Best Ways to Clean Carpets

Last Updated on April 27, 2020

Best ways to clean carpets

Carpet cleaning is one of the duties that must be performed at least once every few months to make sure that the carpets look beautiful and of course to maintain the hygiene factor in them.

Though there are various methods to clean carpets, the easiest of them is to use a vacuum cleaner or a professional service.

Now, in many aspects, a professional cleaning service is a better approach since it’s completely hassling free and gives a better cleaning because the use industry grade high-performance machine. But this can be a heavy setback on the pocket.

People who want their carpets to be looking good and be hygienic can obviously perform vacuum cleaning activities without the need of frequent professional services. There are two types of vacuum for carpet cleaners available in the market; one is a wet system and another one the dry vacuum system.

The Pros and Cons of Using Dry Vacuum System

Dry vacuuming involves the use of normal vacuum cleaners which does not apply any liquids but sucks in those loose dirt particles and pet hairs. While these have a lot of pros, some cons are still there.

With many ways to take care of things, this is not a big setback, but can be considered an advantage with a few considerations to make from time to time.

The Pros and Cons

  • The dry vacuum systems available are quite cheap, provide enough powerful suction and also equipped with pet hair removal tools and add-ons.
  • In the case of spills, one has to take care of it immediately and after applying any wet manual cleaning needed, use the dry vacuum to soak in excess water.
  • When it comes to stains and embedded dirt, only dry vacuuming may not be sufficient enough to remove them completely. In these cases, manually attending to the strains is necessary.

Wet/dry Cleaning Systems

The wet/dry vacuum systems are more effective than simply dry vacuuming. Dry vacuuming though can get rid of dirt, dust and allergens but are ineffective when it comes to stains and embedded dirt patches.

Wet vacuuming uses chemicals, steam or hot water treatments. Consulting experts say that all of them are an effective way of giving an instant treatment to carpets.

This is though not a chemical free method of carpet cleaning. In most cases cleaning systems use chemicals and liquid detergents which results in the removal of stains and other ulgies out of carpets.

What a wet vacuum system does is not much different when somebody tackles a stained carpet manually. It just takes the hassle factor out. The chemicals are sprayed on in combination with hot steam or hot water sprays.

This loosens the stains and after which, the dirty liquid is sucked off from the carpet by the vacuum cleaner. Some cleaners also come with the drying facility, though it will take some amount of time to get the carpet completely dried out.

These systems are quite handy for most people and do not cost a bank breaking phenomenon. The Bissell OptiClean HardFloor Vacuum is a very good choice, it is cost effective, gives a great cleaning (according to users) and also a long lasting and durable equipment.

The Home Methods

There are a lot of ways one can clean the carpets; this extends from manually washing to spot treatments whichever suits the necessity. These are great methods, but one needs to spend a whole lot of time because manually cleaning carpets is a tiresome job.

The Professional Service

This is indeed one of the best methods to give the carpets a new life without much hassle. There are a lot of carpet cleaning services spanning across the US. But these can be as cheap as $40 to anything up and over according to the amount and kind of work needed.

Yes, these are definitely the choice for most, but a suitable vacuum cleaner can save a lot of bucks. A thoroughly wet vacuum cleaning every week with a professional carpet cleaning service after a span of 6-8 months is just about the best combination which can result in a clean carpet throughout the year with the hygiene factor, taken care at best.

Final Words

The best ways to clean carpets must be effective and as less time consuming as possible. These are the factors that led to various developments in cleaning equipment industry.

Now, it is both cost effective and worthy to buy a wet vacuum cleaning system than to opt for other methods to obtain the best carpet cleaning.


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