Last Updated on September 23, 2020

The best way to concealed carry: Weapons Act obliges holders of AEPs to carry their weapons in holsters. As a matter of fact, there are not so many places where this holster can be attached. Basically, carrying a weapon is carried out either in a hidden holster, located under the clothes (T-shirt, sweatshirt) or in an operational holster worn over a shirt or t-shirt. You can also carry weapons in an open belt holster.

Best Way to Concealed Carry

What is the most comfortable and safest way to wear? I’ll tell you about this today. Let’s start!

Best Way to Concealed Carry

In order for you to have no doubts, I’ll say right away that the requirement of the Law on Arms not to expose AEP without need does not mean that you cannot openly carry weapons. The main thing is to do it in a holster, and the place of its fastening is your choice.

Unfortunately, the open carrying of weapons in Some Federation is not perceived very correctly: a man in civilian clothes, who has a holster with a gun on his belt, is considered either a fool or an offender.

I have not yet met a single layman who would have a positive attitude towards an armed citizen who carries out the open wearing of an AJP.

In addition to the fact that a person who carries weapons openly raises fears and discontent in society, it can become the target of criminal assault by hooligans and other asocial persons who want to take possession of the coveted “trauma.”

In this regard, it is better to carry out the open wearing of LLCP only when you will not “catch” the wary glances of passers-by and law enforcement officers. For example, in a car, when you are completely uncomfortable hiding a gun behind a belt. APS is generally not suitable for hidden wear in a 1-hour holster.

It is better to hang it on the belt in a special open holster, which will quickly remove the weapon if necessary. And in the event of getting out of the car, for example, at a gas station, no problems will arise: if you do not look like a burglar, the holster on the belt will not attract too much attention.

For carrying weapons in the city, I would still prefer a hidden holster. So hidden wearing is the best option, which gives the following advantages:

  1. First of all, do not forget that OOP is a weapon of self-defense, and the best friend of such a weapon is the effect of surprise.
  2. Secondly, when carrying weapons hiddenly, no one will know that you are armed, and this, in turn. Will save your time that can be spent communicating with the police or security officers (who, incidentally, are not authorized at all to control the circulation of weapons).
  3. Thirdly, you will not attract potential offenders who can provoke you into conflict.

While writing this article, I came up with the following expression: weapons, like happiness, love silence. And the less people know that you have a weapon, the less likely you will ever have to use it.

I note that both in the version with a hidden holster and in the version with open extraction requires certain skills and constant training. It doesn’t matter where your gun is if you are lying on the ground with your hands tied.

That’s all, friends. Do not forget about the rules of safe handling of weapons! How do you carry OOP and other weapons? Waiting for your answers in the comments!


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