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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Turkey Calls for Beginners

The Best Turkey Calls for Beginners Review: There are so many types of hobbies and Turkey hunting is one of them. To find out the wild turkeys, you need to call them using their sound. Producing the realistic sound like a turkey is difficult. So, you have to take help from turkey call.

Turkey call is a machine that produces sounds like the turkey calls. For a successful turkey hunting season, you must own a perfect turkey call box which can provide you with the most realistic turkey sound. Here we are giving some reviews about some of the Best Turkey Calls for Beginners found in the online.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Turkey Calls for Beginners

1. Primos Hunting PS222 THE GOBBLER Turkey ShakerPatented silencer cap, Loud sound, Durable polymer rubber.

2. Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth CallPremium gauge reeds, Precision hand-made cuts, Unique pitches.

3. Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call An offset pivoting lid, Mahogany and walnut construction, Authentic sound.

4. Primos Jackpot Turkey Pot CallPatented with conditioning kit, Quality materials, Nicely finished.

5. Primos Mastering The Art Turkey CallThree mouths call, Mini A-Frame, See-Thru Call Case.

6. Lynch World Champion Turkey Box CallMahogany wood structure, 2-sided construction, Authentic hen and gobbler sound.

7. Hunters Specialties HS Strut Hammerin Crow Turkey CallRaspier sounding reed, Weather-resistant, Great for long-range.

8. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Smokin’ Turkey CallExtendable tube, Versatile call, Waterproof coating.

9. Knight & Hale Ol’ Yeller Classic Ceramic Turkey Pot CallWood pot with sla-tek top, Ceramic surface, Diamond wood striker.

10. Knight & Hale Switchblade 3-in-1 Turkey Box Call2 calling surfaces, Triple different woods construction, Ideal for windy-day calling.

Reviews of the Best Turkey Calls for Beginners

To be successful on turkey hunting or call all of your turkeys together, you need to call them. It is much easier to find them if you can call them at their language. But this job is tough.

So you have to take help from a machine that can produce a sound like a real turkey. There are so many turkey call boxes available in the market.

You have to choose the best turkey call from those. But choosing the best one from the plenty of options is a difficult task. We hope that this the best turkey calls for beginners reviews will be helpful for you to find out the turkey call.

1. Primos Hunting PS222 THE GOBBLER Turkey Shaker

Best Turkey Calls for BeginnersThe Primos Hunting PS222 is one of the get-at-able, smooth, light and portable turkey calls in the market. This gobbler shaker call especially designed for identifying and attracting gobblers.

It is a super easy to use. The shaker call is made of top quality, long lasting polymer rubber. It is perfect for all kinds of weathers and all situations.

Primo’s is one of the most trusted names to the best turkey calls for beginners producer on the market. This gobbler shaker call is usable from both ways, and you can use it by one hand for Jake gobbling and both hand for adult calls.

This shaker caller has patented with silencer headpiece. This is why; it prevents unwanted sounds which will surely menace your next kill. This device is perfect for a novice hunter and amazingly good for expert hunters.

Its sound is too loud, and it can surprise you with its latitude and limit. The extraordinary shaker call has launched with an attractive price against its top quality. So, let’s start to make your turkey hunting great with the best turkey call.


  • Constructed with very stable and long-lasting polymer rubber
  • Featured with both handed actions
  • Loud sound so; you can reach the extended area
  • Patented with silencer headpiece
  • Works amazingly good in mid and late turkey season
  • Perfect for all types of weather


  • Few users said it’s pretty tough to use in the spring season
  • A Little disadvantage for a close call


2. Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth Call

Best Turkey CallsThis is great both for the beginner and experienced hunters. These calls are super easy to use and handling. It has two inches and very clean hook calls. It is designed with the proven method with 2-pack hook hunter.

This pack creates fabulous real turkey sounds that will even make fool the prudent turkey. For generating the seducing sound and exact pitches, you will be able to hunt more than your expectations.

This product is so cool for its premium standard and beautifully handmade cuts. It is greatly featured with 2 inches hook hunters with ghost cut. It can vocalize versatile by using little air and too good for kee-kees and purrs.

You can produce very soft yelps and kee-kees that will be more effective for a close call. If, you are a novice hunter that’s doesn’t matter for using these hunting gears.

This is too easy to use, and you don’t need extra care to carry these devices. So, why late! Pick these packs and start for hunting with the best turkey mouth call for beginners.


  • Need little air pressure to generate sound.
  • Incredible for creating purrs, kee-kees, and soft yelps
  • Precision handmade cut
  • Super easy to make sound
  • Most trusted brand so you can rely on it


  • Need some practice to master
  • The blue one produces a bit of a sweet tunes


3. Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call

Lynch Fool Proof If you are looking to box call, it would be the best call for your hunting. You will be amazed to use the world best turkey box call to call like the wisest gobbler in your hunting area and drop them too quickly than your expectations.

You will be so lucky if you buy the Lynch Fool Proof box Turkey call. This box call is designed with the highest quality materials and patented with super features. The strong selected mahogany wood builds it. As a result, its longevity and durability are fantastic.

On the other hand, it also produces the most realistic calls. It is designed with double sided use which will help you to a variety of best turkey calls for beginners.

The produces sound will force the turkeys out of their area to come forwarding to you. For the reason of hand-assembled design, you will never feel trouble to operate the deadly weapon.

Its exceptionally designed pivoting lid generates most effective hen yelps. This box call is too easy to maintain and affordable than its quality.


  • Constructed with sturdy selected mahogany wood
  • Produce tune from both sides
  • Designed weather friendly
  • Perfect to hand use
  • Able to create real call and so easy to operate.


  • Little weighty


4. Primos Jackpot Turkey Pot Call

Primos Jackpot Here is another best turkey call named Primos Jackpot Turkey Pot Call with Conditioning Kit. It is slate turkey call with a slate ground and hardwood assailant.

This pot call is featured with a conditioning kit which will help you to keep striker and slate clean. You will be able to generate various calls that will make dumb even the old toms. You could make the pitch loud as like as you need.

So, you can reach the extended area. It can be your great arsenal even you are novice hunters, and it will make you a sharp hunter by its super quality construction.

This device will significantly enhance your hunting experience and improve the performance of your call. This slate will make all types of turkey calls that you want to reproduce when hunting.

The package also designs for the rough environment and toughest conditions. Pensylvania, slate ground and South American hardwood pot makes the weapon great and naturally helps to produce substantive turkey sounds.

It is tested in the field; this is why you can rely on it. Primos assure you to provide the best turkey calls with the best price.


  • 100% quality materials
  • Patented with excellent conditioning kit
  • You can make the sound depending on your strike
  • Nicely finished and easy to maintain
  • Includes conditioning kit


  • Takes little time to master


5. Primos Mastering The Art Turkey Call

Best Turkey Calls for BeginnersThis is another trusted tackles for turkey hunting. Primos’ mastering the art turkey call is mouth call which comes with an instructional cd. Primos assures about high-quality turkey hunting gears.

So, you can pick it for your next adventure without hesitation. This device is manufactured with a set of three mouth calls, an instructional cd, and a case.

The cd will be helpful for learning different tips and tricks, and you will be a sharp hunter to follow the instruction. This hunting gear is featured with a case which is handy for arranging calls.

It is proven for rough and tough situations and tested before casting to the market. On that account, you can depend on it at any time to reproduce calls.

This design is user-friendly, as a result, it will be matched with you as professional, and recreational even you are a novice hunter.

This turkey mouth call for beginners has an extra benefit for its three sets of items that will work for a variety of calls for different situations and the produces seductive sound will help you to get out the wisest toms.


  • The instructional cd will help you to master
  • You can use it while you are walking
  • Three mouths call for different sounds
  • Manufactured with great materials
  • Easy to use and conduct


  • Need little practicing to make deadly sound
  • The Case is not camouflaged


6. Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call

Best Turkey Calls for BeginnersIf you are looking for a world champion turkey box call, so it can be your first choice. For its fantastic feature and construction, it performed like a lethal weapon. It is made from selected straight grain mahogany wood.

It is designed with a center pivoting walnut lid which makes it incredible. This device is constructed for producing realistic sound. It can generate sound from both movements; the first one is for the hen and from the other side for gobblers.

This is the best turkey call for beginners, and it would be a deadly arsenal for experienced hunters. Its performance never gets down even in the extreme weather.

It reproduces realistic calls which you would not be able to get from plastic made calls in the market. Lynch world champion is the trusted name and also favorites to the turkey hunters more than 75 years.

It is Handmade in the USA and perfect for making tune by hand. It is also patented with rubber bands which gets dry fast that will help you to replace them with another after your first use.


  • Built from straight grain mahogany wood
  • Includes unique two-sided plans that generate both gobbler and hen sounds
  • You can create a range of calling
  • Nice to look and handy
  • Handmade in the USA


  • A Little bit expensive
  • Needs chalk


7. Hunters Specialties HS Strut Hammerin Crow Turkey Locator Call

Hunters Specialties HS Strut Hammerin Crow This is the best turkey mouth call for beginners that can generate a variety of calls, together with fighting calls, distress calls and come here calls. This device is environmentally friendly and weather resistant call that will help to better in the wet.

If you are keen to a handy, light and long reachable mouth call, so this is your desired best turkey calls for beginners. It is made of high-quality plastic materials which are long-lasting and durable.

For the reason of its super construction, you can rely on it in any types of conditions. This uniquely designed device produces such a loud crow sounds that fascinate frightening thrust gobbles.

You can produce the sound as like as you because of its great deal of range.  The versatile sound reed generates a rich and vibrant turkey call that will trick even the wisest turkeys in the local area.

The Hammerin crow call is also effective for spring gobbler. Because of its wide range and volume make this a fabulous, efficient locator call.

This Crow Call is too easy to use, and it provides compatible quality, top range, and volume. The Hammerin crow call is water-resistant and doesn’t fracture.


  • Waterproof design
  • Manufactured with top quality long-lasting, durable plastic materials
  • A wide range of calling
  • Generates distress calls, fighting calls and come here calling
  • Appropriate for all weather situations


  • Needs a little time to produce seductive sound


8. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Smokin’ Gun Turkey Box Call

Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Smokin' This Turkey box call is a mighty one to start with and a real piece of hunting gear to add in your collection. Made of a single piece of walnut which is long-lasting and nice all in the same breath.

It works perfectly from both side, and every side generates a limit of cuts, yelps, and purrs to give an extended range of calls. This produces call will reach to the tedious hen, watchful tom, even to the wisest gobbler.

For a reason, this box call is one of the best beginner turkey calls comparatively in the market. This great arsenal is sealed with a dark stain which is the latest waterproofing technology in the market. It is designed with some super features that it doesn’t need to use chalk and can be used dry or wet.

If you want to a ninja hunter, you need a little more practice gaining the sounds that few hunters wish to for their unique situation, but when they achieved it, it performed incredibly well. The box is constructed for all types of weather so that you can use it all the time and the entire great feature makes that device best turkey box call.


  • Made from a single premium piece of walnut
  • Sealed with waterproofing method
  • No chalk needed
  • Works both wet and dry conditions amazingly
  • Excellent for generating cut, yelps, and purrs


  • Makes high pitch of sound on time
  • Little bit costly


9. Knight & Hale Ol’ Yeller Classic Ceramic Turkey Pot Call

Best Turkey Calls for BeginnersThis is one of the best turkey pot calls comparatively in the market. Knight & Hale Ol’ Yeller Classic Ceramic Turkey Pot Call Comes with seductive sound which will act like as a deadly weapon.

It is featured with hunter-friendly innovation. The pot call is designed with a round wooden pot, a walnut base, a diamond wood striker and a ceramic surface.

The pot calling generates sounds so realistically those turkeys couldn’t be able to make a difference between you and them; Ol’ Yeller is a classic on that account.

Extraordinary custom design makes the pot call, and the combination of excellent wood pot associated with a flourished Sla-tek top makes lethal conjunction that’s tough to control for guidance.

This design produces undeniably best-calling; this is why it can be your great arsenal for hunting. So many hunters said it generates most unfailing friction calls ever made. It unleashes the variety of seductive sounds that entices boss toms to come close to the hunters.


  • Greatly featured with Sla-tek top and dark wooden pot
  • Produces amazingly real sound
  • Too easy to manipulate
  • Ceramic surface, walnut pot, and diamond wood striker
  • Tested before launching


  • If it gets wet, performance may down
  • Little high-priced


10. Knight & Hale Switchblade 3-in-1 Turkey Box Call

Knight & Hale Switchblade 3-in-1This is another most innovative Switchblade 3-in-1 Best Turkey Box Call by Knight & Hale. The extra-ordinary box call has built with some super feature. It can generate a variety of calls.

The produces sound significantly replicate three Hen tones from One Call with the Knight & Hale Switchblade. It is a legendary call producer familiar for its devotion to generating sounds that gives the most realistic wildlife sounds.

The unleash sound has excellent versatility and different turkey call that makes it a superweapon. Its cutting-edge building provides a patented changeable-paddle method, for a reason, anybody can able to get different calls from few instruments.

The deadly arsenal is featured with three different types of woods such as cherry, Purple Heart and yellow Heart—in one gracious dark-walnut box.

Three different kinds of woods produce three several hen sound. Each paddle is too easy to change which is patented with awesomely that’s ultra-simple to use.

It is suitable for any hunting condition; the uniquely designed Switchblade generates amazing sound and pitch for the wide area. So, you can be a great hunter by using best turkey calls for beginners.


  • Three different types of sounds from the different paddle
  • Custom design with three distinct wood-in one gracious dark walnut box
  • Able to make the high pitch of a sound
  • Designed with the interchangeable method
  • Patented with waterproofing, all-weather paddle


  • Pretty high-priced
  • Different parts, so needed extra things to carry


Turkey Calls for Beginners FAQs

Which is the Best Turkey Call for Beginners?

The turkey diaphragm call is one of the most desired calls to use for beginners. It is also known as a turkey mouth call. The drawback of this type of turkey call is it is pretty challenging to use. Experts suggest hunters not to use it until they have mastered other hunting calls such as box calls or pot calls.

Glass Vs. Slate Turkey Call, Which is Better?

It depends entirely on one’s needs. Both calls can produce the same loud or soft tone. But the glass turkey call can generate more different sounds than the slate turkey call, and it works better in a high humidity area.

Do Turkeys Roost in the Same Place?

Sometimes turkeys use the same roost regularly. These birds work in big-woods areas. After foraging hard, they roost near feeding areas in the morning and early evening.

How Many Types of Turkey Calls Are There?

In the market, you will notice different types of turkey calls. Below, we will describe some of the essential beginner turkey calls.

Push Button Calls: These are often called as idiot boxes. Anyone can easily learn and master these calls.

Box Calls: These calls are versatile and very user-friendly.

Slate Calls: People know this hunting tool as a pot call.

Diaphragm Calls: Some hunters know these as diaphragm calls.

What is the Best Time to Hunt Turkeys?

We know that we can’t hunt turkeys at any time of the year. The best time of a year to hunt turkeys is between early spring and mid-to-late fall. And morning is the best time for hunting these birds as they tend to stay on the ground in wooded areas.



Final Words

There is no doubt; turkey hunting is a great hobby. But it is much essential that you have to attract wild turkeys to you first on their way. If you failed to call them properly, your hunting would be washed away. So, you have to take the best turkey box call with you so that you can quickly call turkeys to you.

That is why; you have to choose the best turkey calls for beginners from the market. We hope, the reviews given in the article will be most helpful to you to find out the best turkey mouth call for beginners and allow you successful and enjoyable turkey hunting on the upcoming season.



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