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How To Bunny Hop A Mountain Bike

Do you want to be an expert mountain bike rider? Then bunny hop may be one of the most appealing skills for you.  Bunny hop refers to a position where the rider lifts his bike into the air and ride over an obstacle. It may be easy

Best Places to Cycle in Europe

People love to travel. Some people move to escape their monotonous life. Again some people go out to discover new customs and cultures. So, there can be many reasons for roaming, but the only purpose of traveling is to enjoy the outdoors. And for that, avid travelers

How To Shift Gears On A Mountain Bike

If you are intended to own or already have a mountain bike, then you must be familiar with bike gears. Nowadays, almost every mountain bikes are facilitated with seven to twelve gears in the back. Through proper pedaling rhythm, a geared bike makes our ride easier, faster,

Things To Carry While Going On A Bike Tour

A bike tour is a cheap way to travel around and see various landscapes. It gives you a level of freedom like no other form of travel. If you plan to travel using bikes, you will definitely have to carry some things along. The trick in packing

How to Choose a Bicycle for Triathlon

With the idea that “every second counts,” the time trial bicycles appeared more than 25 years ago. Bikes that during these years have undergone a great evolution and have led them to be one of the most necessary things in the world of cycling. The much coveted

The GPS: Ultimate Guide

Although at first glance it does not look like it, nowadays  GPS is one of the most used tools with more functionality to practice any type of exercise. While it is true, there are some sports in which this gadget becomes essential for your practice, since it

Choose a Bicycle Light: Things You Should Consider

Before buying any light, you should consider the following: What Are You Going to Use Light for? It depends a lot on which environment you drive, are you a lot of walking around the city, of traveling through the mountains or dark roads back home? Those are

Why Do You Need Good Bicycle Lights?

Riding a bicycle on every day is comfortable, however, when the night comes, it is vital to have suitable lights for our night walk. Not only must be taken for possible legal sanctions that may result if you do not have them (depending on the country), but

Baja Divide – 2700km of Bike-riding in Baja California

The Baja Divide is a bike packing route that traverses the Baja California peninsula meandering through kilometers of dirt roads and sandy roads, starting in San Diego and ending in San Jose del Cabo. The route crosses from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of ​​Cortes, crossing