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23 Of the Best Mountain Biking Apps for Bikers

Do you love mountain biking? I think you do; otherwise, you won’t be here. For mountain bikers, this experience is something unexplainable. It’s like moving towards paradise while leaving the agony of life behind. If you are thinking about mountain biking, don’t think, ride on! You will

10 Of The Best Mountain Biking Books Of All Time

Mountain biking is all about learning and practicing. It is common to learn while practicing and from one’s own riding experience. However, the best option is to enrich oneself by reading books on mountain biking. There are many things related to mountain biking which cannot be learned

How To Set The Bike Seat Height

The comfort of riding a bike largely depends on the adjustment of the seat. Slight discomfort in the ride is the result of the incorrect height of the bike seat. The right saddle height ensures coherent pedaling. The height of the bike seat that makes the rider

Best Places to Cycle Around the World

There is no doubt that cycling is a great hobby and exercise. Cycling is environmentally friendly too. You may become too much bored by cycling on your very familiar routes every day. To change the taste of cycling and enjoy some different views of nature, you can

How to Avoid Saddle Sores

Saddle sore is a common problem of bikers. You may have strong legs, finely tuned heart and lungs, or expensive and lightweight bike, if your backside started to hurt, both of your ride enjoyment and speed would destroy. As a result, you’ll begin to shift around consistently

Parts of a Mountain Bike

If you are a passionate MTB biker; you have to know about the parts of a mountain bike. If you want to purchase a new MTB or repair your bike or want to upgrade your bike, you must have to know about the parts. Good parts can

How To Bunny Hop A Mountain Bike

Do you want to be an expert mountain bike rider? Then bunny hop may be one of the most appealing skills for you.  Bunny hop refers to a position where the rider lifts his bike into the air and ride over an obstacle. It may be easy

Best Places to Cycle in Europe

People love to travel. Some people move to escape their monotonous life. Again some people go out to discover new customs and cultures. So, there can be many reasons for roaming, but the only purpose of traveling is to enjoy the outdoors. And for that, avid travelers

How To Shift Gears On A Mountain Bike

If you are intended to own or already have a mountain bike, then you must be familiar with bike gears. Nowadays, almost every mountain bikes are facilitated with seven to twelve gears in the back. Through proper pedaling rhythm, a geared bike makes our ride easier, faster,