The 10 Best Tactical Pen for Self Defense in 2023 – Experts Review

Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Best Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is like a pen which is used to defend you from bad people or get out from an emergency condition as well as can be used for writing. An excellent tactical pen can save your life in a tough situation.

This is very necessary for drivers, military, swat teams or police. A general public also can use this for self-defense. It is tough to find out the best tactical pen from the market. To help you to find the best tactical pen from online, here we are giving some reviews on some of the best tactical pens.

Quick Answer – Tactical Pen for Self Defense

1. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

2. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

3. Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2BK 

4. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

5. Smith & Wesson 6.1in Aircraft Tactical Pen

6. Under Control Tactical Best Pen

7. Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool

8. Sminiker Professional Defender Pen

9. Boker Plus 09BO093 Titan K.I.D CAL .50

10. Valtcan Titanium Bolt Pen

Reviews of the Best Tactical Pen for Self Defense

A tactical pen is a life-saving equipment besides writing. So, it is essential to find out the perfect tactical pen.  A perfect tactical pen will provide you with excellent writing and safety in emergencies. But, there are so many pens found in the market.

All of them are not perfect to provide the best output. That’s why; you have to choose the best tactical pen from the online. We hope, these reviews will help to pick the best tactical pen for self defense from the online.

1. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Best Tactical PenGerber Impromptu is an excellent clicker pen instead of twist or capped. This is rugged. It has machined steel body as well as stainless steel pocket clip to keep the pen handy.

It has Rite in the Rain ink cartridge that helps you to use this pen in all conditions indoor and outdoor. The mechanism of this pen is very nice.

There is a reliable push-button mechanism which deploys the ball point mechanism. It has integrated glass breaker tip featured with tempered steel.

This pen is designed nicely so that you can easily get out of trouble. The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is made in the USA. The weight of this pen is only 8.8 ounces. Size of this pen is perfect to use.

Dimension of this pen is 0.5 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches. This pen is a law enforcement uniform pen. This will look great in your pocket. This pen is not bulky at all. It is also a glass breaking tool which is paramount when the time is of the essence.


  • Machined steel body
  • Stainless steel pocket clip
  • The reliable push button mechanism
  • Integrated glass breaker tip
  • Designed nicely to keep you out of trouble
  • Made in the USA


  • Not so durable
  • Clicker is not so good


2. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

The Atomic BearThis pen is for those people who are looking for a severe pen. This SWAT pen by Atomic Bear has simple but solid construction. It provides an excellent feel for your hand and an anti-slip writing utensil.

It has a remarkable grip to deliver a devastating strike. Its cap is solid and tight including an audible click on both ends. It makes easy to switch between pen and glass breaker/weapon functions for you.

This pen comes with practical heavy duty nylon belt sheath. This ensures your comfort. It has a lifetime warranty and a spared black ink cartridge.

This pen has a plain and simple design. It wouldn’t be chewed up by your teeth or won’t be the break. Because this is made from sturdy military grade aluminum machined. You’ll get a super comfort on writing and slid defense mode from this pen.

Though its price is low, you can write easily using this pen like other luxurious pens. This will provide you to feel a smooth, continuous, effortless writing and even ink transfer. This pen takes ink from Atomic Bear, Fisher Space, Parker, Rifle in the Rain.


  • Simple and Solid construction
  • Anti-slip utensil when writing
  • Solid and tight cap with an audible click on both sides
  • Comes with heavy duty nylon belt sheath
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great pen within low price
  • Made from solid military grade aluminum


  • Cap is a bit tight to remove


3. Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2BK 5.8 inches Tactical Pen

Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2BKThis pen is very comfortable to write. It has some features that made this pen great. It’s very easy to refill ink and replace them. The pocket clip of this pen is quite strong.

The dimension of this tactical pen is good enough. This is 5.8 inches (14.7 cm) long, and its weight is 1.4 ounces. This is durable enough. This pen is very much dependable.

This pen is made of sturdy T6061 Aircraft Aluminum which is reliable. You will get easy and quick access with a convenient pocket clip and screw of the top. This pen is secure to use.

This tool will allow you to perform when needed and be blend when not in use. To refill this pen, you can use Schmidt p900M parker style ballpoint cartridge. This pen has a much stronger presence than other regular pens. You can use an Allen key to unscrew this easily.


  • Very easy to refill ink and replace
  • Made from T6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Convenient pocket clip on the top
  • It is 5.8 inches long
  • Only 1.4-ounce weight
  • Can be refilled using Schmidt P900M Parker Style ball pen cartridge


  • Screwing the cap is bit ticky


4. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

CRKT WilliamsCRKT Williams tactical pen is an outstanding pen which provides great writing and self-defense. Highest quality materials used to make this pen.

This is made from 6061-grade Aluminum. This is black and non-reflective finish. This is a low profile pen. You can easily replace the cartridge. Its clip is so much tight.

This can good or evil which depends on how you carry this. Its design is very lovely. It has an unintimidating look and different from some other tactical pens that look like weapons.

You can easily use this in writing or as a weapon in self-defense.  This is a small way to keep you safe in a big way. This is an excellent safety tool also. You can carry this in your pocket.

James Williams designs this pen in Encinitas, California. Its dimension is 6 x 0.2 x 02 inches and its weight is only 1.28 ounces. Overall this tactical pen is a high-tech writing instrument you can use as a self-defense enforcer if need be.


  • Made of high quality 6061 grade aluminum
  • Black Non-Reflective finish
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use as a writing pen and as a safety tool
  • Very lightweight


  • The Clip is very tight
  • Quality of clips is not so good


5. Smith & Wesson 6.1in Aircraft Tactical Pen

Smith & Wesson Aircraft PenSmith and Wesson create some creative knives to make you ready to face any situations. This tactical pen is good enough to support you when you are writing or you need self-defense.

This is a very lightweight pen. This pen is so much durable. It is made from reliable T6061 Aircraft-grade Aluminum. This is very much dependable. It features Pocket clip. It can perform while blending in.

This pen is available in black, grey, olive, and silver. You can easily and quickly access this with its convenient pocket clip and pull off the top. This is secured.

You can be confident that this tool will perform the best when you need this for self-defense and easily blend this when not in use. You can easily refill this pen using Schmidt p900M parker Style Ball Point cartridges.

Its weight is only 1.4 ounces, and its dimension is 6.1 inches (15.5 cm). Overall this tactical pen will be the instrument you can rely on in any situation.


  • Very lightweight
  • Made from reliable T6061 Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Quick and easy access with a convenient pocket clip.
  • Ready to perform when you need self-defense
  • Refilled with Schmidt p900M parker style ballpoint cartridge


  • The plastic cap is very weak
  • Cap doesn’t stay tight


6. Under Control Tactical Best Pen

Best Tactical Pen for Self DefenseIf you are looking for an ultimate portable self-defense tool for yourself, or near and dear one, you are going to love this tactical pen! This pen is a bestselling pen with LED flashlight.

It has some built-in features, like a LED flashlight, DNA defender, integrated glass breaker rugged built cap. This fisher space pen is very much refilled compatible.

You will love this pen for yourself or any other relatives. This 6.5 inches pen is convenient, lightweight and multifunctional. It has understated black finish. This is an excellent self-defense tool.

You can easily control this tactical pen when you need this. This is very useful to military, swat team or police. If this pen is broken, you will get a lifetime warranty.

You will get a free training course and How to video CD, PDF manual with this pen that ensure the best training of using this pen which is free.  At just 6.5 inches, this pen is convenient, lightweight, and multi-functional.


  • Best selling pen with LED flashlight
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy control
  • Convenient and multifunctional
  • Free training video


  • Glass breaker screws of with ease
  • A bit long


7. Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool

Best Tactical Pen for Self DefenseThis tactical pen is a perfect gift for men and women. This is a prime level Add-On gift for all. This is rugged and ready to provide you with heavy duty service at your profession.

This pen is used by military pilots, Navy seals, SWAT, marines, and other first responders. This will not break down into your pocket. You can replace your fussy plastic pens with this and impress your co-workers at your office.

This is a high-quality pen. You can easily carry his in your pocket, briefcase or laptop bag or even in a Bug-out bag. Its emergency rescue glass breaker will help you to escape from a car or a truck by breaking and smashing its window.

This U.S brand provides you 1-year unlimited warranty service, 100% guaranteed satisfaction. If you are not glad about this after buying, this item will be replaced or you can get a full refund. IT has extra replacement smooth writing black ink refill, and this is compatible with standard refills.


  • Perfect gift for all aged people
  • Rugged and ready for a heavy duty
  • Won’t be a break in your pocket
  • An excellent emergency rescue glass breaker
  • Compatible with standard refills
  • 1-year warranty


  • Bottom half may be loosed
  • The cartridge doesn’t last very long


8. Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

Sminiker Professional DefenderThis is a pro level defender tactical pen. This pen tip can be used to strike criminal effectively. Its anti-shock design also protects your fingers from shock.

This pen is made using Aircraft grade heavy duty Aluminum. This can effect tactical action, improve safety coefficient for you. This pen is lightweight and easily portable.

This tactical pen for self defense features an ultra-durable carbide tip glass breaker. Using this, you can easily break glass when you are an emergency. It provides high performance with nice writing. It has an ergonomic design.

This is very easy to hook up on your backpack, bags, T-shirts of in a notebook.  This has a Crowd Head design. It contains a thread design on its handle. This pen has an excellent anti-skid ability.

Sminiker professional defender tactical pen is compatible with standard refills. The dimension of this pen is 7.5 x 2 x 1 inches and its weight is only 4 ounces. Overall it is convenient to carry, would be a good choice for you.


  • Made of using Aircraft grade heavy duty Aluminum
  • Effective tactical action
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Ultra-durable tip glass breaker
  • High performing and excellent writing tool
  • Compatible with standard refills


  • Mechanism is weak
  • Made cheaply


9. Boker Plus 09BO093 Titan K.I.D CAL .50 Tactical Pen

Best Tactical Pen for Self DefenseThis pen is designed highly reliable marking and writing capability in all type of situations. Thomas Braunagel designed it. This is compatible with all Fisher Space Pen Cartridge #OR4.

Its body is tough enough with a compact construction that made this useful to you for self-defense. Its ridged exterior ensures you that you won’t drop this in icy or humid conditions.

It has a space pen cartridge. This will help you to write in all kind of situations. Its body is made of matte aluminum. This is a nice pen and feels heavy in hand.

This tactical pen has a traditional bolt action clip. You can easily refill this using Fisher Space Pen Cartridge which is sold separately. This pen has a limited lifetime warranty.

The dimension of this pen is 5 x 5 x 5 inches. This is a lightweight pen. Its weight is only 3.2 ounces. Overall this little tactical pen is a tank and an excellent writing pen as well.


  • Highly reliable marking and writing in all circumstance
  • Compatible with Fisher Space Pen Cartridge
  • Ridged exterior
  • Matte aluminum body
  • Traditional bolt action clip in it
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A bit difficult to push the device on the side
  • Tiny star screw may loosen
  • Screws for the clip may fall out


10. Valtcan Titanium Bolt Pen

Valtcan Titanium BoltThe Valtcan Titanium Bolt Pen is a great tactical pen which you can carry with you on your everyday life. If you are looking for good looking EDC pen for your work, petrol or office, you can easily choose this by closing your eyes.

This pen is featured using security and confidence in EDC. This pen is a lightweight and durable designed. There is a tungsten tip for tactical entry. You can easily escape from a car when it is rolled over, or you are in an emergency.

In this pen, there is a polished titanium finish with a strong clip. Using this clip you can easily hold this pen at shirt pocket, bags, purses, notebooks, clipboards and more.

You can easily refill this using Schmidt P900 Parker style cartridge. Parker gel refills, Fisher Space pressurized refill, Rite in the Rain refills and Valtcan 2V refills are also can be used in this tactical pen.

This nice pen comes with a gift box, and there is a black ballpoint refill inside. The dimension of this pen is 5.5 inches, and its thickness is 0.46 inches.


  • Added security and confidence in EDC
  • Lightweight and durable designed
  • Polished titanium finish with a sturdy clip to carry
  • Different kind of refills can be used
  • Black ballpoint refill inside


  • No information found about warranty
  • A bit costly


Final Words

A tactical pen is not like general pens for writing. A Tactical pen is a safety tool for you when you are in a severe emergency condition. So you have to find out the best tactical pen to carry.

From a lot of tactical pens that found in the online, here we have given reviews on some of the best tactical pens. We hope, these will be enough help for you to find out and buy the best tactical pen from online.


10 Best Tactical Pen



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