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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Turkey Hunting Face Mask

The Best Turkey Hunting Face Mask Review: Turkey hunting is one of the risk-taking sport of chasing to the mystery. Hunting wildlife turkey is not an easy task at all. For that, you have to be fully prepared, and also you need to choose an appropriate mask.

Today we have prepared a collection of some of the best Turkey Hunting Face Mask so that you can be well prepared before the next adventure.

Turkey’s has a bizarre vision, so it is important to stay hidden with related equipment. They are mysterious, overly suspicious poultry with excellent vision so making them target is favorite among sportsperson.

Taking everything in mind sportsman choose such hunting mask that makes their adventure easier. Here in this specific article, our concern is to help you select the best Turkey Hunting Mask among a large option.

Hunting mask is one of the hunting gears that has a typical pattern for each surrounding. Hunters should select a cover considering all the criteria before making any decision.

Mask should provide enough breathability for your skinhead; it has to be made of a noiseless material for not to panic the turkey. Also, it is essential to have a comfortable mash that keeps you safe from mosquito and insect.

You may find that online stores are over flooded with a variety of hunting mask. It seems that picking a right hunting mask is not a big deal, but you may find it difficult to choose an appropriate hunting mask from a broad diversity.

With the time being, manufacturers and designer present such options that merge the existing. I assure you that you will succeed to prevent all the hesitation after taking a look after our top picks.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Turkey Hunting Face Mask

1. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Winter Ski MaskRealtree camo pattern, Mesh panel, Wind-protectant fabric.

2. Hunters Specialties RealtreeXtra Green Leafy Head NetRealtree green camo, Adjustable Nose Bridge, Attached Leaf Pattern.

3. Your Choice Balaclava Outdoor Sports MaskHigh-quality polyester-fleece, Adjustable design, Convertible for multipurpose.

4. DecoyPro Camo Face MaskCamouflage pattern, Quick-drying material, Extended neckline.

5. Mossy Oak Seamless Bandana Face & Neck Cover30+ UPF protection, Lightweight polyester microfiber, Dust & wind barrier.

6. Mossy Oak Full Spandex Face MaskStretchy material, Hats & headwear, Wide eye-opening.

7. North Mountain Gear Ambush HD CamouflageAttached camouflage leaf pattern, Micromesh netting, Utmost eye-opening.

8. Primos Stretch-Fit Full-Hood Face MaskThin layered material, Face and neck concealment, Realtree APG color.

9. Dxnona® Outdoor Warm Windproof Hat Face MaskFleece material, Multifunctional design, Windproof.

10. QuikCamo Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage360 degrees of shade, Moisture-wicking fabrics, Camo pattern.

Reviews of the Best Turkey Hunting Face Mask

In the last fifteen year, online stores are overfilled with many hunting masks. Like some other hunting gear, hunters are looking for the best turkey hunting mask to have safe hunting.

The best hunting mask should be the one that rectifies temperature, maintain good vision, keeps you perfectly hidden, and comfortable as well to wear for eight to ten hour.

Again, if you are planning to hunt on the northern area then you need a complete cover-up, a hunting mask can provide this for you.

It is old hunting equipment that achieves the trust of hunters for taking the hunting result in your side. If you do not have enough time for researching, then you can rely on this article.

After researching the market, we have shortlisted a few turkey hunting masks and read some reviews also. When we made a short list of best turkey hunting mask, we kept their comfort in mind so that they don’t feel burden while wearing them in the face. Let’s proceed to the reviews-

1. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Winter Ski Face Mask

Best Turkey Hunting Face MaskErgodyne N-Ferno is bringing up a face mask that is the perfect addition to any winter gear kit for turkey hunting. This is made of the wind resistance front barricade that blocks the wind and protects the face from the wind.

It is made with a high-quality material consisting of 4-way stretch polyester and long length cover head, face, and neck. Maintain the breathability and versatile, functional hood with a hinge can be worn for ultimate hunting.

The complete mask set is so light-weight that you won’t feel bulky. It has an extra-long neck with the fleece and fabric paneling construction that keeps moisture.

You will also find a reflective accent on the back of the balaclava that will provide a clear vision while hunting. You will have to pay a low price for this soft, warm and comfortable mask.


  • Wind-resistant front paneling that blocks the wind
  • Stretch polyester provide full coverage maintain breathability
  • Flexible hood with a hinge design
  • Very lightweight can be worn under the helmet and hard hat
  • The fleece is thick and feels warm
  • Provide ultimate winter protection


  • Nose area fits a bit too adequately


2. Hunters Specialties RealtreeXtra Green Leafy Head Net

Best Turkey Hunting Face MaskIt is a very realistic hunting mask that amazes turkey with its green leafy outlook. A combination of a light weighted material with attractive design and good quality.

This ¾ netmask is adjustable with the Nose Bridge, and eyehole fit well with any pattern. You can use this with glasses and a cap.

The 3D leafy mask won’t bother you to breathe well which is great for warmer weather. The eye cutout won’t bother you while hunting in the jungle.

We recommend this simple and quality mask for you to enjoy a great hunting experience. Also, reviewed by most of the customer because of lightweight and comfortable use.


  • Lightweight to wear
  • Elastic nose bridge and eyehole fit well
  • 3D leave pattern provide extreme camouflage
  • One size available but fit for all


  • The eye doesn’t have any protection from the mosquito


3. Your Choice Balaclava Outdoor Sports Face Mask

Best Turkey Hunting Face MaskYour Choice is affording a windproof face mask which is made of high-quality polyester-fleece material. The material is soft, breathable that keep your face, neck, and ear comfortable also protect you from dust, cold, snow and sun UV.

It’s a versatile face mask that is used for multipurpose, for example- face mask, balaclava, hood, hat, bulky scarf, and beanie. Also suitable for both man and woman.

Also, the design is adjustable with a clip and drawstring in each side and left side for top side adjustment and right for a clip of mouth mask adjustment.

Your choice also provides you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But the attractive feature of this mask is its reasonable price. It’s a great deal for any budget.


  • Made of high-quality polyester-fleece material suitable for extreme cold weather
  • This multipurpose mask can be converted into any form
  • Windproof texture protect from wind, dust, snow and UV ray
  • Adjustable design well-fit for anyone


  • Some claim that ventilation is not good at all


4. DecoyPro Camo Face Mask

DecoyPro CamoIf you need a professional camo face mask for turkey hunting, then we suggest you have a look at DecoyPro camo face mask. This mask could be worth buying for you.

DecoyPro approach a lightweight, quick-drying material face mash that conceals and please you during your hunting trips.

The color combination of the mask goes with hunting condition to remain out of sight to the turkey. This camo mask designed in a way that fit with large headhunters as well as youth hunters.

The extended neckline covers the hunters and can be worn on the outside of clothing or can be inserted inside for a streamlined fit. It is a must-have and affordable mask to add to your hunting inventory


  • Breathable, quick-drying material.
  • Extra-large coverage fit for a safer hunting
  • Camouflage color texture
  • Suitable for headhunters and youth hunters


  • Some find it not that warm that suits cold weather
  • Eye hole might not fit everyone


5. Mossy Oak Seamless Bandana Face & Neck Cover

Mossy Oak Seamless Bandana Face & Neck CoverIf you tired of using full cover mask all these days then try this exclusive collection of Mossy Oak seamless bandana face mask. This is proving you a lot of option in a single mask.

Its UPF 30+ feature gives you ultimate sun protection by blocking 97% of both UVA and UVB ray. It is excellent for all kind of outdoor activities especially turkey hunting.

It is comfortable to wear and suitable for all sudden condition. You can use it in 12+ ways. This soft, seamless and fit mask is made of 100% microfiber.

This lightweight polyester material provides insect protection, cold weather protection, dust, and wind barrier. It is used for full face coverage as well as style purpose.


  • Its moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Insect protection, dust & wind barrier, and cold weather protection
  • 30+ UPF protection
  • 100% lightweight microfiber


  • The real color may differ


6. Mossy Oak Full Spandex Face Mask

Mossy Oak Full SpandexMossy Oak face is another mask which is worth using. It’s an only full coverage hunting mask in the list for which you need to pay less compare to other.

A very stretchy high-quality material with extra eye-opening. It gives full coverage that keeps you warm in cold weather also easy to manage.

This pullover is warm colored and keeps you out of eyesight of turkey. It works excellent at wet condition also. A thin layered material helps you to breathe well. As I said before you will get this hunting mask at a very low prices


  • Stretchy high-quality material
  • Lightweight and easily breathable
  • Quality product at a low price
  • Easy to manage


  • According to few customers, doesn’t fit well for all


7. North Mountain Gear Ambush HD Camouflage Face Mask

Best Turkey Hunting Face MaskNorth Mountain Gear Ambush HD Camouflage Hunting mask is a typical hunting mask used for safe hunting because of its 3D composition. It’s an excellent addition to ambush HD ghillie leafy suit.

If you are planning to chase the turkey in the deep forest, then this will be one of the best choices. It is made of high-quality material and designed to bear the tough condition for the hunters.

While hunting in the forest, the head is a part of the body that stir most. So, keeping this in mind, this attached leafy pattern gives you ultimate concealment.

It is made of breathable elastic mesh netting for warm weather. Its utmost eye-opening maintain a clear vision with comfort.

Most important fact to keep this mask in the list is, you will get this mask at a very low price, and you can share the mask with friends and family.


  • High-quality material that ensures the harsh condition
  • Attached leafy pattern with breathable mesh netting
  • Utmost eye-opening suits everyone
  • Elastic camouflage provide comfort and adjustability
  • Very low price


  • Some customer finds it reflective to UV light also not transparent at all


8. Primos Stretch-Fit Full-Hood Face Mask

Primos Stretch-Fit Full-HoodIf you are among them who don’t like or tired of using bulky hunting mask and want to make it as simple as well as possible, then this mask is ideal for you.

This specific Primos stretch-fit mask is considered as branded product among them all. It is made with quality material which is designed for warm weather hunting. It will make you so comfortable that you won’t feel like wearing any mask.

The best choice for early season hunting. This mask will completely conceal your face and neck, and you will feel like a second layer of your face. An additional head cap is also provided for a fab look. You don’t have to pay extra as the price is so reasonable.


  • 100% tested and design for the tough condition
  • Best choice for warm weather hunt
  • Thin layered material provide comfort
  • Fully cover your face and neck


  • In case of a bigger head and wear regular glasses you may find difficulties


9. Dxnona® Outdoor Warm Windproof Hat Face Mask

Best Turkey Hunting Face MaskDid you find all the mask dull to wear while hunting? If you are thinking of some changes and multi-functional mask, then you must try this one.

Dxnona® is presenting an outdoor windproof and warm fleece mask which you can use in different ways. It is made with fleece that keep your head, face, and neck warm.

It is a 31*32 cm sized lightly weighted mask that you can use as a scarf or mask covering. It is the best choice for winter season hunting. You will get this multi-purpose mask at a very reasonable price.


  • Made of fleece material
  • Multi-purpose face mask
  • Light, portable mask keep warm


  • It is not good enough to protect face in case of the hairy head.


10. QuikCamo Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage Mask

QuikCamo Mossy Oak Obsession CamouflageAs reported by QuikCamo, they provide the finest quality face mask in the hunting industry. This one is specially designed for turkey hunting.

Most user of QuikCamo is habited to turkey hunt and obsessive to blend into nature. It is an official pattern of Nation Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF).

QuikCamo Mossy Oak 3D leafy face mask is adjustable to eyewear and protects you from harmful UV rays. It is easy to wear in an emergency; you have to spread the mask from the crown of cap.

The fabrics used in the masks are easy to dry, moisture-wicking, and breathable. The hat adjusts without blocking your face side and hearing.

3 steps are mentioned to wear it; 1) wear the mask cuddled up into the hat, 2) after arriving into hunting spot quietly remove the QuikCamo and shake the mask down, 3) then reposition QuikCamo back on your head, and now you are ready for hunting.

From the available medium and large size, measure your head with tape around your head 1/8″ above and get your one. This mask in one of “MUST HAVE” for hunters who are determined about the big game. So don’t waste your time thinking twice.


  • Easy to wear face mask used for ultimate turkey hunting
  • Harmful UV, sun protection feature
  • Quick-drying, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Finest quality face mask in the industry
  • Blend into nature ” at the drop of a hat.”


  • Price is a bit high compared to others


Turkey Hunting Face Mask FAQs

Which Masks Are Suitable for Turkey Hunting?

As Turkeys have sharp eyesight, so the facemask that is capable of making your face invisible is suitable for Turkey hunting. For Turkey hunting, you should wear such a mask covering all of your faces and comfortable for using a decoy yet.

How to Choose a Good Facemask for Turkey Hunting?

There are several factors to look for while choosing a mask for Turkey hunting. These are-

  • Camo pattern
  • Size and Fabric
  • Fit and breathability

Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to all these things before going for a specific mask for Turkey hunting.

What Are the Types of Turkey Hunting Facemasks?

Turkey hunting facemasks are classified in several types based on the hunting factors. Such as-

  • Glass Mask
  • Open Top
  • Mouth Mask
  • Balaclava

Choosing any type of mask is totally subjective yet.

What Are the Aspects of Perfect Hunting Masks?

Apart from significant factors, there are several other aspects yet. These aspects are also crucial and influence your choice to a great extent. These are-

  • Easy Usage
  • Comfortability
  • And Longevity

How Many Types of Camo Patterns Are Available for Turkey Hunting?

There are 3- ideal camo patterns are available for Turkey Hunters depending on the various hunting factors like- hunting season, weather, ground, surroundings, and hunting suit. Such as-

  • mimicry,
  • 3D,
  • and Breakup.

Overall these 3- camo patterns are useful to disguise with the surroundings. And they also blend with the trees and logs while moving from one location to another.



Final Words

We are quite sure that we have made your job easy, but we know it won’t be easy to choose the best one among all that is mentioned above. We are leaving this decision over you to consider your situation and needs.

All of them are unique and best in their way. Though it’s your decision, we would suggest you consider some fact that will help you to proceed on.

For example; the weather condition, forest aspects, your ability to hunt and how much you are ready to invest for hunting mask, etc.

After justifying all the product several times, match your requirement with the product features. We assure, you will get your desired product or else you will end up with a mask that is mediocre for you.

All these best turkey hunting face masks are the top choice of customers at present market. So again We are telling you, you don’t need to worry about seeking the best.

You have to collect yours. That’s all for today, and we will meet soon for another inquiry. Feel free to comment if you find any difficulty.



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