10 Best Travel Gadgets for Any Trip

Last Updated on May 10, 2020

Best Travel Gadgets

Traveling is an independent task which would provide you numerous worthwhile experiences in your life. Traveling would also make you rejoice various pleasant happenings in life by visualizing changes in the sceneries in front of you.

Moreover, it builds up confidence in you as you have to take care of yourself and also to know about various cultures, languages, religions etc existing in various parts of the world. It would make you get out of your comfort zone, enjoy different tastes, and also adapt to situations.

But traveling is not possible all of a sudden which needs adequate money for your tickets, food, shelter, clothing, medications, and other hygienic needs.

So before traveling you should go for a plan and collect details about your venue and make yourself ready in all aspects and then set out to achieve your goal.

Moreover, there are certain things like adapters, medicine kit, power banks, waterproof backpacks, headphones, travel pillow are very much necessary while you are on travel and you would experience it only when you are on travel. But worrying at that time would make no sense.

So, it is better to have a glance at the list below which can also be added to your checklist before you leave.

1. Smartphone & Charger

Smartphones are the recent developments from the electronics world which has made any part of the world quickly accessible to us. It is pretty much obvious that no one goes outside without a smartphone even when they go for a small walk.

Gather enough contacts and addresses and store them not only on your smartphone but also note them down in your diary. This may support you with the contacts even when you lose your smartphone.

Having just a smartphone without charger would not help you for a long time and many people look for a charger only when they run out of power. Also, usage of power banks would be more supportive which can help you in places with no power.

2. GPS watch

GPS stands for “Global Positioning System”. These kind of cool gadgets are used to find out the exact location of the persons anywhere on earth. Basically, GPS is done by a network of 30 satellites around the earth and it can locate a person using a process called trilateration.

When you use GPS watch it would be very easy to track your presence anywhere within minutes. This would help the traveler when he gets trapped somewhere or some similar issues. Moreover, they can also guide the traveler in a more efficient way to reach his venue.

3. Utility knife

A utility knife is a general knife which we use for regular activities like chopping, mincing, dicing etc. But the main difference between a utility knife and a regular knife is its compatibility.

A regular knife cannot be folded and reduced in its size whereas; a utility knife can be folded and kept safely within the pocket.

Moreover, a utility knife contains multi-tool accessories for fastening bolts, scissors, chiseling tools, sanding tool, knifes, serrated knife, measuring scale etc.This handy equipment would be very useful to any traveler providing multiple utilities.

Best Travel Gadgets

4. Flip Flops

Flip flops are casual foot wears which can be used when we are spending time on a beach or a park. It would not be heavy like your regular formal outfit.

It can soothe your feet and provide a spongy feel to your leg and also it can be used by the people who have pain in their legs, ankles, and feet.

They are also available in the form of shoes to provide additional support to the leg. This cute and soft item would be a soothing element to anyone by having a gentle walk.

5. Neck Pillows

Sleep is an intense boon endowed by God on all living beings and folks fall asleep easily while they are on travel. But, the most irritating part is that their sleep often gets disturbed by the surrounding movements.

While asleep, the head loses its consistency with the neck and just falls aside causing a shock. To overcome this, neck pillows are recommended which supports the neck and provide good sleep. This pillow is really a boon to all travelers, especially who travel long distances.

6. Digital Luggage Scale

Even though, the digital luggage scale doesn’t seem to be a familiar gadget it holds one of the important places in the list of an experienced traveler.

When you pack for a big trip we usually pack all our needs neatly on the previous day of your travel and keep yourself ready. But when you go to the airport, you would find that the weight of the luggage would be very high and you would pay a high amount.

This situation can be rectified if you have a digital luggage scale and you can pack your stuff accordingly.

7. Travel Adapter

Adapters are of various sizes in various countries. When your mobile or some other electronic equipment is out of power then you would find a power source and plug your adapter into it.

Since the standards used in various countries are not the same you may not be able to charge your device without having a travel adapter. A travel adapter is a handy gadget which comprises the standards of all countries thus providing power to your device.

8. Wallet

The wallet is a small case which can be folded to keep smart and valuable documents like passports, visa cards, credit cards, key, money etc.

In other words, a carbon fiber wallet would be the most expensive item that a traveler has. These small items when kept in a big container or bag would go missed and so these wallets were designed to provide a handy and concise protective case to anyone.

Wallets which cannot be opened easily would be a nice pick because it can prevent the spill of small items kept inside when dropped accidentally.

9. Luggage Lock

Luggage lock is not a mandatory item which needed a travel but it can reinforce the security of the luggage. Even old locks are allowed in the airports but it should be a TSA approved one.

If not, TSA has the rights to open and check your luggage. Luggage locks prevent accidental scattering of items outside the bag and the most common types of locks used to secure luggage’s are 3 dial luggage lock, 4 dial luggage lock and cable locks which are accepted by TSA.

These luggage locks would also prevent any fraudster from opening your bag thus keeping your valuable items safe.

Best Travel Gadgets

10. Steam iron

A steam iron is an aesthetic device which proves to be very useful while on travel. Usually, folks traveling to another place don’t care about the steam iron which can keep your clothes free from wrinkles.

If a traveler goes to another place for an official matter, then his dress needs to be perfect and professional. In such situations, steam iron would present you a nice and clean iron with evident creases. Also, the size of the steam iron is very small such that it fits inside your palm.


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