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Colombia Cycling Photo Essay

The Republic of Colombia is one of the Sovereign State of South America. Its border is surrounded by Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Peru, and Ecuador. It is rich and diverse due to cultural heritage, ethnicity, and linguistic. The biodiversity here is highly dense, and the country encompasses coastlines,

4 Things I Couldn’t Go Bicycle Touring Without

The benefits of riding bikes are almost endless. It helps people by boosting their brainpower, health, and happiness. Not only that, but it also lets them live a physically active lifestyle. And so, people across the world prefer cycles as a mean of transportation rather than choosing

The Complete Bicycle Touring Packing List

Bicycle touring is an excellent sport. It is an autonomy rather than a game. People go for cycling in search of pleasure and adventure. And they spend single to multi-days even months while touring. Sometime some people can’t enjoy their trip, or they can’t get the best

A Beginner’s Guide To Mountain Bike Training

Mountain biking is a way of having a kick out of adventure trips and also a way of working out close to nature. Mountain bikes are known for their durability and distinct features. Mountain biking doesn’t necessarily mean that the biker will have to enjoy a ride

How to Corner On A Mountain Bike

Cornering is a general term for the bikers, motorbikes, or drivers. It requires the application of specific techniques and extensive practice. It is risky, as well. Cornering a bike requires leaning it closer to the road while the biker is riding the bike, so there are a

Top 5 Route You Get When Cycling Around the World

Cycling has gained popularity since people find it beneficial to health. Not only it keeps us physically active, but also it helps us by developing our mental health. Again, it is another mode of transportation and leisurely sport. So, the ratio of its popularity is increasing day

15 Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners

Mountain biking is an activity of riding bicycles in cross-country using specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are similar to other bikes but feature combined design to increase stability and performance in rough lands. This sport requires patience, essential strength, steadiness, bike handling abilities, and self-confidence. Besides,

How to Clean A Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are designed for cycling on the rough and uneven terrain. Due to the ride on the rugged terrain, mountain bikes tend to get dirty.  We have a misconception that mountain bikes need frequent cleaning. The moment we see a speck of dirt, we decide to

How to Change A Flat Tire

A flat tire is the most common hinder while driving a vehicle. The most common scenario is people suddenly hearing a thumping sound in the middle of nowhere. It halts the journey. The spare tire stays right behind in the trunk of the vehicle but is of

Types of Mountain Bikes

Nowadays mountain biking is one of the most familiar and popular riding sports in western countries. After the 19th century for the first time, cycling was enrolled as a sport, and until now it is popular among sports lovers. Time to time, the types of cycling changed.