Best Ways to Clean Household Electronics with Vacuum Cleaners

Last Updated on April 27, 2020

Best ways to clean household electronics

Electronics attracts a lot of dirt and dust in the air. The reason behind this is the production of static electricity on the outre covering. This is also the reason one should not operate or try to open any electronics without wearing a grounding belt/wrist strap.

One of the easiest ways to clean electronic items superficially is by using vacuum cleaners. Handheld vacuums such as Dyson V6 Trigger and others give a person an added edge over using another type of vacuum cleaners by providing the needed ease of use and maneuvering in tight places. Also having attachments such as brush can give a good swift cleaning.

Performing Cleaning Over Daily Electricals


Cleaning lights and fans and TV sets must be done since dust accumulation will lead to ugly looking appliances and also performance may get decreased. Dust on LCD screens is a common issue. Using a powerful vacuum cleaner with just the brush attachment is enough in these cases.

It is important to make sure that appliances are turned off while performing any type of cleaning activities. A microfiber pad will definitely be a good choice in addition to vacuum cleaning as those can trap the dust particles and remove them efficiently when they work in combination with vacuum systems.

Performing Vacuum Cleaning on Printers

While cleaning printers one should first make sure to detach the printer cable and remove all connections. Putting the printer in an easily accessible/open area will be definitely more helpful.

If the printer was in use, it should be left alone for a few minutes to prevent damage to the ray tube (scanner if any) or other moving parts inside which may attract more dust due to static electricity. Removing the cartridges should be done with care and put inside the airtight container.

Then a good amount of vacuum cleaning can be done without any worries. But one should make sure that dust does not accumulate again. After cleaning, assembling should be done in the proper way and the printer can be used again without worries.

Performing Vacuum Cleaning Over Work Desk

Performing vacuum cleaning over work desk is a little bit trickier. Work desks may be littered with paper fragments or small things such as memory cards and other equipment such as LCD / LED monitors and keyboards

In these type of situations, a light tap with the dusting brush is the way to go at first. Then one can apply a vacuum cleaner with the suction setting to a medium to remove all the dust particles that settle on things.

Cleaning a keyboard must be done with care to just lift the dust off gently. Tapping or pushing vacuum cleaner heads/hoses inside tight places may not be a good idea.

Performing Vacuum Cleaning on Laptops

Laptops seem to get dirty on a regular basis if used for day to day work and especially if it is put to use the way a laptop is intended to be. That means carrying it to places outside the house, office, etc. will make it gather dust.

The best thing to use is a blower device. This is just the opposite to a vacuum cleaner. A blower throws air out at great speeds, unlike the vacuum cleaners which takes in air at great forces.

The WORX WG545.1 WORXAIR Lithium Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner is a perfect device fitted for the purpose. A few steps mentioned below can help one in giving an instant cleaning to laptops:

Step 1: Remove power adapter and battery.

Step 2: Position the blower in the air vents below the laptops. The single side air vent for most laptops is for exhaling air from the system.

Applying a blower to this part will get the dust inside rather than getting them outside. So, referring to the laptop manual may be a good idea. Blowing the surface and on the keypad, even the USB and other types of ports help in getting dust out of the systems.

Performing vacuum is cleaning over speaker systems: Digital speaker or woofer systems are a general sight in everybody’s home. Speakers attract more dust than other appliances. Unlike laptops, speakers are better cleaned with vacuum cleaners than air blowers/compressors.

The reason is, the speakers get coated by a dust layer outside the casing, unlike the laptops which attract dust even inside of them. A good brush/microfiber pad cleaning with vacuuming can be done to get them back in tip-top shape.

Final Words

Cleaning electronics can be done easily but applying some ideas which can help to preserve their lifetime. Letting electronics gather free dust is obviously a nice way to make sure to send them to heaven.

By using a combination of vacuuming and air blowers, one can get rid of dust on their daily appliances and hence enjoy them without any interruptions.


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