The 10 Best Spinning Reel in 2019 – Experts Top Selections

Angling is great and exciting. But the greatness is felt by those who have knowledge about angling and who know the techniques of angling. But many times only having the experience or knowing the techniques doesn’t work.

The techniques need to be applied through quality fishing tools to bring a change in angling. Fishing tools like a rod, bait, line, reel, etc. play a significant role in having an enjoyable fishing experience.

Unless the angler buys the quality products, angling might become hard, slow hence boring. Among all the fishing equipment, today we are going to talk about fishing reels.

It is not just a simple looking tool with a rotatable handle. Different brands for years are working on different and innovative features to bring the change in angling experience through the fishing reel. A best spinning reel makes angling easy and quick, therefore, enjoyable.

Reviews of the Best Spinning Reel

A heavy-duty, high-quality fishing reel can bring a drastic change in a rather boring angling experience. A good quality fishing reel seldom loses a fish and increases the number of fishes caught.

For an angler, nothing can be more exciting and joyous than catching fishes one after another. So, we are going to review some of the best spinning reels available in the market for peoples who are thinking of buying a fishing reel.

Most of the reels in our list are applicable for both salt and freshwater use. But any tool which is used in saltwater should be rinsed thoroughly by freshwater to make it last longer even if it is mentioned not required. As we have given a piece of valuable information, let us now start reviewing the reels in detail.

1. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

Best Spinning ReelPenn battle II is constructed with high-quality materials which is one of the best spinning reels for saltwater fishing. It comes with the full metal body, and rotor.

The heavy-duty aluminum bail wire is durable, powerful and packed with fish-fighting features. It has an impressive range. The HT-100 carbon fiber drag system provides smooth and powerful drag even with the heaviest fish.

It has 5 sealed shielded ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing for fluid cranking. The ball bearings are not only shielded but also sealed which helps to stop salt water intrusion and make it anti-corrosive.

The spool is braid-ready and doesn’t require monofilament backing. It also has a rubber gasket to prevent the line from slipping when dragged hard. Penn is known for their spool having line capacity rings marked on it.

Battle II also has rings marked at different capacity to get the idea of how much line is used or remaining. It has a comfortable interchangeable handle with a soft-touch knob.


  • Ideal for big saltwater angling
  • Durable full metal body, side plate, and rotor and aluminum bail wire
  • Smooth and powerful HT-100 carbon fiber drag system
  • 5 sealed shielded stainless steel ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Superline spool with line capacity rings marked at different capacity


  • Quite heavy


2. Penn Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Fishing Reel

Best Spinning ReelPenn Spinfisher V & VI fishing reel is watertight,  ideal for harsh saltwater fishing and sand environments. It is an ultra-tough fishing reel and specially designed for adventurous fishers.

This golden-black sleek looking reel has a full metal body, rotor, and side plate and also an aluminum bail wire. It features sealed HT-100 slammer drag system which provides a powerful and extremely smooth drag as well as retrieve even with the fiercest fish.

The vast drag range helps to vanquish every fish species. It has proprietary greased drag washers for smooth and long lasting performance.

It can give a tough fight without harming the rod or breaking the line. The 5 shielded steel ball bearings and anti-reverse bearing provide fluid cranking.

It also features friction trip ramp which ensures precise and long-distance casting. It prevents sudden bail slip while casting as well.

This braid-ready spool is appropriate for Berkley and SpiderwireSuperline. The interchangeable handle comes with a soft-touch knob for smooth rotation. It also contains line capacity rings on it.


  • Full metal body, rotor, and side plate and aluminum bail wire
  • Watertight, ideal for saltwater and sand environment
  • Sealed HT-100 Slammer Drag System
  • 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and an anti-reverse bearing
  • Braid ready spool with line capacity rings


  • Not sealed, doesn’t prevent water intrusion


3. KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

Best Spinning ReelKastKing Summer has a velvety and glossy look to it. Even before the features, the shiny look attracts the anglers towards it.  It offers some of the best features at a very affordable price.

It has a compact graphite body which makes it extremely lightweight, durable and anti-corrosive. Its superior drag system ensures maximum drag power. It has extreme stopping power.

The stiff metal main shaft, perfect mesh drive gear and precision machined pinion gear offers high fighting power during the struggle with the fiercest fish.

It has a two color anodized CNC machined aluminum spool which is braid-ready and holds more lines than a regular spinning reel. The spool also has a power launch lip for further casting.

It has 9 high-quality ball bearings and one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing for smooth operation. Its handle has a unique design and can be installed in either side of the reel. It is ideal for ice fishing.


  • High tensile strength narrow graphite frame design
  • Perfect mesh drive gear and precision machined pinion gear
  • Superior Drag System provides excellent stopping power
  • Two-color anodized aluminum spool
  • 9 ball bearings and one-way anti-reverse bearing


  • Need to take extra care after saltwater use


4. SHIMANO STRADIC HG, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel

Best Spinning ReelShimano Stradic HG uses Shimano’s latest technology. It has brought an improvement in the performance without changing the essential features of other fishing reels of the same series.

It integrates Shimano’s flagship Hagane gear and Hagane body. The amalgamation of ‘Hagane’ that is steel gear and body provides durable performance.

The smoothness and sturdiness help the anglers in both inshore and offshore angling. It has a cold finished Aluminum cold forged spool.

It has used X-ship technology which works to eliminate the friction of spool shaft and gear. It accelerates the casting performance, upgrades the durability of the gear and allows longer casts.

It has Shimano’s trademark G-free body which provides a better balance regarding weight and diminishes fatigue. It has a built-in Dyna balance rotor and Fludrive II system.

Shimano’s propulsion line management system along with the rotor and Fludrive reduces the line management issues. It has also used Shimano’s patent SR concept for increasing the reliability, ruggedness, and refinement.


  • Long-lasting, strong, and smooth HAGANE body and gear
  • Utilizes Shimano’s latest X-ship technology and SR concept
  • Built-in Dyna balance rotor and Fludrive II system combined with Shimano’s Propulsion Line management System
  • G-Free body for better balance and reduction of fatigue
  • 6 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing


  • Makes a mild noise


5. PENN Slammer III Spinning

Best Spinning ReelPenn Slammer III is specially designed for extreme saltwater use. It can handle all the roughness of the saltwater usage and tussle with heavy fishes with ease.

It has a metal body, rotor, and side plate. It is super sturdy and durable. The body and spool are IP-6 sealed which makes it water-resistant. The spool has line capacity rings.

It has used Penn’s upgraded slammer drag system which utilizes their proprietary Dura-Drag material. The drag system and stainless steel ball bearings are sealed as well to prevent saltwater intrusion.

The sealed drag system also allows cleaning the reel by rinsing it in freshwater fully assembled. It also uses CNC gear technology.

In this technology, brass is used to make the drive, pinion and isolation gears and the gear system is cut with Computer Numerical Control machine for strength and precision.

It also ensures long-lasting and fluid cranking power. It comes with two handle knobs- one a machined aluminum knob and the other one is an EVA knob.


  • Full metal body, rotor, and side plate
  • IP6 sealed body, ball bearings, and spool with line capacity rings
  • Sealed Slammer Drag System with Dura-Drag
  • CNC Gear technology provides smooth gearing
  • 6+1 stainless steel bearing system


  • Bulky


6. Daiwa BG Spinning Reels

Best Spinning ReelDaiwa BG has black anodized machined aluminum housing. It has used ‘Hard Bodyz’ on the body and cover which is a process where a hard layer anodization is applied compared to regular anodize process.

This process ensures durability and resists scratches even better. Daiwa’s patent DigiGear system is used in this fishing reel which makes Daiwa BG a worthy contender of our best spinning reel list.

The Digigear system provides smooth cranking. The dynamic cut aluminum spool is braided line ready. The casting is smooth as the line flows smoothly from the spool without getting any knots while casting.

The carbon ATD Drag system provides smooth drag and is waterproof. Solid screws are used on the handle. The air rotor makes it lighter compared to other fishing reels which have regular rotors.

The ball bearings ensure smooth retrieving. The anti-reverse bearing eliminates the chances of rotor back play during the setting of the hook.


  • Anodized, corrosion, and scratch resistant “Hard Bodyz” body and side cover
  • Oversized patent DigiGear system and carbon Automatic Tournament Drag system
  • Braided line ready dynamic cut aluminum ABS spool
  • 6+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Lighter and much more durable air rotor compared to regular rotors


  • The spool is not anodized


7. Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel

Best Spinning ReelPenn Clash is lightweight and durable due to its Resin RR30 body and rotor. The full metal body and a side plate which are made of anodized aluminum is corrosion resistant thus apt for harsh saltwater use.

The spool and bail wire are made of heavy-duty aluminum. The spool also has 3 different line capacity rings marked on it to gauge the line at a glance.

It has used CNC gear technology in its gear system for precision and sturdiness. The HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers are made in such a way that they can endure pressure on both the sides of the washer.

It also provides smooth and even drags. The drag washer is sealed which prevents saltwater intrusion. The 8 stainless steel ball bearings ensure smooth retrieves even with the heaviest fish. The ball bearings including the anti-reverse bearings are sealed thus water resistant and survive the harsh saltwater fishing.


  • Resin RR30 body and rotor
  • CNC gear technology ensures durable and smooth gearing
  • Sturdy and smooth HT-100 carbon fiber drag washer
  • Braid-ready spool and has line capacity rings marked on it
  • 8+1 stainless steel bearing system


  • Pricey


8. Penn Pursuit II & III Spinning Fishing Reel

Best Spinning ReelPenn Pursuit II & III has a corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor. It has aluminum side plate for extra durability. The anodized aluminum spool is machined for precision and provides a smooth release of the line.

The Superline spool is braid-ready and doesn’t require monofilament backing.  This spinning reel is also lightweight and durable as well.

It has used its patent HT-100 carbon fiber drag washer which can take pressure on both the sides of the washers. It increases drag capacity. It also provides smooth drag while heavily loaded.

The shielded ball bearing system ensures smooth cranking and solid retrieving. The anti-reverse bearing averts even a minuscule chance of back play of the rotor while setting the hook during angling.

It is approved for both fresh and saltwater use. It has a long handle with a soft-touch knob which can be installed for left-hand users accordingly.


  • Corrosion-resistant graphite body and rotor, aluminum side plate
  • 4+1 stainless steel ball bearing system
  • Patent HT-100 Carbon fiber drag washers
  • Machined and anodized aluminum spool along with line capacity rings
  • Can resist saltwater use


  • Ball bearings are not sealed


9. Shimano IX Rear Drag Freshwater Spinning Reel

Best Spinning ReelShimano IX is a rear drag spinning reel.  It has a rear drag instead of a front drag. Those who are not comfortable with front drag fishing reel can definitely opt for this one.

Its frame, side plate, rotor, and spool are made of lightweight graphite. This lightweight graphite body construction reduces the overall weight without compromising the durability and strength of the fishing reel.

It features Quick Fire II technology. This technology allows easy and fast casting with just one hand. It also ensures smooth cranking. It is an ideal fishing reel for the beginners and favorite of skilled anglers.

It has a self-center line and quick trigger which can be easily grasped and handled with the user’s index finger. It has a reversible design for left and right-hand action.

Mono, Fluorocarbon, and PowerPro lines can be used in this reel. It is primarily a freshwater reel but approved for saltwater use as well. It is corrosion resistant.


  • Frame, side plate, rotor, and spool are made of lightweight graphite
  • Rear drag system
  • Quick Fire II for easy one-handed cast
  • Has a quick trigger and self-center line
  • Applicable for both fresh and saltwater use


  • No ball bearings


10. KastKingSharky III Fishing Reel

Best Spinning ReelLast but not the least in our review list is KastKingSharky III. This is one of the most robust and best spinning reels for angling in any condition.

The construction with a high percentage reinforced graphite body, and the rotor is sturdy and durable enough for both saltwater and freshwater use.

Its triple disc carbon fiber drag provides smooth cranking. The oversized stainless steel main shaft and precision mesh manganese brass pinion gears provide more fishing muscle.

Its body, spool, and rotor are protected with KastKing Intrusion Shield System (K.I.S.S.) which makes it water resistant and helps to keep the dirt out.

The unique Shark Fin braid ready aluminum spool provides quiet and smooth retrieve. It also allows more line capacity than the regular reels.

It has 10 high-quality saltwater rated stainless steel ball bearings and an anti-reverse bearing for smooth retrieving and eliminating rotor back play. It has an ambidextrous aluminum handle thus can be used by both left and right-hand users.


  •  Fiber reinforced graphite body and rotor
  • Triple disc carbon fiber drag, stainless steel shaft, and manganese brass alloy gear
  • KastKing Intrusion Shield System keeps water and dirt out
  • Quite and silky smooth retrieve
  • 10+1 saltwater rated double shielded stainless steel ball bearings


  • Little bit heavy


Final Words

With this, we end reviewing the fishing reels. It is quite fascinating to know how the fishing tactics and equipment have evolved over the years.

So much of thinking and innovation go in making a best spinning reel for angling. In our review, we have tried to cover all the information needed before buying a fishing reel.

Going by our thorough assessment, we can surely say, all the 10 fishing reels mentioned above are of high-quality and have some unique and essential features. Each one of them is completely different from the other reels.

Hopefully, it will be a great help for you while buying the reel depending on your requirements, and as our review intended, your fishing experience will change for the good.


10 Best Spinning Reel


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