The 10 Best Tactical Belt in 2023 (Review) – Versatile and Comfortable

Last Updated on April 26, 2023

Best Tactical Belt

The Best Tactical Belt Review: Tactical belts are mainly used for carrying essential items that are crucial to your own well-being or the well-being of someone else during tactical situations like hunting, camping, search and rescue, police action or military combat.

Finding the right tactical belt for you depends on the items you want to carry. These could be a CommRadio, flashlight, ropes, knives, or a gun. This means that the best tactical belt that you choose has to be reliable and tough in order to manage any (or even all) of these items on a regular basis without stretching or sagging.

Although the belt that you choose has to be tough, it doesn’t mean that it can’t look nice, too! After all, who doesn’t want to look great while doing the things they love? A good quality tactical belt is tough enough for situations where you need to use your tactical equipment, but also stylish enough that you can wear it in casual attire.

We’ve put together a list of the best tactical belts available on the market today, and all of them look good and perform great. What’s more, they all come at very affordable prices.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Tactical Belt

1. Klik Belts Tactical Belt

2. Hanks Gunner CCW Leather Belt

3. Elite Survival Systems ELSCRB-B-SM Belt

4. Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Cobra EDC Belt

5. 5.11 TDU 1.5-Inch Tactical Belt

6. BLACKHAWK! CQB Rigger’s Belt

7. GRIP6 Men’s Belt Classic Series

8. Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Kodra Belt

9. 5.11 Tactical Operator 1 3/4-Inch Belt

10. Condor Tactical Belt

1. Klik Belts Tactical Belt

best tactical beltThis strong nylon tactical belt could be the ideal choice for those of you looking for a tactical belt that is durable and tough.

It’s made out of 100% tightly woven nylon and has a width of 1 1/2″ which means that it can handle just about any weight you can put on it while it’s around your waist.

This is one to consider because it will give you years of use before it even begins to change. This belt comes with an aluminum alloy buckle which is very durable as well as comfortable.

The manufacturers of this belt stand firmly behind their product with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.That means you have nothing to lose but gain by choosing this tactical belt. The only downside this belt has is that if you’re going to be wearing it constantly, it’s going to need to be re-adjusted every 5 or so days.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum buckle will last a very long time
  • Great value, lifetime warranty
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Very affordable price


  • The belt has to be readjusted every few days if you wear it constantly.


2. Hanks Gunner CCW Leather Belt

Best Tactical Belt

This is a leather belt to consider if you’re looking for a best tactical belt to wear every day. Hank’s Full Grain Gun Belt has a lot of features.

It’s made right here in the US using only high-quality leather, which means that it will easily carry your holster and ammunition on a daily basis without any problems.

At a width of 1.5″ and a thickness of .23″, this is one of the strongest tactical belts around. It will not stretch or sag even with constant use.

Because this looks like your ordinary everyday leather belt at first glance, it makes a great choice for detectives doing undercover work.

This type of leather is 100% full grain, vegetable tanned leather which will not stretch, sag or roll over. Instead of snaps, the buckle is secured with Chicago screws which are removable so that you can change the buckle easily should you wish to do so.


  • Great for everyday use
  • Looks just like an ordinary belt, which means you attract less attention
  • Leather stays looking great over the years
  • Lifetime warranty means more peace of mind


  • This belt is very thick and needs time to break in before it becomes comfy


3. Elite Survival Systems ELSCRB-B-SM Belt

Elite Survival Systems ELSCRB-B-SMThis military grade tactical belt is super versatile and was specifically designed for multiple uses. It can be used to carry your holster and your flashlight, and it can also be used in case of emergency.

The nylon belt comes ready to take on anything you can throw at it and the webbing is stiffened in order to offer more support.

The belt’s tensile strength of 7000 lbs means that it will carry all your gear effortlessly and comfortably. The D-ring on the buckle comes with a full rigger’s stitch, and is rated at 5000 lbs, and makes for easy lock and release, something that a lot of you will appreciate whenever you’re in the middle of a tactical situation.

The convenience of the D-ring combined with the Cobra quick release make this the ideal tactical belt for rescue. This belt is so strong and useful that putting it on feels a little like securing a seat belt! A lot of military personnel or policemen will find this belt very useful and versatile.


  • Very comfortable to wear in spite of stiffened nylon webbing
  • Offers support for heavy gear like guns, ammo and pouches effortlessly
  • Buckle is rugged, solid, and durable
  • Easy lock and release mechanism


  • Buckle is a little on the larger side


4. Blue Alpha Gear 1.5″ Cobra EDC Belt

Blue Alpha Gear 1.5" Cobra Blue Alpha is a company that is well known for producing quality products. This tactical belt is another testament to their high standards.

They designed this belt to last a lifetime by sewing together 2 layers of high-quality nylon to ensure that the belt can take any weight you need to carry around your waist without stretching or sagging.

Your gun and holster and any other equipment you may choose to attach to your belt will be secure within easy reach.

You can really feel the difference when you put this tactical belt on. The Blue Alpha Cobra belt is lightweight despite its toughness, and it features the ever popular Cobra buckle with the quick release.

Although the belt is rigid, it is also very comfortable, and you will have no issues wearing it all day long every day. This is a low-profile belt which is ideal for carrying all kinds of heavy gear. As far as tactical belts go, this one a great performer that gives very good value for money.


  • Low profile, not very wide
  • High quality, designed to last a lifetime
  • Strong and durable, can handle all kinds of heavy gear
  • Buckle is easy to engage and disengage


  • Buckle is a little too large for most loops so you have to remove it before getting the belt through

5. 5.11 TDU 1.5-Inch Tactical Belt

Best Tactical BeltMade of heavy duty nylon webbing, this belt has a reversible design which is basically like getting 2 for the price of one.

It’s suitable for almost any kind of climate or tactical situation you can imagine. The belt buckle is easy to thread and goes on quick when you need it.

In addition to the buckle, there is also a Velcro locking system for extra safety. This 1.5″ wide tactical trainer belt is also incredibly comfortable (considering its strength). The tightly woven nylon mesh means that the belt is durable and strong.

It is so strong, in fact, that it will carry weights of up to 6000 lbs without snapping, making it an invaluable part of your tactical gear in emergency situations where you may have to use the belt for climbing, for example.


  • Belt provides great pistol stability
  • The buckle is solid plastic and it is durable
  • Comfortable, can be worn all day
  • Nylon mesh capable of holding large weights
  • Reinforced stitching all around


  • Belt sizes run small so you need to be careful when ordering


6. BLACKHAWK! CQB Rigger’s Belt

best tactical beltIf you thought that a belt with a tensile strength of 6000 lbs was impressive, you’re going to be amazed by this belt. It can handle weight up to 7000 lbs! The adapters and buckles are parachute-grade, so no one can question its durability and strength.

This 1.75″ wide belt is made from thick nylon, which makes it big and heavy as far as tactical belts go. It won’t look good with your dress slacks, but it may save your life if you’re on a perilous mission and you need a strong, durable tactical belt to hold all your heavy gear.

The rigger’s belt from BlackHawk has a hook and loop securing the running end and is built to last even with heavy everyday use. This belt provides high-end performance in the field and is a must-have for anyone who ever expects to find themselves in any kind of tactical situation.


  • This belt can handle all types of equipment, even large handguns
  • Durable and lasts a lifetime
  • It becomes more and more supple over time
  • Its incredible strength makes it ideal for a number of applications
  • Belt secures with hook and loop running end


  • Belt is heavier than most, takes time to adjust to
  • Quite stiff when it’s new and needs breaking in


7. GRIP6 Men’s Belt Classic Series

GRIP6 Men's Classic SeriesThe Grip Series belts are quality belts that are made right here in the US from military-grade nylon which is tough, durable, and light-weight. The buckle is made from aerospace-grade aluminum. With a buckle that strong, you won’t ever need to worry about replacing it for any reason.

The quality of this belt is guaranteed and these belts look great even for casual wear. There are few different color options for the straps and buckles, which means that you can always get more than one and swap the buckles and straps for different color combinations.

This belt is light-weight and doesn’t come with any flaps or holes, but instead uses a friction lock so you get a fully adjustable strap, which is super convenient. It’s also so comfortable you’d be forgiven for forgetting that you’re wearing a tactical belt and not a normal one.


  • Looks great, you can even wear it to the office with your shirt tucked in
  • Exact fit around your waist means the belt will stay in place all day
  • Durable and tough construction
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
  • Light-weight for a belt of its strength


  • It takes time getting used to, especially if you’re new to tactical belts


8. Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Kodra Nylon Belt

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement KodraThis belt from Uncle Mike is made from a sturdy, 2″ dual layer nylon material that is rigid enough to support a lot of heavy gear while being comfortable enough for everyday wear. This belt is specially designed for use in emergencies.

The belt is made out of tightly woven nylon and comes with a high-quality triple-locking buckle for extra security. It can take a lot of weight without deforming, which makes it ideal for rescue and emergency situations.

The edges of this belt are slightly padded and smooth, which makes the belt more comfortable to wear as the edges won’t dig into your waist.


  • This belt comes with a triple-locking buckle
  • It rides well on the waist
  • The slightly padded edge makes it super comfortable
  • It can take a lot of weight without sagging or stretch


  • Sizing runs a little on the large side.


9. 5.11 Tactical Operator 1 3/4-Inch Belt

Best Tactical BeltThis gun belt is made from nylon mesh and is surprisingly durable. Although it doesn’t look like it, it has the tensile strength of 6000 lbs. The buckle is made from stainless steel which means that it will not corrode over time.

Overall, this belt’s construction makes it durable and strong. It will never lose shape even with continual use for years on end. The heavy-duty buckle comes in a black matte finish and is easy to adjust and release.

This makes it convenient for those emergency missions where you have to get your gear on quickly. This belt not only performs well, but it also looks great, too. This tactical belt is available in sizes that accommodate all persons, so no matter what size you are, you can stay prepared for anything.


  • Sturdy, durable buckle which is easy to adjust
  • Belt will never lose its shape even after years of use
  • Can carry weights of up to 6000 lbs easily
  • Buckle matte finish looks really good


  • Sizing is unreliable, some people suggest getting one size up


10. Condor Tactical Belt

Condor BeltThe tactical belt from Condor is made with the same high quality and care that the company exercise when they make tactical vests and plate carriers. This is a serious belt for serious people.

Because it is large and ‘military-looking’ there’s no going undercover with this belt.

It comes with 2 magazine pouches to sit alongside your pistol on the belt. It has a plastic buckle which features a quick release mechanism.

Although a plastic buckle may not be as rugged as the metal ones, this one is really tough material and comes with the added advantage of being ‘airport-ready’ meaning that you won’t have to take the belt off at the security checks.


  • Very comfortable to wear, even with a gun and magazines
  • The belt is fully adjustable
  • Extremely durable and tough
  • Buckle is super easy to release and convenient with metal detectors


  • Doesn’t look good for casual days
  • The belt looks ‘off’ if you’re not carrying a gun


Why do You Need The Best Tactical Belt?

I can almost hear you asking if a tactical belt is really worth it, and the answer is, Yes! Even if you already own several pairs of ordinary belts, none of them can do what a tactical belt can do.

Aside from keeping your pants up after you’ve loaded stuff in your pockets, the best tactical belt for EDC will have a wide range of benefits for the user. These benefits include:


Tactical belts do more than just keep you decent while in public. They are designed to be useful. Their extra strength means you can attach or clip things to them without your belt stretching or breaking from the extra weight.

This helps you to keep everything organized easily. You can even use the belt as a climbing tool in case of emergencies!


They come with a lot of features that are specifically designed to help you conceal weapons with ease. You’ll be able to keep your knives, guns, and ammunition concealed and out of the way so that you don’t attract any unwanted attention.


The construction of best tactical belts allows you to keep essential tools like flashlights and such within easy reach. This could be the difference between life and death for people in serious tactical situations. If you’re caught in a gunfight and you don’t have a gun that’s easy to draw, then you’re lost.


Unlike your normal belt, tactical belts are meant for heavy everyday use, and as such, they are built from rugged, durable materials.

Whenever you’re carrying tools or weapons of significant weight, whether it’s guns, multi-tools, flashlights or whatever else, you will need a strong belt that will not only hold up the weight but one that will also help distribute the weight on your hips.

Buying Guide of Tactical Belt

Listed below are some of the most important factors to look for when choosing the ideal tactical or concealed-carry belt:


The material you choose is a matter of personal preference, but it’s very important as it influences not only how the belt looks but also how it performs. There are two types of materials mainly used in making tactical belts: Leather and Nylon.

Even though the leather used for these belts is much stronger, thicker, and more durable than that used on normal belts, they can still be worn with casual clothing. Nylon is cheap, durable and has a high tensile strength, but most belts (while pleasing aesthetically) aren’t suitable for office wear.


A belt has to be comfortable if you’re going to wear it for any length of time. Leather belts are usually very comfortable once they’re broken in. Nylon can also be comfortable provided you get the right size. Getting a belt that is too thin may cause the belt to dig into your belly when you sit down.

Security – The Buckle

A best tactical belt is no good if it’s not secure. The buckle on a belt is an important feature to consider before deciding which one is the right one for you. Most leather belts have a stainless steel buckle that locks securely in place, but nylon belts come with different types of buckles.

Some have buckles that are easily adjustable and other models come with two types of locks (these are more secure). Some belts come with plastic buckles so you won’t have to take them off at the airport security check. Think about what sort of closure you want on your belt and make your decision accordingly.


As you have seen from our tactical belt reviews, they come at different prices ranging from very cheap to ones that command a price that is a bit more substantial. Essentially with these belts, you get what you pay for.

The leather is more expensive than nylon, so you should consider how often you’re going to use your tactical belt before buying an expensive one (unless you plan to use the belt in case of emergency, in which case, go for the best).

Width of Belt

The typical width for a tactical belt is between 1.25” and 2”. A thicker band means an evener distribution of weight. Just be sure to measure your tactical gear like holsters, mag pouches or anything else that you will be attaching to the belt to ensure that it fits before you buy the belt. Also, ensure that the belt will go through the loops of the pants and trousers you will be wearing.


A stiff tactical belt usually means it’s a strong one. Many tactical belts are reinforced with some kind of liner which makes them stronger and more durable. It helps to distribute weight evenly along the belt, and also ensures that the belt stays put.

When you reach for your tool or weapon you’ll find it exactly where it should be. This reinforcement is another reason why you won’t find a good quality tactical belt that curls up or sags.

Tactical Belt FAQs

What is the Purpose of a Tactical Belt?

Tactical gear is an age-old battlefield essential which has been used to carry protective gears like-swords, gun, etc. Roman Legionaries have been worn for thousands of years. Today, special-forces, military, police, and hunters usually wear a simple and rugged tactical belt to carry their protective essentials and water.

Do You Need a Special Belt for Concealed Carry?

Yes, of course. We need unique gun belts to carry a gun comfortably and safely. For being comfortable while carrying concealed, you must wear a concealed carry belt at the beginning. You will get plenty of benefits for taking a concealed carry belt.

What Features to Look for in a Tactical Belt?

Depending on the carrying reason, carrying style, and people’s lifestyle, tactical belts are usually designed with some variety. A best tactical belt is well capable of holding your gun securely and providing the right tension for your holster. So it is necessary to know all the factors that may prove useful in your choice. There are 3-features to consider regarding tactical belts choice:

  • Good fit with your belt loops
  • Rigidity
  • Buckle Strength

Why Experienced Operators Use Tactical Belts?

The tactical belt has now become a part of the Military and Law enforcement department uniform. As tactical belts facilitate military pant to add multiple tool attachments, holster attachment for concealed carry, so experienced operators find it versatile.

What Are the Types of Tactical Belts?

As purpose-driven, tactical belts are available in different types. All these types are different in using situations, features, and functions. Some of them are-

  • Tactical duty belts
  • Tactical riggers belts
  • Tactical instructor or trainer belts
  • Tactical gun belts
  • Tactical web belts
  • Tactical magnetic latching belts



Final Word

As you’ve seen from our detailed Best Tactical Belts Review and Buying Guide, a tactical belt is an essential part of any tactical gear as well as an invaluable tool to have in case of emergencies.

With the manufacture of affordable tactical belts that double as everyday wear, there’s really no excuse to be caught without one. They are the safe and convenient way to carry your gun, ammunition, flashlights, knives, tools and basically anything else that you can fit on the belt (which is a lot of stuff!)

Looking for a super high-quality, sturdy belt to support your gear or firearm? has got you covered. They make rugged, reinforced, micro-adjustable gun belts that perfectly fit you. It’s the ultimate belt for outdoor adventures, hunting, fishing, shooting ranges, or just everyday concealed carry. They’re available in 1.5″, 1.75″ wide, leather, tactical, and even multicam styles.

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