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Last Updated on March 1, 2023

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So here you are roaming the wilderness on a hunting quest or a survival adventure with nothing but your strong will to explore. But who said that you have to go with nothing in your pockets?

Packing the right gear is extremely crucial when you are spending time away from home. The right tools guarantee your safety. Without the appropriate gizmos, you might be in danger and your expedition might not turn out the way you wish it did.

The Best Tactical Wallet is one of the accessories that you shouldn’t ignore once you have decided to experiment with survival adventures.

Having a durable and reliable wallet in your pockets will grant you easy access to your ID documentation, money or even a small map that will help you check that you are on the right track.

We understand that a lot of people might think that their good old wallet can do just fine and will be perfect to carry their stuff. But the truth is that you need a special one if you are spending time away from home.

This is why we have decided to prepare this buying guide to help you choose a perfect tactical wallet that will be everything you’ll ever need and more.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Tactical Wallet

1. Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

2. USA US American Flag Tactical Wallet

3. Holstex Tactical Wallet

4. Calti Tactical Titanium EDC Slim Wallet

5. Trayvax Original Wallet

6. iCraft-Slim Front Pocket USA Flag Wallet

7. Bench Built Military Grade Wallet

8. RFID Front Pocket Wallets for Men

9. Magpul Unisex Daka Essential Wallet

10. I-CLIP wallet Robutense Carbon-Optic

Review of the Best Tactical Wallets

In this section, we analyze the features of 10 of the best-selling tactical wallets on the market. Thanks to our tactical wallet reviews, you will find the main features of each product in addition to the pros and cons.

They also fall within a wide price range so you will be able to find a suitable one even if you are on a tight budget.

1. Dango Tactical EDC Wallet

Best Tactical WalletDon’t be deceived by the compact and small size of this wallet. Despite its compact size, it is able to carry up to 12 different credit and ID cards.

It is designed to provide easy and reliable access whenever you reach out to one of your cards or your cash. It is specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want reliable and lightweight wallets that will last for long.

It won’t feel bulky in your pocket but you can rest assured knowing that your cards and cash are exactly where you need them to be.

There are two color options to enhance your stealth and both come in high-quality genuine grain leather. This will endure different temperatures, heat, and humidity with no problem whatsoever.

The RFID blocking will keep your information secure. The wallet is further supported with an aerospace aluminum chassis to keep it looking great for long.

As a bonus, you receive a useful multi-tool that is made of high carbon stainless steel. A good tactical wallet with knife is definitely a plus when you are hunting or setting up a tent.

This tool provides 10 useful functions when you are out in the wilderness. The tool is removable so you can carry your wallet any way you like. It might be a little bit on the pricey side but it is made to last for long.


  • Top-quality genuine leather.
  • Aluminum chassis.
  • Lightweight and compact size.
  • RFID blocking to keep your information safe.
  • Multi-tool for survival.


  • Expensive.
  • Inserting and removing the cards is difficult with the multi-tool attached.


2. USA US American Flag Tactical Patriotic Military Trifold Wallet

Best Tactical WalletThis budget-friendly EDC wallet is a must-have. It is the perfect size to fit in your pockets with 18 compartments to hold everything you’ll ever need on a survival adventure.

It is rugged to withstand the harsh conditions and is still perfect for everyday use. Nothing will fall off this wallet even if you shake it or move it because your cards and cash are perfectly secured.

Durability is one of the most important features to consider when you are looking for a tactical wallet. This amazing wallet is made of tough 1000 Denier Cordura nylon.

A lot of people prefer this over leather as it is less expensive and doesn’t wear off. It is also double stitched in all the stress points to make sure that it lasts for long. You can attach it to your belt or backpack thanks to the hook and loop closure.

This is an exceptional tactical wallet for EDC as it features zippered pockets with discrete pockets for your small items. You can also secure up to three media cards in addition to the non-stick ID window.

The multi-currency compartment is divided by mesh to carry all your cash wherever you go. It comes in 5 elegant military-style colors to suit every taste.


  • 1000 denier nylon wallet.
  • Double stitched to endure harsh conditions.
  • 18 compartments and multi-currency pocket.
  • Enough storage and keeps everything in place.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Is not suitable for wet conditions.
  • Liner might get detached from the body of the wallet.


3. Holstex Tactical Wallet

Holstex This is one sturdy and extremely durable tactical wallet. It is entirely made of carbon fiber which is assembled with titanium screws.

Although this wallet is rugged for extreme use, it still provides the needed flexibility to access your cash and cards with ease. It is compact and very well-made to endure rough conditions. It will last for long and will not disappoint you.

Your wallet is extremely versatile. It can hold up to 5 cards but you can increase the storage available to hold more cards for your upcoming trip. The expansion kit can be easily removed for your convenience.

It even comes with a cash clip to keep your money safe. Everything is riveted not glued, so you know that you are buying a sturdy high-quality product that is also great value for the money.

This wallet comes with a useful multi-tool that is useful both in real-life and on your outdoor adventure. You can remove it or attach it depending on your needs. This is one tough tactical wallet that will endure extreme conditions.


  • Durable carbon fiber wallet.
  • Slim and compact design.
  • Can be expanded for bigger storage.
  • Useful multi-tool.
  • Extremely durable and budget-friendly.


  • Money clip is not as durable.

4. Calti Tactical Titanium EDC Minimalist Slim Wallet

Calti Tactical Titanium EDC Most people prefer a slim wallet over a big one. This wallet is so comfortable to carry whether you are camping, hunting or exploring the wilderness on a survival mission.

The frame is made of strong and durable titanium and is held together by an elastic cord. Each wallet is laser-cut to guarantee precision and accuracy.

It is made with an emphasis on durability and is also very elegant. The titanium body is scratch resistant. Titanium is one of the sturdiest metals. It doesn’t rust or break.

Although this tactical wallet will hold everything you’ll ever need, it is very lightweight. Weighing only about 50 grams, this is almost a quarter of any regular wallet.

You can customize the way your wallet looks by choosing any color for your paracord. Your wallet is tested for durability in extreme conditions so you know that you can depend on it if you are on a survival mission. It is non-magnetic but it is hard as steel. It never rusts.

We love how compact and slim this wallet is. It holds all your cards and cash with no problem. It features a bottle opener and a wrench that you can use in case of an emergency.

It combines the hi-tech look with everything you need on a sturdy wallet that you can use in the wilderness.


  • Titanium laser-cut wallet.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Weighs less than 50 grams.
  • Comes with a bottle opener and a wrench.


  • Not suitable if you need to carry a lot of cards or cash.


5. Trayvax Original Wallet

Best Tactical WalletThis wallet combines the sturdiness of steel with the lightweight of aluminum. You can carry your cash and up to 14 credit cards with no problem.

The front pocket design provides easy access when your hands are full. This is one budget-friendly tactical wallet that you can really depend on because it is very durable.

It doesn’t rust, break or bend. Moreover, it is suitable to use in harsh conditions.

Whether you are rock climbing, camping or hiking, you can rest assured knowing that your stuff is safe. Nothing will fall off your wallet because of the elastic strap that holds everything in place.

This is a versatile wallet that can hold a few or a lot of cards and you will never lose a thing. It comes in 4 elegant colors.


  • Made of steel and titanium.
  • Carries cash and up to 14 credit cards.
  • Elastic strap that holds everything in place.
  • 4 elegant colors.


  • The edges are rather rough and might scratch your cards so the chip has to placed facing away from the edges.


6. iCraft-Slim Front Pocket USA Flag Tactical Patch Wallet

iCraft-Slim Front Pocket USA Flag Tactical Patch WalletThis is the wallet for an outdoors enthusiast who is on a tight budget. It is handcrafted with an elastic band and is extremely durable.

Moreover, it is a versatile wallet that you can adjust and customize. The Velcro allows you to change any flag patch and replace it with another of your choice.

This is a lightweight wallet that weighs less than the money and the cards you carry. You can carry one or eight cards and nothing will ever fall off your wallet. The stretchy elastic band secures everything perfectly because it is very reliable.

The lightweight of this tactical wallet makes it extremely suitable for running, hiking and camping adventures where you don’t want to carry any extra weight.

It is very affordable, compact and practical. It is the perfect gift for guys who hate bulky wallets that don’t fit their pockets.


  • Compact and lightweight wallet.
  • Affordable and functional.
  • Reliable elastic band to secure your cards.
  • Ability to change any of the patches.


  • If you add too many cards, the stitching that holds the elastic cord in place might start to rip.


7. Bench Built Military Grade Wallet

Bench Built Military GradeThis is a minimalist-looking tactical wallet, yet you can enjoy the luxury of holding your cash and cards without having to carry a bulky wallet.

It is the perfect wallet to attach to your belt, military front breast or to carry in your pocket thanks to its convenient size.

Big wallets are not practical to use when you are on a survival mission. This is why we recommend this product for your upcoming adventure.

It features a tight band that will hold everything in place even if you flip in the air. It is made of durable materials then coated with a synthetic soft finish that feels like leather.

It doesn’t crack or peel like real leather though. It is also treated to resist UV damage and extreme weather conditions.

The band doesn’t lose its elasticity with use and time even in dry weather. You can also secure your cash thanks to the magnetic money clip. You don’t have to remove the magnet to get your bills. The wallet is easy to use and will not disappoint you, especially with its affordable price.


  • Minimalist design.
  • Can be carried in multiple ways.
  • Synthetic coating that feels like leather and resists extreme conditions.
  • Durable elastic band.
  • Magnet to hold your cash.


  • Can be a little bit bulky compared to other tactical wallets.


8. RFID Front Pocket Wallets for Men

RFID for MenThis is an affordable tactical leather wallet that is perfect for EDC and time in the wilderness. It features a minimalist simple design that is not bulky which makes it super comfortable to use and carry every single day.

It features ultra-fine but durable stitching to guarantee that it will last for long. You have the ability to store all your money bills and cards without disrupting your style.

The RFID blocking technique protects your valuables. Any attempt to read the contents of your wallet will fail because it is designed for your convenience. It comes with 6 card slots, 2 note pockets in addition to one big note slot in the middle.

We just love how affordable and elegant this tactical wallet is. It looks like the expensive leather wallets but only costs a fraction of the price.

It also comes in 4 different colors so you can pick the one that goes perfectly with your outdoor outfit for the perfect stealth. This is a functional and straight to the point wallet that will not break the bank.


  • Genuine leather that lasts for long.
  • Minimalist slim design.
  • RFID blocking to secure your credit card information.
  • Enough storage for your cash and cards.


  • You can’t carry a lot of cards or bills.


9. Magpul Unisex Daka Essential Wallet

Tactical wallets are meant to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. They should also be slim and convenient to carry whether you decide to hold them in your shorts, suit or shirt pockets.

This is why the manufacturers of this wallet tried to make it as thin as possible without jeopardizing its ability to hold your cash and credit cards.

This is good enough to carry 3 to 7 cards which should be enough for a trip in the outdoors. You can also carry your cash and rest assured that nothing will slip or fall off.

The body of the wallet is made of reinforced polymer fabric that doesn’t get affect with heat or humidity. It is only 3 mm thick and this means that it will never look bulky or cause pocket printing.

This is a discrete wallet that will not show if you are exploring unfriendly terrains, yet it is very practical and will keep all your valuables safe and secured.

Don’t worry about getting your wallet wet. It is the perfect wallet to pack for a canoeing or river crossing trips. It doesn’t change shape or break because it is very durable.


  • Lightweight and extremely thin wallet.
  • Can carry up to 7 cards.
  • Discrete wallet with minimal pocket printing.
  • Durable reinforced polymer fabric.
  • Suitable for wet environment.


  • Is a little too short.


10. I-CLIP wallet Robutense Carbon-Optic

You will be surprised at how practical and versatile this little wallet can be. Don’t take it lightly just because it is very slim and compact.

You can add up to 12 cards to this beautiful and elegant wallet with no problem whatsoever. You can also carry a good amount of money bills and it won’t feel bulky or heavy.

This wallet is made of a durable resin called Robutense. It is scratch resistant, lightweight and very flexible. The rounded corners are safe because you know that your hands won’t be scratched if you reach out for your wallet.

The size of this amazing wallet guarantees that it will fit in any pocket. Thanks to the selection window, you can pick the card you need easily without having to draw everything out of your wallet.

The money clip holds your bills in place. You can easily pick some cash and the rest will be safe and secured. Everything is made of strong plastic that won’t weigh your wallet down. It is very good value for the money because it is made with an emphasis on functionality and durability.


  • Anti-scratch and flexible body.
  • Slim design that fits any pocket size.
  • Money clip to hold your cash in addition to the ability to carry 12 cards.
  • Rounded corners to protect your hands.


  • Some users preferred it was made of metal.


Why Do You Need to Buy a Tactical Wallet?

People always focus on their hunting weapons, the outfit they need to pack for a trip in the wilderness, even their tent or sleeping bag if they are planning to spend more than a day.

A sturdy backpack is essential to carry all your belongings. But what about your ID card in case you need to reach it when you meet a police patrol? You might even want to buy some supplies from a local store in a remote village. The tactical wallet will provide easy, fast and practical access to everything you need to have close at hand.

Tactical wallets are small but are extremely functional. They are meant to keep your cards and money in one place that is very easy to reach without having to go through the contents of all your pockets or bags.

Things Need To Know Before You Buy a Tactical Wallet

When you buy a tactical wallet, you want to make sure that it is practical and will last for long. Of course, there are excellent wallets that you can consider, but are they really suitable for the harsh conditions that you might experience in the wilderness? In this section, we highlight some of the most important features that can help you with your purchase:


The price of your wallet depends greatly on the material it is made of. Genuine leather wallets are expensive but they are very elegant and durable.

They don’t get affected by the fire but need some special attention. Leather creases and needs to be moistened now and then to make sure that your wallet looks great all the time. Moreover, humidity and water can affect the durability of your leather wallet.

Synthetic materials are more durable and cheaper than leather. These will perfectly endure the abuse on a hunting expedition or a survival mission. Polymers and nylon fabric are relatively cheap. But they should be kept away from the fire.

Carbon fiber is very lightweight and durable. You can rest assured that your tactical wallet will look the same for years to come. But it is not very flexible which limits the storage capacity of your tactical wallet, especially if you pick a slim design.


Always think about how durable your wallet is. Avoid cheap wallets that are very poorly made, because you will have to replace yours in no time. Pay special attention to stitching and gluing.

Most of the good wallets use nylon stitching to ensure that the thread doesn’t wear off with time. If your wallet is made of metal parts, make sure that they are riveted not glued.


With tactical wallets, less is definitely more. A big bulky wallet is extremely undesirable when you are on a survival mission. It is very easy to detect, can weigh you down and will be uncomfortable to use. Think about the essentials and pick a slim convenient wallet that can accommodate exactly what you need on your time away from home.

Most tactical wallets will fit comfortably in your pocket. You can always consider the ones that offer bigger storage capacity depending on the nature of your activity.


When you buy a wallet, you don’t just want to make sure that it looks elegant. You need to feel that it is practical and easy to use. Some wallets come with zipper pockets.

If you are planning to engage in bungee jumping or zip lining, you will rest assured knowing that all your valuables will be exactly where you need them.

Card pockets should be convenient to use. You don’t have to draw all your cards out to find the one that you are looking for. Make sure that your money holder clip or band provides a snug fit regardless of the number of money bills you carry.

Easy to Carry

Your wallet shouldn’t feel like a burden. If you are unable to fit it in the right pocket, then you are better off without it. Some wallets can be attached to your backpack or belt.

This is a great plus especially if you want to free your pockets for other tools. But most people prefer to carry their wallets in their pockets. In this case, the wallet shouldn’t be bigger than the pocket so that you can easily use it.

Extra Features

Some wallets have a competitive advantage over others by offering that little extra. Special features might be the point that sets your wallet from all other products on the market.

Some tactical wallets come with convenient multi-tools that you can use on survival missions and in everyday life. You will be saving money and your tool will always be available to use because it is attached to your wallet.

RFID blocking is another important feature. Your wallet is designed to block any device from reading your personal information for maximum security.

Tactical Wallet FAQs

Why Do People Use Tactical Wallets?

Tactical wallets are specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts. They use these pieces of equipment to keep small essential items such as cards, cash, keys, etc.

Do Rfid Wallets Really Do Their Job?

RFID wallets are made to provide protection against RFID skimming. But the problem is this type of crime doesn’t exist in the real world. That’s why users don’t need to worry, thinking whether it works or not.

Is It Good to Use a Carbon Fiber Wallet?

Carbon is known for being robust material; in essence, it is five times stronger than steel. Being so sturdy, it will last for an extended period. So, if you want to use a wallet that lasts for at least five to seven years, you may go with a carbon fiber wallet.

Where Should I Keep My Tactical Wallet?

The best practice is to keep the wallet in the jacket or front pocket of the pant to avoid the unwanted hassle. Besides ensuring safety, this method of keeping a tactical wallet allows you easy access, as well.

What Shouldn’t I Carry in My Tactical Wallet?

There are several things that you shouldn’t carry in your wallet. Among them, the essential one is the social security card. You shouldn’t keep any document in your wallet that includes your social security number. You should also avoid keeping checks, lots of credit cards, gift cards, password sheets, etc.

Can a Wallet Ruin My Cards?

Some tactical wallets feature magnetic clips, which can completely ruin your cards. As you know, credit cards contain magnetic strips that can be rendered with your wallet’s magnet. So, you shouldn’t use such types of wallets if you intend to keep cards.



Final Word

The best tactical wallet is not typically more luxurious than an ordinary one, yet it should be more functional, practical and durable. It should also be easier to access with one hand, in case your other is busy carrying a weapon.

Tactical wallets are meant to withstand harsh conditions. They will not get damaged in extreme temperatures or with exposure to humidity. These are heavy duty wallets that are designed to endure abuse.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of available products. Proper research can make the job easier for you. All you have to do is to assess your needs and consider the features of each wallet. Once you buy the suitable wallet, you will never think about replacing it.


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