probably the best light out there on the market today.

I would highly suggest that if you don’t have one of these lights, then you should run right out and get one. It can be used anytime you need a light.

From what it sounds like you could fix a car or change a tire even in the dark if you used this light. So are you going to buy this flashlight? You can’t go wrong with this price and everything that comes with it.

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