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Cycling El Trampolin De La Muerte in Colombia

El Trampolin de la Muerte, also known as The Trampoline of Death, is one of the scariest and riskiest roads located in the south of Colombia. Staying true to its name, it is one of South America’s ‘Death Road.’ One might be quite sure of the unwillingness

10 Of the Best Mountain Biking Movies of All Time

As we all know, practice makes a man perfect. But without knowing and watching, only practicing does not make any sense. Besides, whatever we do, we need some basic knowledge and inspiration to do the job correctly. Without watching, we can’t learn it well. As people used

How to Carry A Guitar When Bicycle Touring

A bicycle can take you all kinds of adventurous place, and there are no better ways to enjoy the adventure of the site than a bicycle, this is the real beauty of bike touring. As it is faster than walking, you can travel vast distances without any

47 Bicycle Touring Tips for Beginners

Bicycle touring means independent cycling trips for adventure and pleasure rather than sport or exercise. It can range from single to multi-day trips. The participants themselves can plan a tour for their enjoyment or a fund-raising venture. If you are one of the bicycle touring enthusiasts and

Cycling the Puuc Route in Mexico

Puuc Route locates in the Yucatan state of Mexico. It is also known as Ruta Puuc. It is nothing but a collection of  Mayan sites extending between Campeche and Merida cities in the Yucatan Peninsula. There is a total of five groups of ruins and only one

Central America Cycling Photo Essay

Central America is an area extending from Mexico in the north to Colombia in the south. It is bounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean in the east and the west respectively. This region covers seven countries in total, including Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador,

14 Free Places to Sleep When Bicycle Touring

Bicycle touring is a cycling trip for pleasure and adventure. It can range from a single day to multi-day trips, sometimes even years. A participant can arrange it and organized by various organizations as a fund-raising venture. While traveling, bikers will need a place to stay overnight.

4 Awesome Alternatives to Expensive Bicycle Touring Gear

Bicycle touring is widely popular among travelers. Every year a significant number of people set out for bicycle touring. For having a perfect and safe tour, several essential gears are required. These gears help a tourist with a safe and adventurous trip. Typically essential gears are bit

Ecuador Cycling Photo Essay

Ecuador is a diverse country with so much to see and explore in it. The country is small and has a decent amount of population with different ethnicity. This country with natural wealth is exceptionally vast and includes two cities, Quito and Cuenca as World Heritage Sites

Stretching for Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is different from regular biking. It is mainly for off-road cycling where the trail will naturally have small or huge bumps, and turns.  Biker riding on a smooth, even track and bumpy, uneven tracks are unlike in nature. And so most of the time, mountain