Best Ways to Clean Laminate Floors

Last Updated on April 27, 2020

Best Ways to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are beautiful, but while cleaning them, one should take special care. There are a lot of things that one has to refrain from while cleaning laminated surfaces.

At the same time, there are a lot of ways to clean laminated floors. Before jumping to any conclusion, below are a few points one should remember while cleaning laminated floors.

What should one avoid while cleaning laminated floors?


No matter what type of laminated flooring one is using, it is safer not to clean laminated floors with water. Waterproof laminated flooring which uses wax coating may also get damaged if water manages to get inside the material. To be on the safe side, it is better to refrain from any such activities.

Highly corrosive liquids

Liquids like high powered detergents or concentrated acidic cleaners must not be used. They will damage the surface and the flooring itself, permanently.

  • Using wet mopping is another thing to avoid.
  • Vacuum cleaners with a beater bar or rolling brush cannot be used on laminated floors since the rough bristles will damage the polish and scratch the surface.
  • Polishing must not be done to avoid the original luster corrode away. Thus avoiding automated floor polishing systems will be the right thing to do.

Ways to properly clean laminated floors

Cleaning with vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are by far the easiest way to clean any floor surface, but choosing the wrong type of vacuum cleaner may damage laminated floors permanently. Thus, one should remember some basic steps while opting for a vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning these types of flooring.

Any vacuum cleaner that has high suction power is a good choice for removing dust and debris, but that is not the whole deal. Accidental spills and sometimes tough stains haunt laminated floor owners.

If one requires more than just dry vacuuming the floor, they can opt for microfiber padded vacuum cleaners. Off course, one should notice that the feature to turn on/off brush roll is there to avoid the scratches.

Lots of vacuum cleaners are available in the market that can take care of laminated floors. The [Shark Navigator NV22l] is a good value for money vacuum that is able to clean beautifully laminated surfaces and more.

Microfiber pads

Microfiber pads traps and removes dust and other particles. Wiping the laminated floors with microfiber pads are in fact one of the best ways to get rid of dirt.

One should make cure than the wiping is being done gently to avoid any possibility of scratches from hard particles such as sand. Vacuum cleaners with microfiber pads attached are a nice combination for fighting this dirt and dust.

Removing tough stains from laminate floor surfaces

The beautiful looking laminate flooring does sometimes go through harsh stains that may be hard to remove. But it is, of course, possible to remove these without damaging the flooring.

The trick lies in different ways which will cause the effective removal of those particular stains. Below mentioned are some of the tough stains and some ways to remove them.

Removing grease stains

Grease stains can be removed by freezing them and then scraping them off with some plastic/wood (nothing too sharp or made of metal) scraper.

Removing nail polish stain

Applying nail polish remover is the best way to remove such stains. Moistening a microfiber cloth with the same and wiping gently can solve the issue.

Removing blood stains

It is better to get to cleaning as soon as such stains are detected. The longer blood stays on the floors, the harder it will be to remove. Gently rubbing a microfiber cloth dampened with mild warm window cleaner and water solution will get rid of blood stains.

Removing sticky chewing gum

Scraping the gum with a plastic knife is the best thing to do. After most of the part is removed, the rest can be rubbed off gently. Using microfiber cloth dampened with mineral spirits will help.

Removing heel or shoe marks

The best way to remove these is using an eraser. This will remove not only the heel marks but also a great way to remove most kinds of marks on laminates without damage.

Removing crayon marks

Spraying mineral spirit and gently rubbing off with microfiber clothes are a good way to get rid of crayon marks.

Removing Ink stains

Ink can be removed by simply using warm detergent solution with a microfiber cloth.

Best Ways to Clean Laminate Floors

Last Words

Keeping in mind that laminates hate water, and soaking up spills as soon as they occur will not only prolong life but also keep them in good condition for a long time.


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